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  1. On other versions there is a costume called Spa cats or Sexy Maid depending on version. I loved the Animal ears for lily and want to get them again for here but I don't know if they are a seasonal purchase, limited time or special reward. If anyone knows how, where and when I can get them that would be great. I don't mind if its zenni or Bcoin/play or game market. Cheers.
  2. So simple question but is there a cap on the movement speed you can get, trying to gimmick my Chii with max movement speed, so far 154-180% on stats. And is there like a hard cap I.E says 200% but in mechanics can only go to 150%? Cheers
  3. I think thats more for the other versions, in bsw im still getting drops at over 10lvls above the mobs. Pretty sure it is because of the faster lvling rate here, to balance it out.
  4. Tbh I grinded so much on that mission that I am lvl 45 on the character now so yeah well over the 10 lvl. Is it guaranteed not to drop if over 10 lvl or just reduced? Cheers for the info.
  5. Good to know I am not the only one ha, still glad you got one eventually.
  6. Been farming NED Ep4 for this card for ages now and neither me nor my partner have been able to get it to drop. Is it just really bad rng, is it bugged or does it just have a really low drop rate? Pretty sure still should drop there on this version. And pls no "that card is trash dont worry about it' msg, we like it and want it
  7. I use an Xbox controller and dont have any issue with the run. As people have said its just double tap to run, but I am pretty sure you can set up hotkey auto run. I would suggest just playing around with scheme to find something that works. But if that fails do what my misses does, have a wireless keyboard and mix it up....seems to work well enough for her. But other than that BSW dont direct control over this issue so it wo't happy prob,.
  8. Cheers. Don't supose you know what the new stats are for the skills then or any play that has the translated info?
  9. I know many people say its trash but I like it, however just got the powershot the lvl 2 and its still only firing 2 shots not the stated 3. Wasnt gonna put another upgrade in it for the 4 shots but now thinking I might need to to see if that fixes it or bite a bullet and try a skill reset on it. Should I do that or any other way I can try to fix it?
  10. I dont find Jin that easy, But Iris, lily Chii are easy and get high combos.
  11. So just a quick question, can you get brooch punchers any other way than the premium store? Like in game, events, gifted? Cheers.
  12. So I had a few issues after the update. Most have been fixed now but 2 remain that I noticed. 1. On haru some of her attack animation seem delayed with their activation to impact. This is only for blade quake and wall. 2. Is hidden Kain attack seems bugged that after about 4sec he stops dealing damage and only starts again just as he disappears. Anyone else got these 2 issues, for the most they arent a big deal just a lil annoying.
  13. I don't know if I am the only one but after the update I have been getting really bad lag. Checked my connection and everything thing is okay, and can play other games fine.
  14. So wait is the Jap pack download just for the GF version or can i get it for BuringSW? I played the Japanese version first and loved the voices so would be so great the hear them again.
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