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  1. I believe it is Chii's Lynx blow (if you picked the right weapon, not sure what does the other do, someone correct me if Im wrong). That being said, the reason why you can't find the skill in your skill tree is because the skill translations and descriptions are a lil messed up rn and not really working properly, which should hopefully get fixed with the new version update. Also moving to General Discussion as its not really a technical issue.
  2. As Sully said, default is 3 lines and gear unlocks 5 lines if upgraded to +10. There is a script that adds the remaining 2 lines in like 30 minutes intervals, so if you ever get +10, dont get surprised about it. For all the possible HH rolls you can reffer to this image:
  3. Any error messages that you're getting? If it's purely the "Server Disconnected" message, then it means that your connection to the server is unstable. Try to restart your internet connection and PC and try again. If that doesn't help, try to use VPN set to France and login after that. If that still doesn't help, it might mean that there are generally some issues in your connection, so waiting might help as these issues sometimes also solve just with time. If it's something like MAC Address error, then search up, multiple answers to that already.
  4. Hmmm, I tried to simplify it in my head a bit, but the final conclusion seems to be something that is generally known I think. Like from these number tests (according to that table), the higher your boss damage is, the more pen you want for a bigger damage increase. While if your boss damage is lower, you actually want to catch up on it and increase that rather than the penetration. (Or to put it simply, the higher 1 stat is, the higher you want the other to be as well). And while basically it feels like you always want to invest into the lower stat, the point where pen seems to get much more value than bossD is at the point where bossD reaches 100%+. So while I understand that you're saying that "no values and caps are fixxed" saying that pen is good investment after getting 100% boss damage+ is still not wrong if I got these datas in my head right. Another thing is, what I think would be worth testing is comparing 4% penetration to 8% boss damage, or even 10% boss damage, rather than again to 4% bossD. The reason being if you take AoV solo into account, people use DH accs/HH accs depending on their prefference of CDR/crit damage and then 4% pen/bossD changes aren't as important here. What matters more would be the gear sockets. With 1.5 it will be possible to use 2 gear sockets using 5% boss damage in each of them, while pen sockets will stay at 2% only. Getting 4% pen would mean using 2 gear sockets at this point and with that you could get up to 8% (and even 10% after 1.5) bossD. And lastly, if the soft caps work this way, I think it would be interesting to test the difference between like 4/5% boss damage compared to like 400 attack (720 total damage if we add the gained critD as well). If the soft caps work this way, I assume the boss damage would be better, (assuming the stats of 113% bossD and 36% pen for example), but it'd be nice thing to test since we'll get the new familiars.
  5. As Celine said, the server has been restarted and should be all good now. As that's also the answer to your question, I shall be locking here.
  6. Hey @Wige, congratulations on beating your challenge then! Must've been long and hard journey to grind it all by yourself, so good job! headpats And so now that you're here, does that mean you're open to party recruitments? :nervous: . Also what about tags? Are you using any atm? And if not (or if you want a better one), will you farm SCP for them? (SCP can't be entered solo, so that's why Im asking). Will you end the challenge here or do you intend to continue it in any sort of way? Oh also did you actually farm Brilliant and Sinworker solo as well? (I mean I assume you did, which is crazy, I'd just die out of boredom doing it 150x solo lol).
  7. There was an ETA issued to be 12 - 20 hours at the start of the maintenance. You can just check that or join our discord server to stay updated regarding the server status. Anyway, that being said, the server is up and running now, so I will be locking here.
  8. Hey @MrStark, before getting to topic, I'll ask you to not double post in-between 24 hours as it's breaking the forums rule #1 - post count bloating where you're just pointlessly bloating the forums. If you have something else to say you forgot, simply use the "Edit" function instead. For now I've merged your posts. And to get back on topic. While I understand that it could be frustrating to not be able to play your favorite game for a longer period of time, there is no need to be salty about it and claiming that you "lost your time on farming". First of all I don't even think you'd farm as long, since that would be simply unhealthy. And even if you did, this maint was neccessary so that anyone could even play at all, running a stable server isnt as easy thing as it might sound, so yeah. Second of all, you're a free person, so during this down time, you could just do something more useful than playing games or simply play something else, it's not like the world's over because of this. And lastly, compensations and other things such as these are to be decided by the staff, at which this matter is to be discussed. You will know about any potential compensations once the server is up, so just stay patient.
  9. Check news, I'll be locking here. Also moved to general support.
  10. I think Armor Restorer is actually much cheaper, I believe it's the item that costs 800 BC or so. The one that costs 5000 is the item that reduces the amount of restorations done so far, because if your gear breaks multiple times and you restore it multiple times, it won't even be restorable afterwards. (I think the default amount of possible restorations are 3).
  11. You can also sell just about anything that is sellable either with player 2 player trade or through market. Things like brooches and high level soulstones sell for quite a lot, as well as Casual raid materials + blueprints/GC drops. Queens Knight gears sell quite nicely and DH accs also, especially if you roll them for good stats.
  12. Well your connection might just be unstable then for some reason. Since other people seem to be doing fine. You could try to restart your internet connection, your PC and try again. Lastly trying out the VPN doesn't hurt anything either and should make your connection more stable, so you can always give it a go. But as said already, others seem ok, so might be some instability. Waiting could solve the problem on its own as well.
  13. Hey, not sure if anyone else does them, but so far I only know of robin, who's been making the JP voicepacks, you can check his website to stay updated about these: https://nomorefamiliar.blogspot.com/2018/02/how-to-use-japanese-jp-voices-in-naeu.html . That being said, he said he is quite busy irl as of lately, so who knows when and if even he'll find proper time to update it.
  14. I assume your question here is related to your other thread in General Discussion. If that's the case, then next time please create just 1 topic (thread) regarding it. This way, you're breaking the forum rule #1 - post count bloating and you're generally just pointlessly bloating the forums. If you feel like you've posted in the wrong cathegory, just dont worry about it as we can move your thread, but dont pointlessly create another one. Also try to be more speciffic, the way your post is right now, its kind of hard to understand what are you trying to say. Anyway, since this is not a technical issue, I'll be moving this to General Discussion and I will be locking this as well, since its been answered in the other thread (I assume). In case Im mistaken, just throw me a DM and I can just open the thread again.
  15. As Celine said. I believe that Ark drops a shoe and a weapon blueprint and other dungeons drop blueprints for other parts. It has to be done on Maniac difficulty and their drop rate is pretty low though. Also not sure if it's EP4 or any episode, but sticking to EP4 is the safe bet (especially in the case of Degree, which drops in Ark). And anyway, since the question has been answered, I will be locking here. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask~,
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