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  1. @Noxial thanks so much for this i hope this works
  2. So the problem here is Im in the Grass cover camp city/area and when i go to the first mission district sometimes i see white bars appear onscreen, and sometimes even a full bluescreen i don't actually know if this problem is caused by my computer or is it because of a glitch of some sort. For other things (Im sorry if i can't express this correctly, English is not my first language) i am currently using Lilly Bloomerchen as the character, i have no records of cheating, posting NSFW content, etc. Im relatively a clean account and i would like for my experience of the game to be as normal as humanly possible (cuz we all make mistakes here and there :3) So to the devs(if this reaches them) can you please investigate this problem and handle it asap that would be much appreciated. thank you in advance and much love -super_adrian332 here are some screenshots for prove: (ps: i took 2 screenshots just in case :3)
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