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    Patch index ● 2018 Commemorative Soulbreaker ● Event removal ● Changes and fixes ● Important announcement A new Soulbreaker arrives at item mall, this time in honor of the year 2018 that we have left behind. Do not miss the opportunity to obtain all the temporary costumes that were available during the past year! Do not stay behind! Because it will only be available for 7 days, until Wednesday 16. Available until: Wednesday 16 You can get it with 18% less price than usual! ❝ If you get a Special Tickets, meet Lucy in Rocco Town and exchange it for a fantastic prize! ❞ From the [BurningSW] Sparkling Bunny Ticket: From the [BurningSW] Summer Beach Ticket: From the [BurningSW] Summer Breeze Ticket: From the [BurningSW] Trick or Threat Ticket: From the [BurningSW] Happy Holidays Ticket: ❝ The Christmas event is over. We hope you've enjoyed it! ❞ Event drops, daily rewards and Winter boxes will be removed. However, we will leave the event craftings and items that you've already achieved for a while longer. The Christmas trees rewards will be sent as well. View event thread From now on, the following items can be stored in the bank: Also the Broken Sphere has been removed from the Item Mall and has been added on Lucy's shop! We are working on a revamp of our current support system, during the last months we had many tickets that have been abandoned, or are still waiting for a solution, main reason being the lack of organization and internal issues. We are fully aware of this situation, the support at the moment is unsustainable and we're doing everything possible to solve it. It's our top priority. For those users who are still waiting: please, be patient. Soon, we will have a faster and better support system. Each person who hasn't been attended efficiently will receive a compensation for the inconveniences.
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    The winner of this edition is: @PotatonaZ Congratulations!
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    SERVER ONLINE  During today's maintenance, we will welcome the 2018 commemorative Soulbreaker in Item mall, and remove the Christmas event. In addition, some changes and fixes will be made, and we will announce something important in the thread. Visit the link for more information:
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    Brooch Set Bonuses
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