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  1. YumiBunny

    Guild level %

    ohh ok XD oh well gonna try to level it up again
  2. YumiBunny

    Guild level %

    Soo the guild i am in was level 2 58% yesterday. but after maintenance it went from Guild Level 2 58% to Level 2 8%?!? erm isit a bug?
  3. Thanks for that checking it out now
  4. isit? my game stuck at the loading screen where its trying to boot up the game
  5. you gotta unlock each episode in normal to play in hard mode or above.
  6. i got blocked for 2 days cause a idiot report me for using megaphone! so if i am unblocked again and i am online and i used megaphone and if he report me what should i do? that doesnt seem fair. i got blocked cause 1 person report me =.= i find it unfair
  7. have you already completed the Main quest and didnt accept the new main quest?
  8. hmm i am not sure if everyone understand shortcut plus there are tons of words which i say doesnt have shortcut XD
  9. Argh is there anyway to increase the chat box system length? as in when i chat i keep on have to create a few sentence and its kinda annoying. For example Hello Everyone whatssuppp?? anyone doing dung- Anyone doing dungeon? so yeah how can increase the normal chat and the megaphone chat length? i got blocked for 2 days when i use megaphone cause i cannot type everything in 1 megaphoneeeee
  10. So i am playing Chii And i got this special abilites...i am not sure how it work
  11. I have no idea why i cant drag this skill to the hotkey. i cant even use the skill at all. is there anyway to fix this problem?
  12. may i ask when we will the server be up and how would we know if the server is up? @.@
  13. same i know righttt i was in a maniac mission and i took me awhile
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