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  1. ah.... i see.... so this team using client jp for mood of themself thats why its need jp region, ok ill try thx for rep ^^b
  2. after gettin back arround half year or 1 year *moreless i do updatin my client last one im play is primal n for this days idk . i got visual bug n doing what is need to be fixed but the visual bug still appear well since its not changin the value of status ill just yolo but in the newest dungeon its like my char gettin weak got several hit n dying in normal dungeon idk is that new dungeon is super since on my last days i can farmin aurith @@ . just skip with this bug n go to the next, on newest dungeon, when im reaching last stage (boss) i got black screen or blue screen idk n its happened on all new dungeon . any solution? i hope its not redownloading since its kinda big size because yesterday im already patching 5gig + idk about companion fiture i got much companion partner before but right now idk how to summon it
  3. i see.... ouch so damn i do some re brooch from before idk if its just visual bug asdasd n im buying some gold brooch n used some on my invent n my gold is empty cause of that
  4. im just gettin back again n doing bigg patch from launcher bubt its confusing me so i need of help my brooch purple n red is already gone at my fashion n in inventory costume im using equip visual but its not appear but it appear when im replacing the other one my status already dumb because weapon n armor doesnt have value attack n deffense but i see the value status at market . so without brooch n gear status im in doom all of my set darkness n aurith doesnt have value for attack n deff its just bonus status n set effect only . the socket is all of them is gone too... but now its doom, my status my brooch all of them so idk whats happened in here anyone can explain to me? this
  5. that's game officer, a staff player who picked from gm. they have that one for giving player some like buff for regen FP when dancing, the more player who gettin dance on the floor, the more effect for regen FP
  6. let's makin discussion in here 1st so, there's some different like in official have more type of gears in unique level something like this one n much more things : but we just having unique lvl steel grave 35 45 n 55 beside darkness, aurite n primal. is that the staff tossed that gear? or is that the staff gettin hard to put it on the game cuz the codin or something else? or is that needed to be patched n we still not yet implemented? . 2nd n then what's the effect from utility brooch with unknown description : Sway, Defiance n maybe other else? if no one know about this effect can u guys givin us the korean server forum link or japanese forum link or soulwiki mades from korean community or japanese community? since soulworkerhq website is outdate n not update their list info or something like that . 3rd n then whats the function material from casual raid like old coind, distorted sculpture, doll gear n much more other else. is that have some function for future soon wich on isn't implemented yet? or is that just for sell on npc for extra cash since the price for sell is more higher than any other items? . n some sugguestion : we need some feature for craftin with numerical system, so it's not hard for crafting much items *i know it's already well known but i'm just wanna up that sugguest i think we need something customized from BSW staff who craft something else on zenith using irregular stone since the drop's sky rocket n it's not balanced with tritanium drop *got more than 40 stack now maybe potion, buff, or somethin other else material, so it's will be usefull items we need the different list from our server to the official one like Kr, Jp (like item lists, gear set, weap set, cap lvl, feature n system, or dungeon n much more) so the players community well known what's our server lackin behind from the official one . note : if the other players knowin about wiki link from outside community official server or forum from hangame n other else u guys can share with us
  7. can i know that one too amari?
  8. the server's VPS used is on france, server IP is just track it it's on france. so if u get lag issues try using VPN who get better connection at france server thats will be fixed ur issues
  9. 1st of all is dissapearin items 2 items who got removed is 1 earring uniq MK II on mine in bag + SG pot from npc 3 pcs it's happened when our 1st new patch, don't ask me maybe i'm not login out when MT countdown, actually i do log out before 5 minutes 2nd gettin force close/game crash when gettin in on raid last carnival actually it's rarely happened (before our weekly MT) sometimes happened sometimes normal (u can ask Melanye i do that dungeon with him his char lily my char erwin ign : flee i got some force close n sometimes he got that one too luckily after login we get feature gettin back to the dungeon) but after newest weekly MT happened, this bug become absurb 3 ticket all of them i got force close n can't auto gettin in on dungeon like before (it's not like when i do that with Melanye) this time i do that with jin : Yozhi + lily : Lucia 3rd it's sugguestion maybe u need to make crafting material to several amount not just one by one clicking it's take a long time if we need to craft much material 4th can't talk to npc, this issues happened when we got to much quests, take to much of quest from npc (i bealive there's a limit for how much we can take the quest for the lists aka capacity) if we reach that limit we can't talk to npc, the solution's restart the game. maybe u guys the staff can just take out the limit lists max capacity quest on system so there's no limitation how much player need to take all of the quest without worry of this again 5th chat system gettin reloaded whenever we change on party whisper general n other else, it's like each of them scanning on the 1st chat menu after login. it's good if u guys can make it sepparatedly so all of them not scanning the 1st chat player uses so no delaying for scanning aka reloaded chat 6 sometimes i got annoying bug my character gettin disconnecting from server it's has notif the server is expired blalblabalbala its already happened from some guys playing at official server on jp (u can find his post at soulworkerhq) but this server's not related on jp server but that bug's happened on me, in here... to this server note : from point 6 problem n point 2, idk it's related or not but maybe there's some issues with my internet connection provider or (ISP) mayeb there's some filtering ip adress or port so it's make them force closing or just gettin server expire bug??? but i do change my DNS but it's still exist still not trying to used VPN or SSH or proxy. but i hope it's just not me who investigate this case
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