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  1. turns out i am a retard, thanks Noxial! now its just finding out how to delete this topic!
  2. I just donated 10 dollars for 11000 b-coins. After i went to the premium shop too purchase an outfit, right as i pressed the button to buy it my game crashed. I lost the 9800 b-coins and didn't get the outfit. Please help.
  3. In-Game name: RudeCanadian Image Title: One Punch
  4. Poosy

    Raid XP

    I was thinking about upgrading my current rank as novice B. What raids give, what amount of XP? Which raid should i farm for a higher rank?
  5. Poosy

    No servers

    So i just recently joined the forum and i am glad i did, but i am still unsure of the time estimate of when servers are going to be back up. Could i get a time guesstimate of how many more hours, the update will be?
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