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  1. peqpie

    +10 Bug Outcome(?)

    Yes, some players did get an advantage from the bug. However, as the entire event was still shrouded in a lot of confusion. A lot of players did in fact, get it by accident. This makes it not bug abuse but a simple case of coincidentally doing the right thing at the right time. (luck) Yes there were of course some who did see their chance and abused it. However there is no way to tell them apart from the ones who got the item by accident. So in order to avoid further issues we decided to leave it as it is (rollbacks come with a lot of problems of their own). Bug abuse is knowingly taking advantage of a fault in the games design. This was not the case for most people because we took down the server as soon as it became known.
  2. peqpie

    +10 Bug Outcome(?)

    @Toyo As you state, there were indeed a few players who managed to get +10 in one or two tries because of a bug with the enhancement system. There was no bug abuse, at the time we did not yet know what was going on. After we noticed this discrepancy the server was taken offline until the issue was fixed. We never did a rollback after this issue was fixed. So essentially, yes the few players who managed to enhance their weapon in this time frame were indeed simply, lucky.
  3. peqpie


    -moving to general support as it is a question, not a discussion- @Ryuu-chanTo log in to the game you need a game ID which you can create on the soulworker.to homepage. Your forum account (the one you are using right now to make this thread) can not be used to log in to the game! just click the "register now" button and follow the steps.
  4. peqpie

    New Character: Chii Aruel?

    Please keep the language used in the forums professional. We do not support this kind of talk here. Consider this a warning
  5. peqpie

    Referral Questions.

    Allright! glad it worked itself out. -now since the issue has already been resolved i'll be locking this-
  6. peqpie

    Can't trade costume

    OOooooohhhhwwwwww now i understand what you did. Ok yeah then everything is correct after all. I'm afraid you'll have to make a ticket in account support for this then. It can take a while before your ticket will get tended to though. Use the form at the top of the account support page and give as much information as you can!
  7. peqpie

    Can't trade costume

    @MasterFetus How did you craft it for a different class? I'f i'm not mistaken it automatically adapts to the class you crafted it with. If you crafted it on char X and sent it to char Y and now can't open it just send it back to char X and open it with them. And then sell it. Right? Or am i missing something here...
  8. peqpie

    Doesnt show teleportation icon (Azin)

    -Moving to general support as it is already a know and well documented bug- He has the black name bug. Support is being given in the official discord at this moment.
  9. peqpie


    Yep! Noxial is right, there is no sub option. And it is unlikely there will be one anytime soon. -as this was not a bug i'll move this to general support and since the question has been answered i will lock the thread too- Have a nice day!
  10. peqpie

    Mac Address Error

    All right! glad to hear that, if Sully would be here now i'm sure she'd say "you are welcome!" -now as the issue has been resolved, I will close this thread- Cheers!
  11. peqpie

    Can't trade costume

    @MasterFetus is your inventory full by any chance?
  12. peqpie

    Can't trade costume

    Hello @MasterFetus How do you mean, you can not unpack it from the bag? You mean there is no "use" option available? What costume is it?
  13. peqpie

    Server getting delay

    Hello @Vanguisher To fix an issue like this, we would have to place servers in South East Asia, which is most likely not going to happen as we have nor the budget nor the manpower to do this. Games like League Of Legends and PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds are run by huge corporations and backed by even larger player bases. They have top of the line servers in multiple parts of the world. (Though even they get connection issues, Australia for example has around 100ping by default. The internet simply is not perfect.) We at Burning SoulWorker do not have this liberty. You CAN however, improve your connection if you use a VPN connection to France. The effect this has is different for everyone, sometimes it improves by a lot and sometimes barely any improvement is seen. It is worth a try though!
  14. peqpie

    No image :(

    Hello @Nemesis Please don't make multiple threads about the same issue. It is not allowed as stated in the forum rules. I have merged all your posts for now. As for the issue, try disabling antialiasing in the game's options menu.
  15. peqpie


    @Bust3rOne please do not post multiple posts in a row. If you would like to add something please just edit your previous post. I have merged your posts for now. All right! I'm sure that if Vorpal and Kuuyo would say "you are welcome"! -since the issue has been resolved I will lock the thread- Cheers!