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  1. I already got the answer from someone long time ago but thank you anyway! @Sasu
  2. As stated, I'm kinda confused about the new changes about orb. It's stated in the patch note that Empyream II and Lunar Soulbreaker will be tradable. But what about the Empyream I and Burning soulbreaker?
  3. I got it too but I hope Burning is gonna fix it. Just pray!
  4. How do we access that? I can access it in awhile ago but now when I talk to the guild manager nothing pops up. Why? R there particular things I need to do to access it?
  5. When's the maid skin released?
  6. I'm now planning to buy the Chiffon costume or the blooming costume for Iris but now I have a question. How do we know if which costume is dyeable? Is this 2 costume dyeable too?
  7. Never participated in any event(cuz I just started) but here I go! Name: Venus Flarioss (a boy) Age: 16-18 (175cm) Background Story: Venus was born into a normal family, having a medium-sized house, medium income and a well structured family having his parents and 9 year old little sister, Neptune Flarioss, with him. Their father's first name was Nasa and their mom's last name is Flarioss. Nasa's name always resembles space (as in Nasa, the space exploration company or something), so their family always loved astronomy. One day, they planned to go star-seeing on a tall mountain but on their way up there, a drunk driver hit them and they fell down the hill. His parent died from the 50m blow but luckily enough, his sister and him survived by falling onto a pond. Waking up to know his parents have left him, he cried so hard and was filled with rage, he tried to sue and take revenge on the driver but the driver happened to be from a very rich family who have connection with the police so they turn a blind eye on him. Filled with despair and rage upon this unfair world. Venus locked himself in a room while his sister was taken care by his aunt. Worried, her sister came knocking on the door when he quickly opened and shouted 'get the **** out! I don't want to talk to anybody!". Looking down and seeing his sister cries, he calmly hugged her and tell her to come in. She cries and cries until she speak in a very soft voice," I just want to comfort you! I don't want you to be alone anymore! I'm here for you, okay? Let's try our best! So please.... Don't let yourself suffer anymore than this". Venus world sparks brightly again, he had a new resolve, he's going to fight for his only beloved little sister, he's going to protect her with all he got, he's going to break through every obstacle just for her (it's brotherly love, plz don't misunderstand). His aunt then attend him into a local high school. He wanted to show his sister he won't be pathetic anymore, he's going to be the best living human in the world, and 3 month after entering the school, he got 1st place on every subject, won every competition, and was complimented by almost everyone around him. Holding 3 gold medals from a national competition, he quickly ran home to tell all his relative what he accomplished through his hardwork. They are waiting for him, they are waiting to celebrate the important occasion. He ran straight to the house, in front of the gate there, are his relatives waving their hand at him and most importantly, his sister running from the front door towards him. He was smiling when everything turned black. A black orb of darkness appeared, taking away his only resolves in living. His sister, screaming painfully, vanished into the Void along with his relatives. He stood still, everything he have ever done for his sister, for his precious relatives, came into his mind as a flashback. His eye turned blank, why am I here? What I'm fighting for just disappeared into that thing, so what am I living for now? I have been breaking and piercing through every obstacle, be it education, hardship, work, competition, I even keep my bottled up feeling of sorrow for my parent's death to keep my sister from worrying about me. Now what? He thinks as he burst into tear and anger, picking a bamboo stick nearby and pierce it straightly into the void, hoping he could pass this obstacle once more.... Personality: Before the void, he was a very hardworking and diligent person, fighting for his sister. He is really caring and kind, and he's also really smart. But after he fell down from the void, he is very caring and hardworking, or emotionless, nonebetween. It's because he doesn't remember what happened before the void, but his last 2 thoughts was, "why do I need to fight anymore?" and "I'm going to break this obstacle and save everyone!". He do remember one more thing, that he has a precious little sister. When he fights, he always think of other before him, but will become enrage in the middle of the fight if something reminded him of his sister's cruel death or someone provoke him of his uselessness when facing the void. Weapon: Spear (manifested from the desire to pierce through any obstacles in his way) Subweapon/ability: He has the ability to create astral projection of his spear (he has this because of his desires to make his goal real) Advancement Weapon: A Glaive Like: