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  1. As the title is saying is the bug about the sparkling bunny ears for Lily The bug only appears when im in town and steel grave But when im in dungeon or D6 the bug dosent appear
  2. Cakies

    Weapon skin disappeared

    The weapon skin u get from the advancement quest isnt perm, if u want it then u have to buy it from the Item mall
  3. Cakies

    Minimap, character name and NPC's names bugged

    Its already a known bug please search about it before posting about it here is how u fix it
  4. Cakies

    NPC up items disappear ?

    If u are looking for Trisha then u have to do the main quest in Candus city(2nd town) to make her appear And another thing with your black name heres a link how u can fix it
  5. Cakies

    No server currently available

    Lil note dont use firefox when u want to find the link use chrome instead
  6. IGN: Castella "Back To School(Hell)" "The moment when you realise that all the time you had is now gone"
  7. Cakies

    Costumes Prices

    Looked at the boxes and it only shows the costume and shoes, it dosent say more than that (unless there is anything hidden that we dun know of) then it would make the boxes more expensive
  8. IGN Castella Title Worst Vacation EVER!!! Help.....Stuck on this island with Enoch and Noah and they wont stop talking and leave me alone S.O.S
  9. Cakies

    Login problem

    maybe its becoz the game is down atm quote from chloe We are experiencing some difficulties with the server. It will take about two hours as much to solve it, please, be patient!