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  1. Thank you for posting colored one!!! Can you happen to get the Desire Soulworker symbol only?
  2. ooh it's a chain quest for costume?! even better ^^
  3. I wonder if they will make the costumes as premium or attainable via corrupted records?
  4. Is the new animations for Haru implemented here?
  5. I'm merely curious, Thank you for the support
  6. so someone can find me even with the name change? ;-;
  7. Outta curiousity, How does one change names? and will someone from my blacklist see me changed names?
  8. So basically, do most of the main and side quest for the title?
  9. Am I suppose to Complete something before I get this quest?
  10. as said on the title, where do I find the SinWorker Title?
  11. Thats great!! And yes, i do have the Hidden Xeina 4 stars, I thought it would be great, but wouldn't the more atk speed i have the greater the activation of said card?
  12. SO I should replace Sedurin with Brook? What about Xenia?
  13. Hello there Forum I main Chii Aurel, I love her gameplay and her maneuverability, however i need to know what to prioritize for endgame, My own knowledge is Chii= Crit% -> Atk dmg-> Xtra Boss Dmg -> Atk speed What else should i do? Any ideas?
  14. I see alright, thank you @Noxial
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