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  1. During today's maintenance, the Summer event will start, and we will welcome a brand new Soulbreaker with a new exclusive BSW set. Do not miss the news in the thread: ■ UPDATE THREAD
  2. Patch index ● Summer Event ● Dark Matter Soulbreaker The event will be active from now, until 30/08 ■ EVENT THREAD A new Soulbreaker arrives at item mall, this time containing the wonders of the galaxy! Do not miss the opportunity to obtain the Burning-exclusive Guardians costume.
  3. For fun. There are no rewards usually, it's just to spend some time entertaining all together.
  4. During today's maintenance, we will welcome the Summer Breeze costume at Item Mall, which will be available until August 30. In addition, Battle Court in Rocco town will be accessible from now on, more info in the thread! ■ UPDATE THREAD
  5. Patch index ● Summer Breeze Costume ● Battle Court Map ● Changes and fixes Available until: 30/08 The gym in Rocco Town is finally accessible. From now on, all the characters with at least level 45 can enter in the Battle Court, a map literally designed for training. ■ Cloudstagram items have been removed from inventories ■ Cloudstagram craftlist has been removed from Lucy
  6. Patch index ● Stone of Faith crafting ● Changes and fixes ❝ Make sure you have got enough fragments... ❞ You only have to exchange them for a Faith Stone at Lucy! ■ Ranking fixed
  7. The maintenance is finished and the problem is solved. Therefore, I will conclude this exciting adventure by closing this thread
  8. Unexpected errors have occurred on the server, starting with the infamous Red Text and ending with an automatic suspension system that is now randomly suspending accounts, with the message "constently annoying some players in particular" We will try to stop this system in the first place. Do not worry! The accounts will be restored at the end. Meanwhile, be patient please, it will not take too much.
  9. Actually, this was happening before the new anti-cheat. But nice one.
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