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  1. SERVER ONLINE It has been a while since we used this section to do the maintenances announcements. We did kinda forget to be honest. Anyway, today we're doing our (not so) weekly maintenance! We're introducing a new patch and doing basic maintenance to the servers, you can learn more of the patch there: Besides the patch we've been working on some security tools to fight hackers and glitch abusers on the game, we don't endorse it and we're going to punish everyone who hacks. The moderators from today on they are going to be able to monitor the game logs, and see database statistics to catch them. Again, we have zero tolerance against hackers. Even though if someone does help us fixing the exploits/bugs/hacks we might be benevolent, and even give a prize/award for it! So you better think twice about what are you going to do There's no ETA on how long might take the maintenance, so please be patient! If you have any question you can ask us directly on our Discord Server.
  2. Burning

    23/03/2018 - Emergency maintenance

    BANK ISSUE FIXED We have changed the individual bank inventories to account shared bank inventories. Compensation Few of you're going to miss your wasted bank tickets, so we're sending 22 x [Bank Expansion Ticket] to everyone. If you want to claim a refund for your old bank expansion tickets please create a ticket on our Account Support forum (click here). But Burning! I still miss some items! Since we have fused all your bank-related inventories an item overlap (different items on the same slot) it's likely to happen. To fix this issue you have to: Login to your character. Clean your bank (Remove all your items from here) Logout from your character Repeat from step 1 until bank it's completely clean. But SERIOUSLY BURNING, I STILL MISS SOME OF MY ITEMS WHAT DO I DO We had an issue while we were fixing this, it's very likely that new items created and stored on the bank after our 1.1 update went missing on your characters. So I need you to fill a ticket on our Account Support forum (click here). With the following content. Ticket ID: Lost Item Ticket Content: We do sincerely apologize and we're going to do our best to recover each one of your lost items, and thank you again for your support on our journey plenty of bumps.
  3. ONLINE Everyone who has been playing lately sure has noticed that there's been a lot of issues going on since the update to the SPARKLE version. Today we did find a new issue that cannot wait for the next week maintenance to be fixed. So we're proceeding to apply an emergency patch to it now. We're going to add to the servers the fixes that we did have ready for next week maintenance! Anyway, as always there's no ETA on how long this maintenance might take. So please be patient!
  4. Burning

    Codename HAMMERSTOL

    A new unknown SoulWorker is approaching Cloudream, codename HAMMERSTOL, there are hints of her everywhere, so stay awake. The ETA for her appearance is 0900 CET on 20/03/2018. Be ready for the upcoming new adventures that are going to take place at Burning SoulWorker!
  5. ONLINE Today we're having a normal weekly maintenance to keep the server stability, as it has been near a month since the last restart. Should take short time but as always no ETA on how long it might take. The reason why we didn't push an update on the last month it's going to be revealed soon, we've dropped a few hints on the forums and discord... Stay tuned!
  6. Great job soulworkers! Everybody did create amazing signatures for us, my signature pales by yours, after all, seems I'm not skilled at all... We did really have a hard time to pick up the winners, and it took us a while, but we did it! And we did select... Chloe @Vin! Burning @Meinya! We're going to use them for a while! Thank you to everyone who participated, and see you again in the next admignatures contest! Prizes are going to be sent to the winners in the following days.
  7. ONLINE Today we're having our weekly scheduled maintenance, in order to keep the server stability and apply a new patch. There's no ETA on how long it might take, so please be patient. Changelog Valentine's game event removal
  8. Example entry IGN: Haru Entry for Burning Entry name: ~ b u r n b a b y b u r n ~
  9. Administration Signature Contest Hello dear SoulWorkers, We have an extraordinary top priority mission, despite Burning SoulWorker is now officially older than 4 months your beloved Burning staff doesn't have signatures on the forum yet! Even though we're high-quality artists we better give up a chance to our dear community. Because we aren't working on a big update that's coming soon, and we're not extremely busy. So now it's your chance to demonstrate to us your unquantifiable artist skills creating forum signatures for either I or Chloe, or maybe both, and win an incredible prize! We're eager to see your entries! Deadline 18/02/2018 24:00 CET Burning Theme Burning Soul. Chloe Theme Cute cyber-cats. Prizes 12,500 B-Coin The gratification of The Burning Staff using the winner signatures. Rules Forum rules are active at any time. You must be the author of your entries, they cannot be shared works (done by multiple people). You can only submit one work per category. The correspondent nick of the category must be visible. We reward originality, and copying from other people will not be tolerated. GIFs or related aren't permitted. No watermark must be left in the entries, although its authorship will be taken into account. The staff team deserves the right to disqualify or eliminate any entry if needed Entry template
  10. ONLINE Today we're having our weekly scheduled maintenance, a little earlier this week, in order to keep the server stability and apply a new patch. There's no ETA on how long it might take, so please be patient. We're introducing a brand new custom game event, and a new costume, you can learn more here: We're trying a new event model, we tailored it from the feedback received regarding the Christmas event, we hope you like it! To be honest, the Burning team as a whole wanted to work on a bigger event, but unfortunately, because of a project that we have in hands right now we're working on a really tight schedule, we didn't have enough time for adding further content. Anyway, this project It's going to be a great surprise for all of you, so stay tuned for updates in the following weeks!
  11. Burning

