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    I have a new computer and i'm trying to install bsw again. However i'm constantly running into "cannot find 'lua100.dll'. Please, re-install this application." I've looked at other guides that have had this same problem but it hasn't been helping. I've: -Downloaded all important files (DirectX; Visual C++ 2010 (x86); NET Framework 4.0 and the Japanese language pack.) -Downloaded a custom lua100.dll file and placed it both on the bsw files and the system32 files. -Reinstalled the game -Tried to 'Verify' the files. However, it all keeps getting stuck at one certain point and doesn't finish verifying everything. Even so, same result.
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    In case Celine's solution doesn't work, here's a link to my answer in another thread with the same issue, some of the links could maybe help you as well,
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    Thanks for the quick answer. However, it still says the file is missing...
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    The game doesn't have really anything "notable" for cash players save for different types of fashion. People would usually use zenny (in-game currency) to buy various things such as brooches; and if you are a cash player, you can earn zenny buy selling BC through zenny terms. ADs which are crucial for gear enhancement are also available on the store, though at a very unjustifiable price (1,000 BC per one, and it's not a guaranteed success. You can easily farm like a bunch of these from district progression, for measurement, one costume set is 9,800-11,000, so ADs are highly not recommended to purchase with BC) So basically what you can do if you are a cash player is to sell BC through zenny (which is high in demand right now since there are barely any BC sellers) and using the zenny you earn for various items for progression that the game offers.
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    You can do so by right-clicking on the chat cathergory you want to modify (Normal for example) and then a window pops up, where you can check/uncheck the stuff you want/don't want to see in the given chat.
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    SCHEDULE: According to the information you gave me, I came up with times that could fit all the members of a team. However, it's only a suggestion and you still have to decide on which day and which time exactly for your team. Get this done through DMs, then one member of the team let me know. _______________________________________________________________ Send me a message with the following: - Team number: - Date for participation: - Time: _______________________________________________________________ Team 1: I think around 8pm (20:00) would fit you all, please discuss this through in private. Team 2: Around 4pm (16:00) but not sunday, and this week might be tight for some of you. Discuss it together. Team 3: I think 5pm (17:00) would fit you all. Discuss it together. Team 4: It might not be the best for all of you, but around 6pm (18:00) seems doable. Talk it through together. Team 5: Around 6pm (18:00), talk it through. Team 6: Around 4pm (16:00), talk it through. Team 7: Your schedules are kind of complicated, I couldn't come up with a suggestion. Talk it together. Team 8: Your schedules are kind of complicated, I couldn't come up with a suggestion. Talk it together. Team 9: Your schedules are very free, so you can discuss what's better for you but I think it'll be easy to see for your team. Team 10: Since I didn't get proper availability information, talk it through together. The server time is available on the website, to compare. Team 11: It seems to be around 8pm (20:00) but talk it together. Since I'm your helper, I'm pretty much available anytime.
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    IGN: Chlo675 Barbecue Party !
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    Ign: Levii Last bits of Summer vacation
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    IGN: KuroneR Taking a summer holiday from Ark grind :v
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    Changelog ● Chii Aruel advancement ● Hidden Hideout ● GameWall Anti-cheat ● Secret Agent Costume ● Pajama Party Costume ● Chii's Wardrobe Update ● Empyreal Soulbreaker II ● Technical Changelog The long awaited class advancement for Chii Aruel is finally available! You can already get your ! advancement quest at level 57 on GrassCover Camp, given by Tenebris. Get ready, Soulworker! Because you will need that power! It can be accessed from its corresponding portal in Dipluce Horizon at level 65 ❝ To open the portal, you must investigate the strange rumors discovered in the city ❞ We have partnered with the peeps over GameWall to try their brand new anti-cheat system. It's still on Alpha version, so of course it will be subject to some other problem during its initial stage. You can inform the support if you find any! And we will try to solve it as soon as possible. The Secret Agent costume will be available in Item Mall from now on All the characters. ❝ A secret mission has been assigned, but the information is classified and only a few know the details! ❞ The Pajama Party costume will be available in Item Mall from now on for All the characters. ❝ SoulWorkers have organized a fun pajama party to celebrate the new version, bring your friends! ❞ ■ Added Blooming Dress costume for Chii Aruel ■ Added Forest Guard costume for Chii Aruel ■ Burning Soulbreaker has been updated: — Added Burning Guard costume for Chii Aruel — Added Burning Wings for Chii Aruel ■ Empyreal Soulbreaker has been updated: — Added Angel Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Demon Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Golden Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Fortune Wings for Chii Aruel A new Soulbreaker arrives at item mall, this