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  1. peqpie

    I have a problem creating the new character

    Hello @Michele It is frowned upon in a lot of communities yes, however in this case no one can blame you since you do it in order to fix an issue. (plus most people here have multiple accounts anyways it seems) Also when it seems that when your account creates the character successfully once, it doesn't happen again. We are working on a fix for this though, with highest priority! It just takes time, and we don't know how much.
  2. peqpie

    How to get full progress?

    Hello@laihuyha As sully said, you have to do the same dungeons multiple times. Every time you do a dungeon you get a little bit of progress. You can see the progress bar fill up at the screen you get after you defeat a boss. There are a total of 5 bars you can fill up with each bar you will get a reward.
  3. peqpie

    Item lost

    Hello @pixeltm This fix works 99% of the time when an item is lost. Empty the entire inventory where the lost item was located first. Then follow these steps: 1.Sort 5 times 2.Relog 3.Sort 5 times 4.Remove any random items that came back Repeat these steps 5 times or until the item is retrieved. In case you still do not have the level up box after trying this; i would advise you to open a ticket in account support here.
  4. peqpie

    Chii Aruel's Free Costume

    Hello @FairyQueen As of now it is not a planned feature, no. locking here!
  5. peqpie

    server disconnect

    Hello @skysmiley67890 Sadly we cannot provide any estimate for this it could take another 2 hours it could take another 20 it all depends on if we face any issues (we most likely will) and how bad they are.
  6. I took a day off from everything else so i could enjoy today to the fullest!
    Who else is hyped??

  7. peqpie

    Resolution Issue

    Hmmm that is very strange... Unless.. Have you finished the tutorial yet? The game starts in a town called Rocco Town where you will be met by lots of other players as well. Everything that happens before you get there is part of the tutorial/introduction. I don't quite remember but it could very well be that some options are grayed out because of the tutorial. This would also explain the progress loss issues you have been facing.
  8. peqpie

    Resolution Issue

    Hello @ScarlettDL First, do not post multiple posts in a row. If you would like to add something please just edit your previous post. I will merge your posts for now. Now, your options should be right here... esc>options>game>scroll down note that the options you are given in the character select menu are different from the ones you have in-game.
  9. peqpie

    Resolution Issue

    Hello @ScarlettDL So it continuously changes your settings back to a tiny resolution (i presume 800x600?) you have tried editing the settings both in-game and using the .ini file? You are sure the file is properly edited? (save changes, close the file then reopen it right after without starting the game to check) Judging from your post you seem to know your war around computers so i'm sure your answer is yes to all of these questions, but just double checking. Hm, I have a feeling this is gonna be a tough one. I have 3 ideas for now; 1 Change your screens resolution to a lower more conventional one and try again. (like 1920x1080 or 1280x1024) Not permanently, just to see if the problem originates from this. 2 See if you can edit the .ini file again, then save it but don't close it and launch the game. If i'm not mistaken it should not be able to be edited by anything else while you leave it open. 3 Try and install the game in another location (preferably another drive partition aswell) to see if this helps.
  10. peqpie

    Can't login

    Hello @Fir3Gam4r Do you still have the issue? By any chance does it say anything regarding MAC address as well?
  11. -since this topic is about a bug and not a guide i will move it to the bugs section- Hello @Setsuko I don't remember hearing any other complaints about this, I shall investigate it later today. You are saying it is only with the "range increased" extension? Does it happen 100% of the time? Or only sometimes. i know for a fact that the meteor one doesn't show up often but still does damage (almost) every time.
  12. peqpie

    New Character: Chii Aruel?

    @The Sexy Lord We can not produce our own content only the developers (Liongames) can. The best we can do are a few small edits, re-skins and tweaks. We simply host this server, we don't develop the game. I do agree that we need another male character though.
  13. -since the question was already answered before in its Spanish counterpart i will lock this thread- Hello@chiilovu As i previously stated in your Spanish post, we never provide any estimates regarding the release dates of updates. I appreciate your intrest and excitement but it really was not necessary to ask a second time. There is no need to apologize by the way, it just creates unnecessary posts. If you really feel the need to, please do it in a private message. Have a pleasant day! -peqpie
  14. -as it is a question that we will not answer, and written in a language other then English i will lock this thread- Hello @chiilovu First and foremost, as stated in common rule one of the community guidelines the language to be spoken on this forum is English and English only. Continued failure to comply will result in restrictions being put on your account. As for your question, we do not provide estimations for any of our updates so this won't be answered. Sorry, but that's simply how it is. Have a nice day!
  15. peqpie

    can't log in the game

    -moving to general support as it is not a discussion- Hello @jefkeuu That is strange, maybe your ad blocker/popup blocker is a bit too aggressive? Try to turn those off and try again. You can also try and open the link using another browser.