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  1. Chloe

    Background music in GCC

    Hi, @ktzthepro1 I don't think it has a name itself, since it's the official SW OST. If you want them, you can find them by searching "Soulworker Maneater Garden/Grasscover Camp OST" on platforms like Youtube.
  2. Chloe

    lines in names,start and cinematics

    Hi, @bluredsght That happens when you play in full screen, if I'm not wrong. Use the graphic menu to change to Borderless windowed mode and try.
  3. Chloe

    Download timeout - FIXED

    I'm glad you solved the problem! Locking here
  4. Chloe


    Hi, @Polvii You can find the server link in our home page! https://soulworker.to
  5. Chloe


    Hi, @Aesukii You can get Brooch qubes of any kind in the daily Login rewards. You can also buy them in the Item mall. There is no other way if you want the FOT type.
  6. The winner of this edition is: @Fio Congratulations!
  7. ❝ Hello SoulWorkers! Ever taken a picture so amazing that you felt that it would be a waste if you don't upload it to some contest? Yes? Good, because this is the contest where you're supposed to upload them! ❞ THEME - Share your mememories Have you ever lived such fun moments that you wanted to frame them, have you ever felt like you were a spectacular meme in a photograph?... If the answer is yes, congratulations! Because today is the time to share those memories with us. The most hilarious will win a prize! PRIZES 5000 Photographer in-game title RULES Only one entry for person allowed. We reward originality, and copying from others will not be tolerated. Editing the images (filters, manipulating on editors) is not allowed. Cropping images is allowed. Only submissions and reservations are accepted in this thread. Entries that doesn't follow the theme will not be considered. Contest will be open for submissions until 17/10/2018 ■ Submission Template In-game character name Image title <Image> Brief description or sentence ■ Tips & Hints □ Press 'Scroll Lock' to disable your UI temporarily (until you press again). □ Type "/freecamera 1" in the chat to enable free cam mode. Move with W,A,S,D,Q,E, and right click. Type "/freecamera 0" to disable. □ Press 'X' to draw out your weapon. □ You can use skills in dungeons or District 6. Discussion Thread
  8. Chloe

    Weird korean message

    The problem has already been solved, locking here!
  9. Chloe

    Am found this bug and my friend too

    It's not really a bug, it means that the server is unstable at this time. For now there is no other solution besides waiting, therefore Locking here!
  10. Chloe

    [Forum Event] Fan art contest

    The winners have been chosen! The first place is for: @silberein The second place is for: @myheal The third place is for: @KineticLily Congratulations to all the participants for working so hard, I hope to see you in the next edition!
  11. Chloe

    korean version

    No, we have a custom experience, items and BP rates. In addition, our energy system is unlimited. You can read the details at the following link: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/18-burning-soulworker-server-introduction/
  12. Chloe

    korean version

    Hi, @spitoftea Yes, we currently have the same difficulty as in Koreans servers exactly.
  13. Hi, @brokenfix26 You will probably have to reinstall the game or use the Verify option, but reinstalling is more advisable and will solve the problem better.
  14. Chloe

    japanese voice

    Hi, @Bertorian You can have Japanese voices if you install an appropriate voice pack. You can find it if you look in our forum. About the windows language pack, you can configure which one you want as default.
  15. As I said in the other thread, it is not possible to solve server problems by modifying game files. Maybe you manage to pass the "No server available" step, but if there are problems of any kind with the server, you will not be able to play anyway. Unfortunately the only solution is to wait for the problem to be solved, it usually does not take too much time.