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  4. Well I use keyboard even though I own the controller. Its an MMORPG game in which I usually preffer mouse + keyboard setup over the controller. However that being said, I never tried playing on controller... might actually give it a try once Im home lol. I just feel like with the bigger number of inputs this game has, controller would just be insufficient for me.
  5. Keyboard all the way. I've never owned a console, so never really used a controller before. If I tried, it's most likely not going to end well. I want to try and use a flight stick though. Maybe it'll make me feel like I'm piloting a plane while grinding. ^.^
  6. Just wondering what you guys use to play the game! And I kinda wonder which one is more popular out of the two haha. I personally use a PS4 controller since I'm complete trash playing on keyboard for this game. My fingers forget what they're supposed to press and I just die. I think I died to the second boss in Rocco Town on Normal and had to swap lmaooo
  7. also if u dont use any extension it has the longest duration
  8. In-game character name: Ransie Character class: Chii Aruel Image title: Sexy bunny Description: Do you wanna check my tail?
  9. its not working anymore do you have any other link ?
  10. I tried disabling both firewall and windows defender now, and it didn't work. Also the post you linked is the same one I said I tried the things on in my post.
  11. You basically need to apply an bleed to your enemy with an skill that has the bleed extension (left extension of scratch for example) , and then press your rmb to consume the stack and heal. Heres my video showcasing it:
  12. So i am playing Chii And i got this special abilites...i am not sure how it work
  13. same here, i have upgrade the extension lvl3 the duration of the skill only last around 5sec however i buy a skill ticket to reduce the extension lvl by 1 and the skill become around 7sec the duration as i know the skill should be like around 5sec duration without the extension and each lvl on extension increase the duration by 1sec and the skill will have 8sec duration with the lvl3 extension
  14. Already know about that, so I decided wait for fix, as I was said it will come just no ETA, then making new emails for new Accounts. Plus I want my main name on my main character then using my alt names for main.
  15. Broken accounts? Do you mean the bug when you create a new account there's a message where it says you're already logged in or whatever? If so, you'd just have to create another new account and it should work fine.
  16. Last week
  17. I tried disabling firewall and doing the xigncode thing but the xigncode at the corner just stops loading some time and they both disappear
  18. You can use the Resource Monitor if you want to check ping. Open Task Manager > "Performance" tab > "Open Resource Monitor" button > "Network" tab > Place check mark on "BurningSW.exe" in "Process with Network Activity" drop down > open "TCP Connections" drop down and you should see the info of the game. Just look at the "latency" column. This is for Windows 10. It might be different for earlier versions. You can search the internet if that's the case. Another way to check ping is to get a 3rd party program. I don't use any so I can't recommend anything.
  19. Also oticed that the black thing at the bottom of the xigncode thing that not get filled up all the way and they both vanish
  20. Hello! Have you possibly tried doing any of these things?:
  21. Also I noticed that when I click verify files, it is stuck on dbghelp.dll
  22. Hello, Just wanted to know how many people are waiting for fix on they broken accounts like me?
  23. After the picture and the xigncode at the corner nothing happens. I checked task manager at first the burningsoulworker exe is in the details but then vanishes. Sometimes the logos dont even appear nothing happens when I start game in the launcher.
  24. Not sure about ping to be honest, I think that the connection to servers is pretty good. I feel like FPS is more of an issue, dropping from place to place down to 10 FPS is really awful. Anyways, if you really think it's a connection issue, I recommend setting up a VPN connection set to France for yourself. That should help with the ping. If you experience difficulties more on the FPS side of things, the most you can do as of rn is to enable V-sync, mess up with your settings and restart the game often to keep it fresh.
  25. nox version was really detailed but it got taken down. so glad to see at least something to aid in the confusion
  26. Yes! Since the homepage is functioning correctly once again I will be locking this thread.
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