Salty food, good joke, kind people, things that reminded him of his sister's kindness (he remembers it slightly but he's happy anyway), playing with kids, astronomy. Dislike: Provocative people, SoulJunk (of course), lazy people, bitter and sour food, unfairness Hobbies: Reading books, participate in competition, do housework and cooking, astronomy Outfit: If u want the original school costume then a black pant and white shirt with long striped black&white neckties. Black shoes too. For new ideas, a blue torn jeans with a belt (or maybe not). Grey crew neck with the sleeves pulled to the elbow. A braver on both of his elbow to his hand. He also wears an amulet which resembles his sister always being in his heart. His hairstyle is undercut with a long messy black hair covering his forehead. U can try searching for "undercut black haired anime" if u can't picture what I wrote. Advancement Outfit: He wears a red long sleeved T-shirt with a black cloak on his shoulder. Now his hair has a clip on the left side, a shape of spear, and his hair becomes a little bit more neat, looks smarter. His spear becomes a glaive. Quotes: Meeting Kain "OH! It's that wolf! Didn't I give you a beating? You came here to be my practice dummy?". Meeting Mad Edgar: "I just met you and I know I don't like you.... Let's end this quickly, I don't want to see that rigged face of yours! Meeting Catherine: "You remind me of my little sister, and I won't let someone precious to me die ever again! I'm going to protect you! Meeting Henry: "Yo, Brook told me to come see you After Henry spilling some nonsense about him being great: "You reeks of confidence, but what can you really do with those? You're just a rich pile of meat with a little authority of the NED" After Catherine dies: "No.... Not again..... (scream painfully) why do this keep happening to me!? Henry.... I'm going to pierce you down with this spear, just you wait!!" To the 4 Vesi commander: "You are a great fighter, but you lack emotions, and that's why you can't win" To Blood Scar: "You think sacrificing your pride and getting yourself a little boost will help? Haha, you're worthless, let me dispose of you." To Abel: "I know you want to meet Shion, she's precious to you, but I don't want you to witness a tragedy like me again, so please, just let her rest. To Shion: "I'm sorry, but I can't risk getting my precious friends killed again." Resolution: Perseverance Main Colour Scheme: Mostly black and some other dark colors. Fighting style: Venus is using a spear, so he can attack enemies at mid-range and because of his astral projection, some of his skills can also attack far away. He needs a good position for most of his skills to hit efficiently. He also has a lot of skill to increase his dmg output. Basically he revolves around buffing damage and increase dmg dealt to enemies. Some of my ideas for the buff skills, soul attack and passive are: Buff Skill: By empowering your spear, the next skill will inflict a weakened state buff which reduces the enemies defense by 10% (increase by 5% per upgrade and the last upgrade gives you another 10%, so 40% at max level). The buff lasts for 10 sec and the debuff last for another 10 sec. 45 cool down. Passive: Whenever his SF bar is full, his next skill will deal 50% more dmg, but will also consume 25% more SF. Soulattack(right click) : he impales the enemy and inflict them with a bleeding buff, making them slowed, reduced dmg by 20% and deals 20% dmg per sec for 5 sec. (Upgrading it will increase the buff by 15% per lvl) Ultimate, Vengeance: He empowers himself, creating a big astral spirit holding a spear behind him, which will attack whenever he uses a skill or do a basic attack. Now he deals 200% dmg more on his basic attack and the spear will deal 50% dmg whenever he does a basic attack. If he uses a skill, the astral spirit will buff that skill dmg by 40% and reduce the enemies defense by 20%. Lasts for 10 sec. (on each upgrade, everything increase by 25% except the reduced defense debuff, which increase by 5% per level. Nova Skill, Anger of the Venus: Upon using he calls thousands of astral spear in the air and forms them into a ballshape, representing the planet Venus. He then pulls them down, dealing continuous dmg on the enemies in the vicinity. This skill leaves a large area of fire, and enemies in the area will be slowed by 30% and will receive 30% more dmg. That's all! Thanks for reading and I hope you like it!
  8. When's that cominggggg I'm about the buy an Iris costume (between chiffon and sacred referee) and I may buy this maid skin too!
  9. @211Rudens yep I just saw the post, apparently my phone was a little slow. But thank you anyway!
  10. After the update (around 21 MB), I can't get into the game. I try clicking the log in button but nothing happens for a while, then a pop-up said that the server has been disconnected. There's no problem with my computer and internet too. Is anyone having the same problem?
  11. Do costume in this game changes the particle effect of skills? Or are they the same? And a question for Iris main, what costume did you get for her? (just for references )
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