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  1. Hello Users and Programs & Congratz on the New Monitors :]
  2. Also the option.exe is amazing... though for some users (looking at you YIN!!! D:<) it doesn't work.. but for others it lets you change the resolution on the fly..
  3. Hello User, His PC is fine honestly... and the error you described above is a error almost all of us have... for some weird reason or another... I would recommend you play around with the settings and the full-screen borderless mode to see when it breaks... and i would advice before trying such to backup the current General.ini file.
  4. Hello User, In case all the above fails and you have no access to discord. here is the link for the full client... Please note to only download either Split Client or Full Client as its the same thing. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/orwf8u1sc6jl6/Burning_Soul
  5. Sorry to interrupt however the version and build can be found by doing the following... Settings (the cog icon on start menu) > System > About > scroll to the bottom to fin the Edition, Version and OS Build. Can you please provide with that info. ?
  6. Sorry for the long wait time User... Can you do me a favor.. not so sure if you have done it before, but can you go ahead and Delete the BurningSW.exe then Launch Launcher.exe > click Verify. Please let me know what happens. by the sounds of it, it seams to be an issue with the BurningSW.exe being corrupted somehow? by either User or AV Doing.
  7. Next question, does this Issue happen as soon as you hit the shortcut or the Launcher.exe ? or does this little box appear and after hitting play you get the error ?
  8. Hello Users, Quick Question, Are you both launching the game via Launcher.exe or BurningSW.exe?
  9. Hello User, No you are not Limited to 1 Account, you can have as many as you want (honestly), Since there is No rule saying otherwise. Sorry for this question that i will ask you but, Have you double checked to see that your account is active? (if you are posting on the forums with your account then that validates that you have). The Other One is it maybe a User error, try the following, Changing the password for your account > close Game ( if you haven't ) > reopen it > try login in with new credentials. P.S. We can continue here however if you have more technical problems not relating to this please check to see if someone has opened a thread and if not, then Open one here >> Support SubForum <<
  10. Hello User, Sorry for the Long Reply time. so upon further view of the files, found everything fine.... even some friends you and I have some of the same errors... So... If you still have the current Issue, let me know and I can walk you trough some steps to see if we can get it working for you..
  11. Hello there User, 1. Maxwell Answered it. 2. There is 1 more, a cannon girl, however due to bugs they have disabled her in this server. ( Here is the IMAGE of here ) 3. Clear them, find the collections, just repeat them for quests and keep moving Up. 4. There is currently Some events, Here is the Events Forum . 5. Keep Doing Main quest, don't bother with side-quest unless you get stuck.
  12. Hello User, Oh ii wrote it as bug/local issue cause at this time It can be either or. also what do you mean by broken?? show me lol. On my end it looks fine
  13. Hello Users and Programs.... Not so sure if this goes here or on bugs buuut here it goes... Does anyone have this issue aswell ingame? Some JP characters are boxes while others are fine ( and yes I have it running on JP pack. ) Here is the picture for validation/proof. In case above image doesn't work here is the link ->> Screenshot <<-
  14. Hello there User. Please note that if a Mod closed your case it was probably due to someone else already having a similar post to yours. I will totally paste and copy my reply to someone earlier so here it goes... You have 2 Options. 1. join the discord so we can assist you further. 2. go to the Game folder and attach the following files to your reply. ((Please dont copy and paste the huge txt. just attach the file ) SW_(DATE+TIME)_sys.txt SW_(DATE+TIME)_logHistory.txt Please when doing so, if you want you can edit the IP thats on the SW_(DATE+TIME)_sys.txt . If you Dont Care then its fine lol.
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