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  3. 1)check this topic to fix DPI scaling 2)Disable your antivirus, firewall AND windows defender. Or add game to exception list. Verify files again.
  4. Please read peqpie's reply from this thread:
  5. Yeah, Arua + Tenebris is the usual combination people strive for, but you can use Tenebris + Catherine if you have her. Cath is not bad. Also about what Asher said, I think they plan to change the AR cards, so they actually become stackable? Not sure though, don't quote me on this.
  6. And the one thing everyone above forgot to mention: I"m pretty sure, the population here is more than ~650/7 (the number, that steamcharts gives). And in most of the cases community is more friendly and/or willing to help (though there are some exceptions, of course). Not to mention, the situation on steam isn't what you consider pay-to--win, it's basically pay-to-play. Items on the market are so overpriced, that it basically forces you to buy either overpriced items from item mall or zenny itself, unless you have time to grind 36/8 (and I mean, literally).
  7. The numbers pretty much left untouched, only a few animations/skill interactions got changed.
  8. 1)More content. 2)Energy system only affect rates. You can still enter dungeons with zero energy. 3)Less pay-2-win 4)
  9. Cheers. Don't supose you know what the new stats are for the skills then or any play that has the translated info?
  10. I don't know specifics but Generally: Gameforge's official version is months behind in content. They're missing the new character + awakening. Burning gets rid of the Energy system so you can play longer at a time. i think Burning also has a 3x EXP boost and 2x drop rate TLDR: more content/ friendly to userbase and I think it's more affordable for costumes and stuff but im not too sure about that
  11. Looking for @Sully and his/her amazing great problem solving skills.
  12. having the same issue any known fix?
  13. Im currently looking to download one or the other. I seen a comment review on Steam saying Burning was better, and Id like to know why before I download it on steam. Appreciate any time and effort to explaining or giving me a run down. Thank you.
  14. I cant get soul worker to run past the "Now Loading" screen and would like help on how to proceed, I've uninstalled my antivirus software McAfee and also turned windows defender off, running windows 10 btw. I originally thought there was a problem when I installed and did not see a xigncode folder however I was later informed by the team that xigncode is no longer used. I'm having trouble on how to proceed to fix this issue I've been following the previous guides to no avail. I do have all the prerequisite files installed as well so if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate so I can get in game asap.
  15. Iris's skill re-balance .. the Powershot only fires 2x even at level3 ..BSW didnt put the new skill description in IRIS and HARU skill re-balance ..
  16. good idea. thank you
  17. You have the black name bug. By following the instructions stated in that thread it'll fix your blue map issue as well.
  18. this is black name bug. and mine is blue map in dungeon, nothing in there displayed
  19. Please use the General FAQ or search function before creating a thread. The answer to your issue could be found here:
  20. i try to verify and delete game then redownload, but still be like this. anyone know how to fix this? thank you
  21. I know many people say its trash but I like it, however just got the powershot the lvl 2 and its still only firing 2 shots not the stated 3. Wasnt gonna put another upgrade in it for the 4 shots but now thinking I might need to to see if that fixes it or bite a bullet and try a skill reset on it. Should I do that or any other way I can try to fix it?
  22. Yesterday
  23. Hello (excuse me my english isn't very good) i have the same issue and i tried to download the gameplugin and copy it into burning soulworker's folder, but it didn't work when i tried to launch the game, it still saying that the plugin cannot be finded.
  24. I hadn't played for a while and went to load up game on my new PC then this popped up, any help?
  25. Yessu Virtuous, you simply tap the direction you want to go twice and hold with the analog stick in order to run~♪ And the auto walk is automapped to the Directional Pad UP if I remember correctly~ (I played with an Xbox 360 controller until it started breaking and upgraded to a Xbox One controller~♪) Soooooo Sanshiro the game already supports this, you just need to double tap the analog stick to run~
  26. Can you tell us what file it's trying to download, we can't see in that picture. Did you get all required files from the download section? Did you add BurningSoulWorker folder to your anti-virus' exclusions list?
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