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  1. Nothing did it for me sadly. I can do special jump attacks but the mouse one didn't work. P.S. For future references setting the VPN service to France works like magic.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply. I'll try that! Although I can jump and attack separately just fine, I hope it's a linkage issue. Yes, that's the error. I use a different one so I'll check it out.
  3. [Attack Bug] I recently downloaded the game and made a Lily character, but since the tutorials I couldn't preform a Jump Attack. I thought it's a glitch in the tutorials but I'm level 15+ and I can't do some quests that require this movement because it doesn't work, whenever I press jump the mouse click doesn't show. I tried pressing them together, one after the other, the other way around but the move isn't working. (I use my keyboard and mouse-pad as the main input controls, but I tried my Joystick just in case and the Jump+Attack still didn't work.) [Server Error Bug] Since downloading it happens every session, that the game just stops working and shows a server error and then shuts down on it's own. The time until the game shuts varies, sometimes it takes a couple of minutes and other 2h+. (I tried solutions I found on the internet such as deleting the file "general.ini" or not using the verify option before playing but to no use nothing changed.
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