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  1. Patch index ● Stone of Faith crafting ● Changes and fixes ❝ Make sure you have got enough fragments... ❞ You only have to exchange them for a Faith Stone at Lucy! ■ Ranking fixed
  2. The maintenance is finished and the problem is solved. Therefore, I will conclude this exciting adventure by closing this thread
  3. Unexpected errors have occurred on the server, starting with the infamous Red Text and ending with an automatic suspension system that is now randomly suspending accounts, with the message "constently annoying some players in particular" We will try to stop this system in the first place. Do not worry! The accounts will be restored at the end. Meanwhile, be patient please, it will not take too much.
  4. Actually, this was happening before the new anti-cheat. But nice one.
  5. Summary of the problem: Apparently, the server has activated some auto ban system with the following message: "constently annoying some players in particular" along with 2 days of ban. This suspension is not legitimate, although this is a strange case. Still, there is nothing to worry about, all accounts will be unlocked as soon as we deactivate the system.
  6. Then we're facing a strange case, certainly. Thank you for confirming, we can work better with this information!
  7. Account banned for 2 days it's not the same as constently annoying some players in particular. Last one is, of course, a legitimate ban applied by the team. When a reason is not applied, as in the first case, it's an automatic ban problem.
  8. @Avidman @FireChii That message has no relation to the automatic ban problem (whose content is Account is blocked).
  9. Patch index ● Event removal ● Jin and Iris Sport costume ● Chii Donation Package ● Changes and fixes The Cloudstagram event comes to an end, selfies will no longer be dropped under any circumstances. Even so, they will remain on inventories, along with the Lucy craftlist for a while longer. ■ EVENT THREAD The Chii version of the First Donation Package is finally available. From now on, you can choose to have the Glutton backpack for Chii! ■ Changed First Donation's AR package (5) to the New History AR package (5). ■ Any orb from Empyreal Soulbreaker II and Lunar Soulbreaker are now tradeable. ■ Completion rates have been reduced. ■ The new summer skin tones have been added to Item Mall. ■ Translated more Korean text.
  10. Of course not, you can use JP voice.
  11. Most likely, although that depends on the future content that KR brings, it may occur at 1.5 or perhaps earlier.
  12. Ver 1.4 INCINEROAR General Discussion Thread This thread has been opened in order to centralize all discussions, questions and comments related to the update. Therefore, please don't create more threads related to the same topic in any other section of the forum. ■ UPDATE THREAD
  13. Changelog ● Chii Aruel advancement ● Hidden Hideout ● GameWall Anti-cheat ● Secret Agent Costume ● Pajama Party Costume ● Chii's Wardrobe Update ● Empyreal Soulbreaker II ● Technical Changelog The long awaited class advancement for Chii Aruel is finally available! You can already get your ! advancement quest at level 57 on GrassCover Camp, given by Tenebris. Get ready, Soulworker! Because you will need that power! It can be accessed from its corresponding portal in Dipluce Horizon at level 65 ❝ To open the portal, you must investigate the strange rumors discovered in the city ❞ We have partnered with the peeps over GameWall to try their brand new anti-cheat system. It's still on Alpha version, so of course it will be subject to some other problem during its initial stage. You can inform the support if you find any! And we will try to solve it as soon as possible. The Secret Agent costume will be available in Item Mall from now on All the characters. ❝ A secret mission has been assigned, but the information is classified and only a few know the details! ❞ The Pajama Party costume will be available in Item Mall from now on for All the characters. ❝ SoulWorkers have organized a fun pajama party to celebrate the new version, bring your friends! ❞ ■ Added Blooming Dress costume for Chii Aruel ■ Added Forest Guard costume for Chii Aruel ■ Burning Soulbreaker has been updated: — Added Burning Guard costume for Chii Aruel — Added Burning Wings for Chii Aruel ■ Empyreal Soulbreaker has been updated: — Added Angel Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Demon Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Golden Wings for Chii Aruel — Added Fortune Wings for Chii Aruel A new Soulbreaker arrives at item mall, this time to bring you more of the power that reigns in the heavens. Now you can get the three Wings of fortune's color variants, and the new Butterfly wings! ■ Sweet confectioner set is now dyeable ■ Steampunk set is now dyeable ■ Silver knight set is now dyeable ■ Chii skills re-balance applied ■ Iris skills re-balance applied ■ Haru skills re-balance applied ■ Offensive Brooch re-balance applied ■ Defensive Brooch re-balance applied ■ Utility Brooch re-balance applied ■ The artwork and models of some protagonists have been slightly improved ■ The characters that participate in a dungeon/raid appear now on the loading screen ■ "Special dyeing" has been added to the dye machine — Accumulate «dye points» using random dyes and selective dyes. — When you get 100 points, you can use a special free dye. — Selective dye grants 6 points each use, random dye grants 4. ■ Added the "representative character" system — Only your representative character's times appear in the ranking window ■ Chat interface has been aesthetically improved ■ Small sound added when someone whispers to you ■ (In chat window) You can now view a "player menu" by clicking his/her name ■ Added the skip-boss-cutscenes button (ESC by default) ■ Chat history now stores more messages (up to 500) ■ Various parts of the graphic user interfaces have been improved ■ Now you can create/join a Soulforce (8-man party) through Looking for Team recruitment menu ■ Innocent Daydream map has been redesigned ■ Character slot position on the select screen can be changed ■ (NPC Loyalty points) Max amount of daily points increased
  14. During today's maintenance, this cat will literally be on fire. Finally, 1.4 INCINEROAR arrives at Burning Soulworker and there's a lot to tell here! Do not miss the news in the Update Thread. ■ UPDATE THREAD
  15. ❝ Until Monday 17th, Item Mall is 20% cheaper ❞ ❝ During days 15 and 16, you will get double EXP! ❞
  16. I will not accept this. Please, avoid posting in general discussion threads that are nothing more than complaints based on the obvious ignorance of how we work or to what extent (and frequency) we are able to bring content. Indeed, the thread will be closed because we have explained this infinitely many times, and we will not allow each thread of this kind to sound more like a demand each time. We are already the most up-to-date global server, and demanding more of the substantial effort we already make with the updates is out of the question, regardless of the method we use to bring big (version) updates. Updates that carry transcendental things like Chii Adv. or a new Raid are not at all easy to prepare and implement. And of course, they require considerable trial time to fix bugs before bringing the update. Nothing more to say. I'm locking, have a good day.
  17. Patch index ● One-color Ultra Megaphones ● Changes and Fixes Based on votes and suggestions from the community: The color of the Ultra Megaphones will always be set from now on: Orange. In addition, its price in Item mall will become 30 instead of 100. ■ Common Megaphones cooldown set to 3 minutes. ■ Common Megaphones drop rate set to 15%.
  18. Patch index ● New Megaphones ● Changes and Fixes From now on, the Megaphone system will be divided into two types of items: ■ Common Megaphone: This version will work like the usual megaphones. ■ Ultra Megaphone: It will make your text show with a random color when you talk in the chat. Common Megaphone will take 5 minutes Cooldown to be able to use it again. In contrast, the Ultra Megaphone will only take 1 minute, besides adding color in your text. You can get the first through normal drops in any dungeon, and you can buy the second at Item Mall for the price of 100 . ■ Removed all current Megaphones. ■ B-coins refunded for Megaphone purchases. ■ Drop chance for Common Megaphones has been established at 5%. ■ Moderators and Staff will have their own prefix in Megaphones.
  19. During today's maintenance, the usual server optimizations will be performed. In addition, we will also try to implement the new system for megaphones. There is no estimated duration time, therefore be patient please. ■ UPDATE THREAD
  20. The servers are having problems at the moment, so obviously the game is not available in the meantime. There is no ETA, so please, be patient. It will be announced when the server is available again. This thread and all related will be closed.
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