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  1. Hello, pretty sure you got the cathegory right, so as to answer your question. It should be possible yes, all you pretty much would need to do is dump your game folder on some flash drive or smth like that and then paste it on your other PC. Errors are to be expected though, so it would probably be better if you did clean install anyway. Though according to the info I've gathered, the issues that appear are one of the common ones these days and after fixing them you should be able to play no problem. With that being said, if you have any speccific error preventing you from playing, try to search the forums (it probably has been solved somewhere already) or if you think not, give me the details of this error (what the error message you get looks like, screen shot is probably the best option here) and I'll try to help. Also keep in mind that if you just transfer the files from 1 PC to another, it will also mean you'll have to download the neccessities from here https://soulworker.to/download/ again as well.
  2. Hi, this problem has already been asked a few times, little searching would net you this answer I made already, try out the steps I've mentioned here and report on your result, some of these should help you fix the issue. Also as this is rather a technical issue, I'll be moving this into General Discussion.
  3. Hi takarym, you said you've completed "the main story line to Dreadful Echo". Does that mean you're done with Dreadful Echo or did you just start it yet? Because in order to be able to obtain the advancement quest, you need to complete the main story quest up to Man-eater Garden I believe is next? (Basically you need to complete all 4 episodes of Dreadful Echo alongside with the main quest). After you do so, there should be a red quest avaiable either at Tenebris (I think it is him for Chii) or Miriam or Martin. Make sure to double check if it's just not hidden behind some other quests, as the quest should most definitely be here.
  4. Hello @Mewnett, as LostSword already said, the game isn't IP blocked by any means and literally everyon with an account can play. As for your friend's issue, that's a very small amount of information to go on. Could you try to describe what exactly is his problem? Any error messages that pop-up during any of it? Also it would be great if you could attach screenshots of these, as it would make things simpler to understand and to identify the problem.
  5. Alright, thanks for clarying. For this issue, there are several fixes you can try, it's pretty much copy-pasted from the pinned message in the discord server. 1) whitelist BSW properly (meaning from your anti-virus and such) 2) delete a random file and client.version and hit verify 3) restart PC 4) redownload through an alternative link (http://www.mediafire.com/file/wdg82oe4wq4q8kt/BurningSW_Setup.exe/file) 5) Try to use a VPN and set to France. If its still stuck, try any region near France (changing downloading region can unstuck it) 6) (optional) As a last resort disable firewall and windows defender and Antivirus and save by restarting pc Think this is about as much as I can provide you with this atm, however some of these steps should fix it (hopefully). It's kinda tricky, but hope it'll work for ya. Edit:// OOF, also now by double posting, you just gave me a reason to warn you - please, don't double post in-between 24 hours, use the edit function instead as it pointlessly bloats the forum and is actually agains our community guidelines, point #1 - post count bloating.
  6. Hello, I don't understand too much what you're trying to say, so, what is the problem? You deleted some files, then you re-installed the game and now, when you open the launcher you get greeted by this screen? (Basically you're stuck on this screen?)
  7. @skysmiley67890 Thanks for reporting, though with visual stuff it would also be good if you could add a screenshot.
  8. I mean, alright then I guess, can't really stop you. But unless you had any important stuff on the account you've forgot your credentials for, you could just play on the one you've made for sending the support ticket as it would probably be the quickest solution. Also as I can't really provide you with any better answer at the moment, so I'll be locking here. For any questions you might have yet, feel free to drop me a message.
  9. In case you mean your in-game account, there is a prompt for that right under the login on the homepage. I assume you at least remember the name you've registered with (the column "Username"), because otherwise it would be impossible to find your account and you'd have to create a new one.
  10. Heya @ZaifSenpai, Asher's response is pretty much the answer for you. The steam version is also the so called "GFSW" or "Gameforge SoulWorker" and that is miles away from the Burning SoulWorker. If you have any questions regarding Burning SoulWorker, feel free to ask here on forums or join our Discord and ask there, but for any Steam SoulWorker support you'll have to ask on their respective forums. Also since this should answer your question, I'll be locking here~. If you would have any quesions yet, feel free to DM me.
  11. Heya, as MJayK said, nor Burning nor any of us here are developers and as this is a work that would require adding something new (developing) it is pretty much out of the reach. Unless KR adds it, there's not much we can do about it. Also as this should answer your question, I'll be locking here .
  12. Alright, as the issue has been resolved, I'll be locking here~
  13. Oof, hard to tell what is your issue then. So, to start off, what do you mean your character disappeared? You had a character in-game and you don't have it anymore? Also if you have Version Check error, you shouldn't have been able to get in, so how do you know that? As to how to solve Version Check error, its kinda tricky, but here's a list of things you could try: 1) Make sure you have the neccesities downloaded 2) Try to delete client.version from your game's folder 3) restart your PC 4) Try to launch the game (hit play first, if it doesn't work, hit verify first, then try to play) 5) If all of the above failed, try to set up a VPN Connection set to France and launch afterwards. 6) Report your results so I or someone else could potentially help you better. Edit:// Also moved to General Support
  14. Alright, will be locking here then~ Also I'll have to ask you to not double post next time as it makes the forums pointlessly bloated and it's against the rules
  15. Sasu

    Help plz

    Right, I edited the link, now it should work. I've messed it up lol (that's what I get for typing it manually). Either way, if that's the case then now you know what to do. As that should resolve your issue, I'll be locking here~ In case you have some more questions, feel free to DM me.
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