    29/01/2018 - Lovely maid

    Patch index Maid & Butler Costume Valentine's Event Maid & Butler Costume A brand new lovely dovey costume made into Burning SoulWorker! Dress as a maid, or a butler, and serve the bests teas! Price: 9,800  (Available to all characters) Valentine's Day Event A new Game event has been implemented, you can learn more in the following thread: All the items from the previous event (Christmas), have been deleted.
  12. Valentine's Event The event will be active from 29/01/2018 to 15/02/2018 It's Saint Valentine! And Chloe wants to reward with love to all the Soul workers for their hard work. She has developed love-chocolate recipes for all of you as recompense. All you have to do is gather the ingredients and prepare those delicious recipes~ However, there is a problem. The soul junks have stolen all the ingredients of the pantry to ruin Chloe's plans, we need to bring them back! Recipes Upon leveling level 25 you're going to receive the following recipes: [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 100 [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 15 [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 15 (If you're already above level 25, you're going to find them in a system-mail at HEMS) Crafts You can craft the following items at Zenith (limited to RoccoTown), in order to obtain the required items you need to play in dungeons near your level (only level 25 and above). [BurningSW] Chocolates [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 5 [BurningSW] Lovely Chocolates [BurningSW] Chocolates x 5 Deluxe A.R Card Cube [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 10 Energy Converter [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 10 All Skill Reversal [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 15 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 150 Attack-type SD Brooch Cube [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 10 Defense-type SD Brooch Cube [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 10 Utility-type SD Brooch Cube [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolates x 10 Q.B.D[Enhancement Protector] [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 10 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 100 [Permit] Last Carnival [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 10 [Permit] Junk Hive [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 10 [Permit] Bandit's Highway [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 10 [Permit] Iron Castle [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 1 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 10 [Permit] Golden Citadel [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 2 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 15 [Permit] The Primal [BurningSW] Choco-recipe x 5 [BurningSW] Chocolate Powder x 35
  13. ONLINE Today we're going to have our weekly planned maintenance. In order to keep the server stability, and apply new patches. There's no ETA on how long it might take, so please be patient.
  14. Looking for moderators! Burning SoulWorker is currently looking for both Game Officers and Forum Instructors to aid our existing Staff. Do you think you can take on the task of becoming a part of our public Staff and help everyone enjoy their time at Burning SoulWorker? Well, stop thinking about that and start writing an application! Application time finishes within the end of this month. An announcement will be made with the new Staff team members at a later date.
  15. ONLINE Today we're going to have our weekly planned maintenance. In order to keep the server stability, and apply new patches. There's no ETA on how long it might take, so please be patient. CHANGE LOG Christmas event removal (Event crafts aren't removed)