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    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15jISxzHQmWIKDwmzoK8Ww3AVqGAbYb1eSfKmKmc6JO8/edit#gid=723217802 this contains every card in the game and the most used ones
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    ❝ The SoulMarathon event starts! Sharpen your weapons and get ready, Soulworkers ❞ EVENT PERIOD: 22/03 ~ 05/04 During the event period, you can get [BurningSW] Marathon Coins by defeating any Raid boss. The objective of the activity is to cooperate with the whole community to gather an objective amount of coins among all the Soulworkers. The more coins you collect, the greater the reward that everyone will receive! Also, keep in mind that during weekends (days 23, 24, 30 and 31), you can get x2 drop rate in all the raids. x3.000 COINS COLLECTED x5.500 COINS COLLECTED x8.500 COINS COLLECTED x11.000 COINS COLLECTED x14.000 COINS COLLECTED x17.000 COINS COLLECTED x75.000 COINS COLLECTED x130.000 COINS COLLECTED x160.000 COINS COLLECTED
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    Oh my bad I thought you were talking about the custom made fashion from BSW. Anyway Vorpal already posted a link for all the fashion. This is how Lucy looks like, you can find her in every city you just need to look out for her And here you can learn everything about Soulbreakers (you have a chance to get the fashion tickets from Soulbreakers). You could also buy off the fashion from others players
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    You can use this guide made by someone else for Fashion found on our server. http://tinyurl.com/bswfashion
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    To unlock Casual Raids you need to do the red quest once you reach level 55 and open Grasscover Camp. The quest starting npc is Martin (in gcc) and the quest is called 'The Aftermath' (not sure about the name though). This quest applies not only to Chii, but to any other character even if you had opened raids before. This happened because the quest line was changed in 1.3 and wasn't automatically skipped for those who already had unlocked Casual Raids.
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    Well, since you're asking like this, I assume that you haven't capped any other character. It also hard to tell what level you are based on what ou said, but if I understood it correctly - You are about to hit lv 55 and you are using the gear you got from lv 50 gear cube. I think that it's ok to use that gear until you hit lv 55. Afterwards, there are several options and paths you can take to progress with our gear. First of all, in order to do Primal and get primal gear (I think you might be better off dropping it), you need an Aurith set (from Golden Citadel). In order to obtain that, you also need lv 55 gear that you can get through Casual raids. I'm not too sure, but I think you should be alright doing Casuals even with your current gear, but it would be better if you partied up with someone. If you feel like you have troubles with Casuals, it you might be better off with either farming lv 55 blueprint gear (you can get blueprints from various districts in Ruin Fortress), which can be tedious, or continue over to Grasscover camp and get gear from districts here. There is also quite nice guide describing the whole process, so I'd recommend you check that out.
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    In-game character name: CasetaMedica Image title: Cassetta Medica ECO Sometimes I Have To Tell Myself That It's Worth The Jail Time -Kurt Eichenwald
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