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  1. Hey @Hamadosan2123 i finally got around to updating the download try this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IOMG7u1f_24DkHXwh3symql7O3GwWhb7 It is the current version, though since i deleted the screenshots folder and character data folder (cus, privacy and stuff) you might still need to verify.
  2. -moving to general support as it is not a bug- Tell me if it works for you @Chessy These are all new issues due to the recent update, so reliable ways to fix them are much needed! Cheers!
  3. yay! 500 posts!

  4. -as the creator's question has been answered i will lock this thread- No problem! Have a nice day!
  5. peqpie

    cant log in

    -server restart fixed the issue, hence i will close this thread- Have a nice day everyone!
  6. - i read you already fixed it on another thread, hence i will close this thread- For anyone stumbling across this here is a link to the other thread about the issue: Have a nice day everyone!
  7. -server restart fixed it so i will close this thread- Have a nice day y'all!
  8. Allright! Keep me updated on how it goes. After some research i did find that this error can be caused by an outdated or malfunctioning version of DirectX People seemed to experience it with DirectX on windows 7 in particular. So i'd say try to remove DirectX and reinstall.
  9. Hello @Pumn Yeah i'm afraid you will have to pick another one. (or double check if you don't accidentally have a space or something in there) The thing is, the name creator has a filter over it that filters bad words but its from korea so its a bit weird. It filters things like "ero" from "Xerogan" for example but somehow it thinks a nickname like "boobs" is fine. I'm not sure what it is trying to filter out in this case, im not very well versed in these innuendos and such so... In any case, it won't work. Apologies!
  10. -since the question has been answered i will lock this thread- Ah, so mac adres error it was! Glad you managed to fix it. (btw, your signature broke it seems) Have a nice day everyone!
  11. Hello! @Acolyte You are most likely using the wrong login to login to your game. Keep in mind you need to use your game ID to log in. Which you can make on the https://www.soulworker.to homepage. Do NOT use your forum account! (the one you are using right now to post here is your forum account) If this doesnt work try to delete the "general.ini" file from your game folder and run without verifying. On a side note: please use the forums search feature next time. This issue is extremely common and its fix is well documented already.
  12. Hello! @Kevoltary-Qin We do not have a feature that makes people unable to login form different locations. So it has to be something else. Could you please elaborate on what kind of error your friend is getting? A screenshot would be helpful as well.
  13. -locking topic on request of creator- Have a nice day everyone!
  14. Hello! @Hamadosan2123 Maybe it helps if we kickstart it. I have a manual download but it is an older version of the game. (I am planning to update it, just haven't had the time yet) Try to manually download it using this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oZRX0VUnIFfyLHqjDeXE1JplHv-LRZDg After downloading start "launcher.exe" and let it update. If it doesn't update or doesnt work after, delete a random data file from the datas folder and click verify. Of course do all this along with the aforementioned precautions such as disabling firewall etc.
  15. Hello! @memogamer Have you read the FAQ and tried some of the solutions in there?
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