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  1. @Reichi Nah dude you misunderstand me am not saying people with lower gear are asking for carries the people I was talking about people are the people who run like the auzirth or arkship gear then ask for a carry for AOV or HH etc am fine with people with primal gear or good gear that meets the requirement for the raid and who atleast put in the effort to get where they are because i really dont mind helping them out cause it sucks that people try too meet the requirements in a raid and actually try to be useful but this guy with arkship gear gets a carry and gets AOV or even HH gear before they do. i just think that most people have forgotten about min requirements for raids as its much easier just too ask for a carry which sucks as it leads to people thinking "why dsnt want me to join HH party" mean while they running +6 armour and +8 wep with no broochs. In all it just leads to more inexperienced players thinking the games to hard.
  2. Ok first off the game isn't that hard especially when before the Hidden Hideout runs for AOV were like 16-20 min runs. Its gotten much easier since then with more people willing to help people out even if they dont even meet the min require for the raid another thing people who are OP didnt just login in one day and they were running full HH just like that they put time and effort in to get were they are and to expect a carry or some help is more selfish if you ask me as they had to go through long runs in AOV and primal too get good while you want a carry cause the runs are just too hard or just trying too rush through the game. Also if you want too help someone tell them wants the min requirement for the raid they trying to do or like even helping them by telling them how important broochs and soulstones are as most players dnt even know how valuable they are or even go as far as helping players who dnt know about advancement. Thats what i think people should do instead of just carrying, personally i hate getting on a team where someones getting carried and repeatedly buffs Aov boss and the person carrying dsnt even take the time to explain how the raid works. The problem isnt that people dnt want too help out its that most people just want a carry and dnt want to get the min requirements for raids even in HH some people just ask for a carry and sometimes they actually get lucky.
  3. simple question Chii summer event weapon when?
  4. You only get reward if u participate
  5. Summer event 2019 wasnt really that fun (btw am glutton faction might have been more fun if i chose blood worker) mainly because once i got costume that was it. Now i only do it for faction reward if like ice could have been crafted into different things like on the KR version of the game then maybe i would have gotten more involved but the summer event was just meh :/.Also Chii summer event weapon when?
  6. i dont know but most the skills dnt look that different the only difference seems to be the colour of the attacks
  7. was bit worried but thx for answering my question
  8. So i noticed that Lilys summer event weapon was added just wondering when chiis willl get added? (at 3:50 Zero crafts it if you interested in seeing it) or is this only for blood faction because am glutton faction at the moment?
  9. sry might take me a while to figure out how to take a screenshot tried just now and now am trying to figure out why my some parts of screen is so dark rly sry soon as i fix this ill try too get a screenshot
  10. A small little bug ive notice is when i equip the summer outfit (school student swimsuit) is that when i have a effect active from one of my broochs that it makes it look all buggy not that major i know just thought i would post this so it could be noted.
  11. yo btw i notice there is more missing items from event just want too know is burnings summer event going to be exactly like the KR version or is there going to be some items from the event on the KR version not in burnings version?
  12. dnt know if all classes dnt have weapon for event but i know chii's is missing as well
  13. still in maintenance my dude
  14. Hey guys does anyone anyone know when the summer event will be added?
  15. thx for answering, is there any info on when the system restore will be done though?
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