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  1. I've had a brief read-over this post and I agree with what the op is saying. From pretty much everyone I know since I started playing again, the current Game Officers besides peqpie have an incredibly poor reputation and I have also been told to stop being "toxic" when stating things people don't like to hear; like a lack of content, or that we never get an ETA for anything including restarts. Edit: I really do want the power to be back to the community, I want changes and content. I've been playing less than a month and I'm frankly already bored, as far as gear progression goes I already have full AOV gears and besides farming alts there's not much to do. More events, even small content updates from KR (literally anything) would be good. As one event is out, phase another in maybe(?) As far as GO's go, honestly I would recruit new ones. I haven't had many run-ins with the current ones but pretty much everyone that has spoken to me about them hasn't had much good to say besides peqpie being good
  2. I completely agree with what LostSword is saying and the fact that VIP %chance isn't applied to +10 is dumb/confusing
  3. I don't really like bumping posts but I've waited quite some time for an answer. Could you shed some light on this please? @Sully
  4. You can change the class when crafting and craft it for any class you wish, you just can't open it and trade it unless it's for the character you're on. You can then storage it and open it on the correct char
  5. Hello From what I've seen being talked about quite a bit and mentioned here and there, when the +10 upgrade was released it was bugged so that people with +9 items could put them to +10 by enhancing just once while any item below +9 would not enhance. I'm curious as to what happened to all the people who +10'd their gears? It seems to be widespread knowledge that this happened, so I am curious whether there was a rollback or what was done to like of counter what happened. As it stands it's pretty hard getting +10, but if there are people walking about with +10 items they've achieved through bug abuse what was done about it and if nothing was done then what are newer people supposed to do when older players clearly have a major advantage through bug abuse? Thanks
  6. Did you download all the prerequisites before downloading the game? If so and you still have a graphics problem, it may be something related to your actual card settings rather than the in-game settings(?)
  7. You can add me on Discord, Aiko #3125
  8. I'm quite a bit behind you, I'm level 35 but if I somehow manage to catch up to you I wouldn't mind doing stuff together. I've just been playing solo mostly
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