time to bring you more of the power that reigns in the heavens. Now you can get the three Wings of fortune's color variants, and the new Butterfly wings! ■ Sweet confectioner set is now dyeable ■ Steampunk set is now dyeable ■ Silver knight set is now dyeable ■ Chii skills re-balance applied ■ Iris skills re-balance applied ■ Haru skills re-balance applied ■ Offensive Brooch re-balance applied ■ Defensive Brooch re-balance applied ■ Utility Brooch re-balance applied ■ The artwork and models of some protagonists have been slightly improved ■ The characters that participate in a dungeon/raid appear now on the loading screen ■ "Special dyeing" has been added to the dye machine — Accumulate «dye points» using random dyes and selective dyes. — When you get 100 points, you can use a special free dye. — Selective dye grants 6 points each use, random dye grants 4. ■ Added the "representative character" system — Only your representative character's times appear in the ranking window ■ Chat interface has been aesthetically improved ■ Small sound added when someone whispers to you ■ (In chat window) You can now view a "player menu" by clicking his/her name ■ Added the skip-boss-cutscenes button (ESC by default) ■ Chat history now stores more messages (up to 500) ■ Various parts of the graphic user interfaces have been improved ■ Now you can create/join a Soulforce (8-man party) through Looking for Team recruitment menu ■ Innocent Daydream map has been redesigned ■ Character slot position on the select screen can be changed ■ (NPC Loyalty points) Max amount of daily points increased
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    ❝ Finally, the doors to the void are open. Prepare, Soulworkers, because this challenge will not be easy! ❞ Changelog ● Class advancement ● Altar of Void ● Innocent day dream ● Lucy ● New Level Packages ● Item Mall News ● Changes and Fixes ● Known issues ● IMPORTANT NOTE The long awaited class advancements for Jin Seipatsu and Iris Yuma are finally available! You can already get your advancement quest at level 57 on Grass Cover Camp and get the game changing improvements. Get ready, Soulworker, because you will need that power! Take a look! Jin Seipatsu Advancement Iris Yuma Advancement ❝ In the deepest part of the void, in a place where no one has ever set foot into… ”That” has been sleeping ❞ ❝ There lies YorhaKha, a huge mass of Desire sealed away in an ominous altar ❞ The Altar of Void is the latest endgame raid joining us. It can be accessed from its corresponding portal in Grass Cover Camp at level 60. Only those who are better prepared can be victorious and get new and powerful equipment, but it isn't going to be easy! Since, in addition to the high level of enemy power, you're not able to use active AR cards in the void. Good luck, you will need it! Void set (Unique) Disorder set (Legend) ◤ Raid Quest To be able to access Altar of Void from its corresponding portal in Grass Cover Camp, you need to complete all the main story in this city (and reach level 60). When you do, a red quest will appear at Tenebris. The quest is based on repeating episode 4 of Deadmeat Factory 3 times, and 3 times Golden Citadel. After that, you will need to buy an item at Yomi for the price of 10M of Zennies. Then you need to craft a purple sphere at Zenith. Once done, Altar of Void will be accessible. ◤ Custom drop We have added a custom drop to YorhaKha, each time you defeat it you're going to obtain: x 1~3 [BurningSW] Void Quartz Innocent Day Dream is a meme secondary raid that can be accesed from Golden Citadel at level 60. To open the portal, you need to complete all the main story quests in Grass Cover Camp and reach the maximum level. When those conditions are met, a red quest will appear at Tenebris (next to the Altar of Void quest) that will give you direct access to the Raid. The raid is limited to 5 daily entries. (We have planned to reverse engineer the Japanese exclusive Sky Clock Palace map in the future.) We present Lucy! A completely brand new customized NPC that can be found at Rocco Town. At the moment her functionality is limited, but will be expanded in the future once needed. ◤ Crafts Lucy has been designed to provide a wide variety of valuable items in exchange of certain materials. This is the list of the craftable items at the moment: [BurningSW] Void Servant (Fashion Qube) Energy Converter ◤ Shop Lucy also has a store where you can buy useful items that will ease your journey. This is the list of items in the store: [BurningSW] Zenny Burner Box Does it feel empty to you? Do you have any suggestion on items that could be added on Lucy's shop or crafts? Make sure to drop it on our [Suggestions] forum! SERVANTS OF THE VOID ❝ Can you hear the yearn for evil that resides on the deeps of the void? ❞ Set made by [Sully] Zenny burner A custom based RNG box that can be found at Lucy on Rocco Town for 5,000,000 ZN. List of prizes: Noah Hidden Energy Converter Enoch Hidden x5 Flash Perfume Shion Hidden x5 Iron Perfume Catherine Hidden x5 Lightning Perfume Noah x5 Vigor Perfume Enoch x5 Beast Perfume Shion x5 Blood Perfume Catherine Along with this new version, we decided to do a facelift to our level rewards. From now on, the packs will be received on the levels: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50. We have listened to your prayers! Energy Converter packs and SIN Brooches are coming! As well as the [EV] Class advancement costumes (with a permanent weapon skin), the class changing series costume and invisible clothes. SIN Brooches: Energy Converter 900 [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 10 8,000 [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 25 19,000 [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 50 36,000 Invisible Head 1,200 Invisible Costume 4,000 Invisible Gloves 1,200 Invisible Shoes 1,750 CHANGING SERIES COSTUME Price: 5.900 [EV] ADVANCEMENT COSTUME Price: 8.000 ◤ Changes and Fixes ● The