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  1. It's a weird crash, the client closes by itself with no apparent errors and only in those specific conditions I described, for the rest the client works fine. However I have reported this phenomenon hoping that in the future it can be solved.
  2. As the title suggests, I would like to underline this strange behavior of the client, I monitored and reproduced the phenomenon for about 2 months and it happens to me in two specific cases. 1) In Gruttin World: normally I finish the tour in 2:30 minutes and remain 2:00, if I start running around on the map without stopping, the game closes and returns to the desktop. If I leave the map before 1:00, it doesn't happen. 2) Inventory and bank: if I transfer some items from the inventory to the bank with a double click, after a few clicks the client closes, if instead I select the object -> right click -> deposit, the client works normally. Given that this problem has appeared approximately since Xigncode was removed I wonder if it's not the client interprets my actions like a bot and closes by itself.
  3. Thank you all. Yesterday I got 8% boss damage and 6% penetration so I'll start trying +10 and then I will roll the 3 remaining stats. I have enough materials to try the +10 several times, I've been collecting them for months :)
  4. Hi everyone, I need some advice on how to optimize the roll of weapon stats before taking it to +10... it's an AOV for Chii. Currently my goal is to reach: 6% penetration, 8% damage to the boss, >1400 crit damage. I saw that with the +10 weapon you get two more statistics, I imagine random and I would like to get %crit and %atk speed. What is the most optimal way to roll stats and waste less EC (energy converter)? 1) I roll the three above perfect, I do the +10 and I continue to roll the remaining two (always if possible) or 2) I do the +10 and roll after all? How many statistics can I block during the roll if the weapon has 5 attributes? Two or more?
  5. Thank you very much, then I will provide a critical roll and shorter cooldown, leaving the crit damage last, I hope to finish it as soon as possible.
  6. Excuse me so much, I made a mistake: obviously I meant shorter cooldown and not penetration, I was wrong. The set I'm trying to perfect is the AOV set, for now I'm not doing HH; I will face it as soon as the current one is finished. The piece in question is the boots, rolling 1 at a time I got: 1) Shorter cooldown 4% 2) Crit Damage 540 I miss the crit % that doesn't come out. should I then reroll everything until crit comes out first or continue to use the 4 ECs until crit % comes out?
  7. Hello everyone, I ask for advice: I would like to roll the statistics of each piece of my equipment good (crit >=5%, penetration=4% and critical damage>=500) now I have two out of three, what is the most efficient solution? 1) block the two already reached and use 4 EC every attempt to get the third one missing or 2) Should I use 4 attempts to launch 4 times in a row hoping to get all 3 together? Currently I have done some tests on boots: I have blocked penetration 4% and critic damage over 500, I would need % crit (at least 5%); every day l make glutton coin and I get bp to use 4 EC per day, in 9 rolls I obtained: Evade +21 Evade +23 Max HP +5011 Attacck +121 Attack +123 Defense +186 Attack +104 XP from Enemy + 8% Accuracy +33 I have inspected the other players and have all the perfect statistics, I've used 36 EC so far, should I continue like this or is there a more efficient method? Is there any order to respect? Perhaps as a third line the % critical is not shown in the boots? (ex. in the boots should the critic be on the first or second line?) Is there an order for each piece? (ex. on the helmet there is more probability that the critic goes out as first stat and the others to follow?)
  8. These two cards have the same effect (as on the screen) so assuming that the one on the left is correct (20% of crit rate) the one on the right should be the improved version so it should give 25% of crit rate and not damage
  9. The same thing happened to me: to be precise, the fashion sword of my Chii disappeared after finishing the advancement's quest
  10. I confirm that sounds are changed. New sounds are weird, low volume and completely differents. I saw many video on korean version 1.4 and didn't changed.
  11. My future build Is still strong
  12. Question: is possible use Leona and Sedurin? Effects stacks?
  13. In-game character name: Ransie Character class: Chii Aruel Image title: Sexy bunny Description: Do you wanna check my tail?
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