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  1. SERVER ONLINE  During today's maintenance, we will focus on improvements and optimizations of the overall performance. The 2018 Commemorative Soulbreaker will be removed from Item mall.
  2. Chloe

    IDP Generic

    Hi, @Krito There is nothing to worry about. I recommend putting the BSW .exe as an exclusion in the program, since it could remove important files and you would have to reinstall the game to restore them.
  3. Chloe

    Hidden SS dissapeared

    Maybe it was a small patch failure. I'm glad the problem is solved, if it happens again, please open a ticket in Account support so we can help you. Locking here!
  4. Chloe

    Cometfall Fake stat

    Hi, @Jintac First of all, show more respect. Not only we play the game, in addition, as it's obvious we have access to internal information. Information by which we know that Jin has the lowest base damage by far, even though he has excellent burst damage. We also know from this that the increases are correctly applied in the formula. So, yes. As much as you want to prove, you can not argue with the mathematics and numbers we have. Effectively, the increase works on all the characters equally. With that said, I don't think there is anything else to add to the subject, therefore, Locking here
  5. Chloe

    Question 1.3

    No problem! Since the doubt is solved, locking here!
  6. Chloe

    Cometfall Fake stat

    You're proving that it works, in fact. The numbers increase correctly no matter how you look at it. What you can not expect is to cause TOP damage with a Jin, I don't know what numbers you wanted to have exactly... But it's preferable that you stop defacing mechanics that don't work when you are precisely proving the opposite. There are many people who can believe it just because you bothered to make a video.
  7. Chloe

    Donation Package

    Hi, @Anzai Can't be processed in this section. You need to open a ticket in Account support providing the required information and template.
  8. Chloe

    Question 1.3

    Hi, @batista08 Speaking of great updates, we can not really guarantee anything. The only thing I can say is that it's not far from arriving, and we will bring everything in our hands.
  9. The winner of this edition is: @PotatonaZ Congratulations!
  10. SERVER ONLINE  During today's maintenance, we will welcome the 2018 commemorative Soulbreaker in Item mall, and remove the Christmas event. In addition, some changes and fixes will be made, and we will announce something important in the thread. Visit the link for more information:
  11. Chloe

    Server Disconnected

    Hi, @Eduardoxf That error means that your connection has been interrupted or has suffered an interference of some kind. The client can't stay connected if that happens. For example, if you deactivate/activate your connection, even if it's quickly the error will appear.
  12. Chloe

    Cant play the game at all

    Glad it worked! Since the issue is solved, locking here!
  13. Chloe

    Haru EXP Broken?

    As far as I know, there is no difference in the base EXP that any character get. Your friend probably has equipment that gives him an increase (%) in the gained experience, that's all.
  14. Chloe

    Game Keeps Crashing

    Hi, @Arico There can be many reasons. Most likely, the drivers of your graphics are outdated or there is a problem with them, or it may be related to the screen parameters of your game. Do you play in full screen?