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  1. Hello what is the advancement?
  2. Wow that’s new ^^ Thank you for your reply
  3. Hey there, i think maybe restarting will help Let me know if it worked or not
  4. Hey, So in this server you can get more exp? Ps: Thank you for the explanation
  5. Hey there, I`m new to this game and i dont know what fp is.
  6. Hey there! I want to ask what the buffs in the dungeons are for. You know the buffs above the stages (right at the corner of on stage). I don’t know if they are added in this version because I’m new to this game.
  7. Hey there, try to reinstall the game. I think it will be better then.
  8. Hey virez3437, i think its free but not the costumes (correct me if im wrong)
  9. Hey there, I can´t wait to try the new class and the new skills! Just take your time updating the game. We all know that you guys working hard and trying your best for the upcoming update! So good luck!
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