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  1. How Do I send others invite to the game to get B coins? im not sure how it works
  2. I had some cruel offensive mean this whispered to me on soul worker for unknown reasons. I was playing as my Lilly (GanishaNiko) and start a megaphone for help in DH that's when the user saberCaeser started to call me weak and start to swearing at I asked them why he was talking toxic to me out of nowhere, at the moment I never knew how to block or mute players the the comments kept on coming I megaphone for helping on blocking or mute, I wasn't trying to start drama and I very offend by what he said much, until he started sending threats they when I drew the line and asked one of my friends for help on an other user they say I should right this form and maybe it would stop this person from talking toxic to other players. I hope action will be made as I dont want to be threat to kill myself.
  3. I love the art that was sent I was wrong about chii's soulforce XD
  4. is it possible to rest ranking?
  5. I think not I spend money on fixing T-T
  6. Ok, where do I even start. this is not a complaint but a confusion, we first get this megaphone in read to say hiyo (ok seem fun and why not) next we all comet to D6 to DIE. over and over over (I guess d6 means die 600 times for HH) but what this for though XD
  7. Dear Sully( whatever staff is seeing this) I as a player noticed some lv 60-65 have a trail weapon that deal 11150 damage from the mail I then hit lv 60 and did not recive such a thing so then I hit lv 65 getting carried by other player with this weapon. after hitting level 65 I still recive nothing I ask other player about and they said it was from an event from before. I shrug it off then and start to grind to get this weapon the hard way. but after sparing some time to help NEW players to the game hit lv 60 they obtained this trial weapon after seeing what they had gotten that I was told to be an event object provoked me to send this complaint. hope you take this in to consideration( please do not ban me)
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