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  2. Yeah, if you're able to, try to plug your computer directly to the Ethernet cable (in case you use wi-fi). If you can't, try to restart your wi-fi in the very least. And if you are already connected by a cable, simply try to unplug it and then plug it again. Using a VPN set to France could also help, as it mostly means that your connection is unstable (Could use the like of ZenVPN or SoftEther). If neither of these work, then it probably really just means that your connection is for some reason unstable and just waiting might solve the issue on its own.
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  4. Hello! Many players encounter this issue nowadays the best thing to do is restarting your rooter and you computer while at it, it's only your network tho, and it's only temporary.
  5. Hi. Just started playing and i was already disconnected 2 times. I am from Europe, more precisely Portugal, and its not because of my internet. Some help would be perfect. Thank you in advance.
  6. During today's maintenance, we will perform database maintenance tasks and bring improvements to the server on different levels. The guidelines have been revisited as well, so make sure to check the news carefully: ■ UPDATE THREAD
  7. It's NOT hard just dont skip gears everything is easy now than before (except when you have friends/guildmates that will more than happy to boost you up) just get the minimum requirement and many will take you since aov just takes a few mins (while the others may say required +9/+10 just dont apply or apply maybe they are nice enough to take you (or they just got tired of recruiting and will take anyone) if you dont have those... since they want fast runs, if you cant join in any just make a party heck even the accessories are droppable now with those lovable boxes
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  9. Hunger games on discord sure sounds interesting! I'm curious to see what you guys have in mind for that. I'm all for discord events anyways. They are rare after all.
  10. U dont hav anything to do? CArrY Me hh THen!!!
  11. fite me on d6, then you can quit
  12. Hello @AngelRayin Disconnection error code 0 is due to instability between your connection and our server. It's not related to the audio pop up message. I'd advice you to try a VPN set to France (server location). ZenVPN is a good one and gives a free VPN if you'd like to try.
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  14. haha thank you @Sasu @selina
  15. Hello! Yeah it is possible, though the time left is more than enough to get event swimsuits for all your characters, as it's storable and number of entries is character based. So rest assured!
  16. heyo, I logged back in today after taking a break from FFXIV and noticed the event...and that it ends on the 30th, and was wondering if I start today if it was possible to grind 300 or so Cold Ice before the event ends, I just want the swimsuit
  17. Hello! I'm creating this thread to inquire about what would you guys like to see as an event for this following weekend and next week!
  18. Heyo CuSO4 who is gonna flex cards on me now : ( and 33sec CR runs : ( ,anyway see you soon!
  19. If possible, I would like to know all the recent balance patch notes on all characters as a way to stay updated for our character. Thank you.
  20. yes it dosent effects the audio but if i dont log out and in again it kicks me out of the game whit (error Code : 0)!
  21. Thank you guys for clearing it up!
  22. Sasu

    Me Re-tired

    Hey Luna, I care! Either way, I understand your point, once you reach the end, it kinda gets boring. Be that as it may, I wish you luck and a lot of fun whatever else you decide to play or just do in general. And also see you again once 1.5 arrives~
  23. 1)Your PC specs and game install path? 2)Try to verify files, disable UAC, check if windows defender quarantine\block something. 3)Try to use Dependency Walker to check if you still miss some software.
  24. Re-Tired of this game. Which means , ive been tired of this game before too :lmao: call me back when 1.5 is here "who cares cuso" yeah pakyu guys idc fun game fun game and also check out my miriam guide
  25. Join our discord at discord.gg/burning in order to receive faster help or if that doesn't work join our discord through the game's homepage soulworker.to
  26. have discord to stream for u?
  27. Make sure you have downloaded the game's necessities first----- try it Disable firewall ----- try it Use VPN set to France ----- try it Delete your current Xign folder, then download and drag and drop this Xign instead. If that other file doesn't work, try this one. ----- try it Move the Xign folder out of your game data and put it on desktop for instance, launch the game, and when stuck as "Now Loading" put back the Xign in the game folder ----- try it Try to restart your computer several times ----- try it If still not, try to delete the Xign and verify multiple times until it might work (5 times if not more) ----- try it
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