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  1. Good evening, i'd like to ask you about trisha's vip level (vip1= 0% upgrade,vip2=+2%,vip 3=+2%,vip4=+3%,vip5=+3%) my question is, levelling the vip level, the percentage sums up or only the current vip counts, ignoring the one before? because i see topic on EU server,and we asked his not accumulate.
  2. Nice meme.... on all mmo we can....but SW no ... bha. TY.
  3. FInaly forum work...now...any help? :(
  4. Not working Q.Q any GM can't change his? Q.Q
  5. Good day,I have there is such a the problem,I deleted old pg,but now my main on 4 positions,not on the first, can be me as the his reverse on their own? or ask the support to change it? I really hate to see him in 4th place... his so tilting me
  6. On ruin fortress i see this quest,but idk how need complete this,any can help?
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