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  1. SERVER ONLINE During today maintenance we are adding a brand new mechanism to obtain the missing 10 HH Ticket entries, you can learn more about it here:
  2. SERVER ONLINE We're performing our weekly maintenance to introduce changes, fixes and stability to our servers. There's no ETA on how long it's going to take, please remain patient. You can get more info here:
  3. SERVER ONLINE Today the staff team will be performing a stability maintenance to the game servers, in order to optimize the player experience. Please await until it finishes, there's no ETA on how long it will take. An announcement at our Discord server will be done once we're back online!
  4. SERVER ONLINE Doing weekly maintenance routines today, as well adding a new game change. Check it out here:
  5. Event active until 14/06/2019 Required level 25 Welcome to the uprearing social network on Cloudream! A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. Collect #selfies from your favorite SoulWorkers and exchange them for goodies at Lucy! Obtain them by killing monsters around your level during the different days of the week. Take note! If you're using the according character the drop chance increases by 25% During the event period, a random special reward will be given to every player that stays connected for 90 minutes each day (one character per account). Do not lose the rhythm! This new social network will not remain active on its own. The possible rewards might be:
  6. SERVER ONLINE Today we are performing a server maintenance in order to keep the server stability and performance. Since the release of Flare Horizon the population of Burning SoulWorker has been massive, we did never expect so much popularity. Our brand new and powerful server machines have been put under a huge stress test and they do need some relief now. Alongside doing the server stability maintenance tasks, a new translation patch is going to be applied. And more important, The Thing will be activated. Every day at 9PM Server Time.
  7. Ver 1.3 Flare Horizon General Discussion Thread This thread has been opened in order to centralize all discussions, questions and comments related to the update. Therefore, please don't create more threads related to the same topic in any other section of the forum. You can obtain more information of our new update in the following thread
  8. New account support! The long and awaited update to our support system is finally here! Today we're pleased to introduce our new ticket based account support system. From now on we're deprecating our old support system using the forums, we have learned in the hard way that's using our forum to keep track of the tickets, it's inefficient and unreliable. For a brand new built in-house ticket system, it will help you to get in touch with the administration team with ease and get fast responses. It has been designed around the idea of a powerful tool with intuitive access. All tickets are going to be replied within 24 hours by our administration team, it is a private communication between you and the staff only. You can assist your account issues and/or report users there. There's no limit on how many tickets you can have open, neither the amount of responses you can send to a ticket until it's closed. How to access the new support We made it easy to access and use, it's simply as: Login into your affected account at our main website (https://soulworker.to/) Click on Support on the navigation bar. Do you want to create a ticket? On the ticket panel click on Create Ticket Write a short but concise ticket tile and explain your problem, and as always the more details the better! Solve the reCaptcha and Submit the ticket If you have any questions, or suggestions, don't doubt to reach our staff team!
  9. Maintenance has finished and no rollback has been needed! After the massive database failure we had this morning we've been working non-stop, and finally the server is back online and working as intended. We have made the decision to not rollback the game progress since we believe it wouldn't compensate for the few hours that the issue was live. ◤ MISSING QUEST ITEMS If you're missing a quest item please create an account ticket with the following structure: If you are missing multiple items do use one ticket for all of them, just append new answers to it, ◤ MISSING OTHER ITEMS If you're missing another type of items (double check you're actually missing them), you can create a ticket with the following structure and we'll try to restore it if possible: ◤ NEW CHARACTER, NO ITEMS This is the most complicated issue to tackle, since when a character is created there's a lot db events that might have halted (potentially in different ways for each one). So the best solution we can come up with it's to delete and create the character again, since they're fresh characters that couldn't even finish the tutorial there's no sacrifices there. We'll be hard at work on those tickets in the following days, keep calm if we don't answer them immediately, we're still working on the renewal of our support system, that should come soon, so stay tuned for that! A small compensation has been sent to all the accounts, please check it at [System Mail] on [HEMS]
  10. Server online - Extraordinary maintenance Dear SoulWorkers, Around 04:00 AM server time we did experience a massive database failure on our server cluster, those servers are under technical investigation right now. We need to figure out what did cause this failure, fix it and then investigate what damage has caused to the game. At this moment we don't contemplate a rollback. More information will be added throughout the day, feel free to hang out with our staff on Discord to get more details on how this advances. Keep in mind that it's not going to be a short maintenance.
  11. Hello Soulworkers! Today is a very special day for us, it has been a year since we gave the first step on this adventure. An adventure where we have seen many faces, some of them familiar from the server start, some of them joined us recently, but it doesn't matter. Because each one of you is an important piece of Burning SoulWorker. It hasn't been a walk in the park for us: the infamous party bug, the annoying issue of cut-scenes with no voices, the mysterious Korean red letters, and a long list of problems we have surfaced during this year. We couldn't had made past it without you. Our main motivation to keep going. Everyone on the staff would like to thank you for being with us, supporting the server on our lowest and our highest moments. Thank you for bringing to life Burning Soulworker! In order to celebrate this endearing date during this whole weekend we're going to have a double experience and double drop event, moreover we're hosting unique forum events with unprecedented prizes! Check them [here] . Stay tuned on Discord for in-game events! And, login anytime during this weekend to receive an amazing anniversary present on Monday! And last but not least, we would like to have a very important announcement. We couldn't be here today without someone we didn't think we would find out a year ago. Someone who has helped us since the very first days, who's been taking care of the server when we slacked off, someone beloved by our community. That's no one else than @Sully! Today she's officially joining us as a part of the Burning SoulWorker staff, with the Community Manager role!
  12. SERVER ONLINE  During today's maintenance we will implement the Halloween event, setup the Halloween Item Mall sale and welcome a brand new set, the Demon set. Visit the following link for more information:
  13. Patch index ● Demon Lord Costume ● Halloween Item Mall sale ● Halloween Event The Demon Lord costume will be available in Item Mall from now on for all the characters. Now, you will have the opportunity to liberate your inner demon power! Price: 9.800 Gesture: Onmyoji Available for All the characters Visit our Item Mall to find many Halloween-themed items! The TRICKorTREAT! avatar set, and new spooky furniture for your house! Don't lose the opportunity to look like an evil and cute witch, an elegant vampire or a scary zombie! Price: 6.750 The Halloween Item Mall sale ends at 7/11/2018 The Halloween event finally starts! Get ready to kill zombie hoards and obtain amazing rewards, visit the following link for more information!
  14. Technical Maintenance Today we're going to perform a technical maintenance to our server infrastructure, the downtime is expected to be a minimum of 6 hours. Potentially much longer (12~24+ hours). The maintenance is going to address the issues with the huge latency in game that's been those last weeks, noticeably a lot more after the Altar of Ashes update. Please be patient!
  15. RECOVERY OF MISSING ITEMS FROM THE MARKETPLACE Hello SoulWorker! Have you lost items because of the marketplace issues? If so, your items are recoverable! Following the next steps should solve it: You need to move all of your items to the bank, i.e you lost a weapon, clean entirely the Normal inventory. If you have items that cannot be stored, make sure to sort your inventory, and move those to the last slots. Log out and enter again to your character, your items should be back Repeat it multiple times to ensure all your items are back METHOD DIDN'T WORK, WHAT TO DO Do you still miss some items? In that case you need to create an account ticket [HERE] and provide the following details: Ticket Title: Lost marketplace items You need to provide an exact item name of what's been lost. All your items will be recovered manually, it's going to take a while, so please be patient!
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