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  1. Hello! Many players encounter this issue nowadays the best thing to do is restarting your rooter and you computer while at it, it's only your network tho, and it's only temporary.
  2. Hello! Yeah it is possible, though the time left is more than enough to get event swimsuits for all your characters, as it's storable and number of entries is character based. So rest assured!
  3. Heyo CuSO4 who is gonna flex cards on me now : ( and 33sec CR runs : ( ,anyway see you soon!
  4. XINGCODE is removed from client so that's not the problem.
  5. Okay try to download supplies from this thread (DirectX 9.0c and MSVC++ 2010)
  6. Check your Firewall, Windows Defender and your Antivirus if it's interrupting the game. To prevent that, you need to whitelist the Whole Burning Soulworker folder in your Antivirus and add exception the folder in Firewall, Windows defender as well.
  7. Hello! Try to check thi thread.
  8. selina

    Game error

    Hello! Moving this to general support where it belongs. There are many similar threads, try to search for them, use the example.
  9. Yes, that is true. But, the difference is quite huge between ZB cards and the onces you get from regular AK cards transmitters, ZB cards are 5 Star and Regular Transmitter give 4 star. The big difference is in the card stats itself, 5 star cards have like almost half more of the stats than 4 star cards.
  10. selina


    As Sasu said, Hidden Soulstones were obtained for the first time in last year's Christmas. Hopefully we will get them in a future events.
  11. As Sasu said basically, and i will add that You can get 52k ether from 1 Summer Grutin world Run, if you belong to this faction, better start doing runs on your characters, also our current summer event provide an ether box in crafting list in cost of Beach sand and zenny. To check that go to lucy NPC in craftings then event tab.
  12. Hello! This is how you fix this bug.
  13. Hello ! MAC error means: you either typed wrong ID (do not mistake game ID with forum ID: they're different. if you're typing it properly, try to delete the "general.ini" file in your game folder and launch the game. If still not, delete it again and click "verify" before launching another option if ^ this doesn't work https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/2094-mac-address-issue/
  14. Hello @pat123456 Event is only about doing raids, not Dungeons.
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