sound bug has been fixed, voices are finally available again ● The brooch effect bug has been fixed ● The bulk crafting is available again at Zenith ● From now on, you can dismantle white, green, and blue equipment in bulk ● Casual raids have been completely revamped ● The Thing has been activated ● Lily buff ● Support for the screen ratio 21:9 ● The max FP has been set to 450 FP instead of 350 FP. ● The EXP and Zenny rate have been modified to x2 without FP and x3 with FP. ● The necessary experience to increase the rank in each level has been revamped ◤ Known issues ● Translations are missing colors/sizes. ● We have the infamous black name bug that's been since ever on the KR/JP servers, please read the important note if you're affected by it. ● As you can imagine we run short on testers, so there's several things still have to be fully and thoroughly tested by the community. We're going to be fully focused on fixing issues since the moment the update goes live. ◤ IMPORTANT NOTE Keep in mind that from this version you will need to use a time format that uses PM/AM to continue playing on our server. We explain how to do it in this thread:
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    Technical FAQ - Read here before posting Most of the issues that occur happens because you didn’t do both of the following: 1。 Downloading and installing the necessary prerequisites to run Burning SoulWorker properly. You need to install/repair: DirectX 9.0c Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86) NET Framework 4.0 They are listed at the top of the download page on the website here: https://soulworker.to/download/ Restart your PC after this! 2。 Disabling your anti-virus, anti-anything software and/or excluding/whitelisting the game directory of said software. If you are unable to download the game from the launcher, or it’s downloading weirdly, you probably didn’t do this. The game contains anti-tampering software called XIGNCODE which has viruses/trojans inside it to be able to detect and protect the game from external threats. Your anti-virus software sees this and doesn’t like you to do anything with such files and therefore you get problems. But how come when I downloaded the official SoulWorker client, my anti-virus didn’t bother? The official clients have those trojans/viruses digitally signed to be whitelisted in your anti-virus software’s dictionary if you run their client while Burning SoulWorker does not. So there’s nothing wrong at all with letting these files onto your computer! So please try disabling your antivirus software or exclude the game directory through it! — If you have already done all of the above stops and still can not play, here is a list of the most common problems and how to solve them: ● I can’t download the game; the launcher is just blank or it starts downloading but it’s so slow or the download speeds are jumping all over the place: ● The game opens up but it’s just a black screen for eternity: ● I get into the login screen but after putting in my credentials and clicking the [Login] button, the game doesn’t do anything: ● ERROR: Fmod Error. I don’t know what is this: ● ERROR: Failed to initialize X. Where’s the [initialize] button so everything would just work? ● 0xc000007b Error: ● The game does not start at all: ❑「General Issues」 ● Every time I press a skill it takes like 10 years for it to activate and do something. What do I do? ● The game is running really slow, my FPS is bad and all those dungeon monsters makes the game freeze and then I end up dying. What do I do? ● I found something in the game that shouldn't be functioning like this! It's broken or something... who do I talk to to fix it? I read through this whole thing and I still have this issue: It’s okay! We’re here to help and try our best to get you to enjoy the game you really want to play. You can now make a post but BEFORE that, please use the SEARCH function first! Other people might have had the same issue you’re having now that has been solved or is a currently on-going discussion! It’s saves you time typing things already typed and saves us time from having to redirect you to the correct solution! But you knew that already, so here’s a general guideline on how to make a post that we can help you with: 1。 Make your title informative and not just “OMG this thing broke halp me halp”. Make it something specific to the issue at hand. Make it so the next person who searches for the same problem you’re having can easily find your thread. 2。 In your post, be descriptive tell us a summary of your issues. Were there any error messages? What did you do to get this issue? Show reproduction steps and how this came to play in the first place. 3。Upload your crash dump log (if you have one). In the game folder, whenever you crash, the system makes a batch error file for what happened. The logs are in this format: SW_[numbers]_logHistory.txt and SW_[numbers]_sys.txt. In the SW_[numbers]_sys.txt log, make sure you remove your IP address as well before uploading it. 4。Type in proper English. We aren’t mind readers. I understand that there are many of whom their native language isn’t English. To those, please try your best to make us understand so we can help you. 5。Any other additional details you think might have helped. (I installed X before this. Maybe X could be the problem?) Join the Discord server! Discord is being more widely used for online communities for instant messaging. We don’t have cookies but we have many many people willing to help you there if you have any issues. And they can respond much quicker than having to come on the forums to read. And even if you don’t need help, you can join to make friends with the community and meet all the people who are playing the game with you! The discord link can be found in the homepage. Just login and click that button to join the lively community of Burning SoulWorker!
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