Dear players,

With great sorrow I regret to inform you that Burning SoulWorker is permanently closing down its doors today.

You might be upset or angry upon learning this news, and I get it. I'm frustrated as well. But all your work and time invested on this server hasn't been on vain. Together, we did build something to be proud of. I do really wish there was an alternative solution, but I'm not longer physically capable of operating this server anymore.

Life never goes according to plan, and even if you expect the worst, it always shocks you when there's a drastic change in your life. This week I have been diagnosed with a heriditary disease, and starting from next monday I'm becoming a 24/7 resident in a medical complex for the months to come. Clearly I don't know what does the future holds for me.

This game, and the community which I hold dear to my heart, have been my daily grind for over two years. There hasn't been a single day I could not think, or care, about it. Having to departure in such a short time span has been one of the hardest moments for me in those recent years.

My deepest thank you to all of you who joined this life changing journey.