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  1. Wow, im so amazed of her and even more excited for her release. She looks really cute in the outfits and her skills look great. Thank you for posting the Youtube video, i think i would have failed to see it.
  2. Well, you know Gameforge is really REALLY slow with updating.. but i think the BSW Team will do their best to get the new patch since many ppl are interested in the new character. About the thing with translate, seems like a bug to me. But i dont think anyone could do anything about it.
  3. It takes a lot of time to get the updates from the korean version, so i guess they dont get every patch. You know this isnt a official server like Gameforge's one. Gameforge gets every update directly (atleast i think so) but burning soulworker has to get everything from the korean client, they dont get it like a ''gift'' like Gameforge (well, Gameforge paid for it). Im sorry if this is not a good explanation or if something is wrong. Btw, the new character (new patch) is released in 11 days, not 2 days.
  4. Neya

    log in bug

    I had the same problem, mine was fixed after using verify.
  5. Sheya Hide and seek with Fuu-chan "That's too obvious.."
  6. I think it is important where you live, since as for me i have like 1-2 crashes per day. for some people crashes happen because the server is placed in europe, and there are people who play which not live in or near europe at all, atleast thats what if think is the Problem for a few players. I think, the crashes are happening because the loading time of the cutscenes and the long distance to the server, not because of lucy. I could be wrong though... Of course there are many unfixed bugs that could lead to crashes too, but i think the BSW team will do what they can about it, sooner or later. So maybe there are some more bugs in Rocco Town when you crash there more? As for my crashes i have them everywhere equaly, no matter if im at Rocco Town or at Grace City. About new content in the game, i personally would be happy about some Events that happen ingame. (i think that already happend a few times but i just started a few days ago.) I have no Problem with waiting for the next bigger update with Chii since im also eagerly waiting for her. The updates inbetween are some dungeons/raids i guess which is also just getting the gear and thats it so i can wait with that, but as Sully said, you have to wait because of the needed Resources and all. Im sorry if my english is not that Great. :D
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