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  1. Yes, reactions. Now I can become the biggest ghey and give everything my likes.
  2. That's good to hear. Probably gonna give ingame a visit with a friend then. Thanks.
  3. Did the server get any better since last year january or something? Less glitches? More actual content updates? Did yall get advancements yet? Community still low/dead?
  4. If they don't fix their bugs people will leave which will lead to a shutdown. Most people will probably go to officials once it releases in the western This server had a bad start in terms of huge bugs and glitches so I don't think people would consider playing this after the western release
  5. Thanks alot! SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT Even if i never worked for them I saw it exactly after the first week when they hired the new Staff! Barely anyone of them had some experience on the game! I love you for bringing this up! Also, since i already have a warning point and dont even play this game anymore i dont really care anymore lol so here i go, imma give you some feedback Your guys staff is simply ass. Atleast from what ive seen. Okay okay. Sully and MewTwo (Father) are great Forum Mods, Sully integrates themselves into the community and answers questions and helps normal plebs. MewTwo is also doing a good job. But when it comes to Fairy and Sin. They are doing a very shit job when it comes to being a Forum Mod. I knew it from they very beginning when @Fairy told me in the PMs back then that she is NOT capable of being a Forum Mod. You been on Forums and integrating yourself into the community for like one or two weeks but then you vanished. Not even answering questions from people. You havent even played BSW since on Elsword the 3rd jobs came out. Youre only playing VoidElsword since then. Being a forum mod doesnt just mean you have to be on the forums but it means you have to play the game too. And vanishing as a Mod is a godamn No-Go. You have to be there for the community and guide them through the forums, answer questions etc etc. You have no past experience as a mod. The same goes for @Sin. I know we are somewhat friends but this goes as critcism even when im harsh. You are not a forum guy. Youre definitly not. You also vanished.. you vanished instantly after they hired you as a FM and youre still not active on here. Feel free to paste the stuff i said to Fairy into here. As for your GO's. Theyre also ass. When I was playing I never saw any GO besides Ama and thats sad. Thats not just sad its fucking bad. How can you be a GO when you dont play the game? When you have no knowledge whatsoever? If your higher ups didnt even notice that then theyre some dumbfucks. If they atleast cared abit you guys wouldve been fired immediately, same goes for those 2 Forum mods. Like 4 weeks ago or so, i was still striving to becoming a Mod but no, fuck it. After realising that this server and its forums are a huge fucking WIP i dont even want to play this anymore. Just the simple fact that i would have to redo all the quests for no reason is enough reason to not play this server anymore. Yall nibbas said that the server is still new, but no. It isnt. This isnt new anymore for a server. This server is just a huge dissappointment. Im sorry that I have to say it but i rather play officials instead of this garbage. Edit: To Fairy and Sin. If you guys plan to ping me in you-know-whos-server or DM me, i will straight up ignore any of you. Besides Fairy cant even DM me since i blocked her ass.
  6. Disable your antivirus and start again. If that doesnt work get CCleaner and Malwarebytes They will check your computer if theres anything blocking your connection Once you done that, restart your computer and start the game again. This should most likely fix it if not then idk what the issue is EDIT: just saying but i HIGHLY recommend censoring your account name and password to avoid getting hacked in the future
  7. Are we allowed to do that? LF> Official Staff answer
  8. But thats not how it should be
  9. yo my dood dood do-do-do-dO-DOODOOOD



    1. Sin


      I didn't ask for this but it's highly appreciated :eyes:

    2. Slothasaurus


      ma dood i was just bored :eyes:

  10. Is it possible to join your guild discord server as a guest? I'm planning to make my own guild as well in this game, so I was thinking if you want we could be allies, oh by the way, hi I'm Vap nice to meet you o n o 

    1. Slothasaurus


      Sure! You can join the server! It's my community server. It has guild from a few games I play in it (atleast I plan to expand my guilds in games that I play).
      And about the alliance, we can talk about it once you created your Guild!

    2. Vap


      Sure thing, thank you for being so kind! ^^ 

    3. Slothasaurus
  11. Do we have rotations for that? Or are there just additions in terms of items? Also, which one do i have to buy out of these 3?
  12. Quoting Chloe from one thread that had the same problem but with their IGN.
  13. From my experience now I'd say try out Erwin and Lily, tho my Erwin is only level 5 or something so idk that much about him yet when it comes to gameplay. And Lily does little to a lot kind of ranged attacks. She has some semi-useful AOE attacks!
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