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  1. The Rain#4265 hmu with the questions n stuff
  2. It comes with the advancement, however, the weapon skin is temporal and lasts only one week.
  3. I have 70% and I'm literally hitting all criticals. Just keep it there, don't focus on it anymore.
  4. 70% is already enough to hit Critical all the time.
  5. Yep, it is, only if they have B-Coins.
  6. Chance of the new jewellery drop?
  7. Complete Golden Citadel, Dreadful Echo (with main quests), etc.
  8. xNizar

    New UI

    I'm not trying to get the new effects (I think that's impossible lol) I just want to replace the pictures Edit: Here are the pictures, I got them from HibikiAstro (Thank you!) The akasha designs are in data14.v. Enjoy!
  9. xNizar

    New UI

    Yes, in KR. Yeah, but maybe you can change the data.v files so you can get the change now.
  10. xNizar

    New UI

    Or the new Akashas like Rita and Big Puppet
  11. xNizar

    New UI

    Is it possible to get the new UI with just replacing a data file? It looks really nice
  12. Server is offline, they are adding the Valentine's day event.Server is offline, they are adding the Valentine's day event.
  13. xNizar

    Bugged +10 Weapon

    that's op asf
  14. http://cdn.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe Should work if you press here ^
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