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    Help me please.

    Well... I'm here with kinda strange and stupid request. It's not about bugs or other game problems. But just silly me, who foolishly made wrong AoV weapon, since i thought theres not so much difference between them. And as anyone else in the game I started to upgrade it in order to be able continue playing and farm further. I was lucky enough (if all those attempts can even be called lucky) to +9 my weapon and my happiness knew no bounds. But the more I progress the clearer the difference in my possible damage output becomes. And I feel myself more useless with every run I make. I lost all desire to play this game. I made other AoV equip and the fact I'll need to make a new weapon and (!) upgrade it again to +9... makes me cry. I'm not hardcore player and I dont think I'll ever do another chars to full AoV. But this situation makes me feel like I just need to make it all from the beginning. Can you please do something about it? Maybe somehow replace my weapon? That would be the greatest present for NY I could ever imagine. I just really dont know what to do next. I'm desperate...