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  1. Name: Sofia Lockheart Background Story: Living a rather normal life, Sofia was a successful mother of three with her husband, while also having a rather adventurous side to her. She was happy, caring for her children and leading them to their own happy lives, alongside her husband being a successful owner for a nearby hospital… until the Void came, ripping apart her hometown and destroying the family she once knew right before her eyes. Now dragged into the void and left along some 20 years later, she is determined to figure out who is behind the void, and get the answers she is searching for after the long years that have passed. Personality: In Battle: Silent, quick thinking and quite stubborn. Out of Battle: Normally tired, talkative and carefree. Overall: Caring about her friends or allies, and will do what’s right when needed. Quotes: Bosses: To Kain: “Let the hunt begin, wolf.” To Mad Edgar: “Seems your show was cut short this time, Edgar.” To Amaryllis: “I will not lose someone close… not again!” To Amaryllis (Catherine): “First the spider, and now this… I’m sorry, but I must do the right thing… Farewell.” To Scar: “Madness will be your end, seeing as you let it consume you whole. Is revenge all you seek now, or something greater pulling the strings?” To Laban: “A Blood SoulWorker? Wonderful… I’ve been itching for a challenge. Come!” To Shion: “Everything has led to this moment. Let us not waste time, as I have a well deserved nap waiting for me.” Resolution: Determination Hobbies: Sleeping, Fighting, Exploring. Likes: Cats, Thrills, Challenges. Dislikes: Dogs, Flirty People, Weakness. Outfit/Appearance: Shirt and a jacket with jeans, headphones around her neck. Long, black hair with long bangs to boot.. Advancement Outfit: Long-sleeved shirt replacing her black shirt, and a trench coat to replace her grey jacket. Hair is done up in a ponytail and she is almost always wearing the headphones now. Color Scheme: Grey Shirt, Black Trench-Coat/Jacket, Dark-Blue Jeans, Black Shoes and Black Hair. Weapon: Icy-Blue Sword named Cailleach. Advancement sub-weapon: Dark-Yellow Sword with a hooked tip named Fenrir. Fighting Style: Preferring a more close-ranged style, Sofia can use a number of sword swings and abilities to freeze her foes and cut them down with quick and precise blows. After advancement, with both blades she is able to swiftly combine both the ice and lightning nature of the blades to deliver powerful blows, while also tapping into the dark side of the weapons some. Ultimate Skill: Freezing Crash: Calling upon the power of Cailleach, Sofia is able to freeze her foes in place while leaping into the air, crashing into the ground shortly after. Digging the blade into the ground as she crashes sends large icicle spikes digging into her foes. EX: Cailrir Slash: Runes etched along the blades start to glow, feeding Sofia some void power which increases her speed and allows her to deliver devastatingly quick strikes, before finishing it off with both the weapons being stabbed into the ground, freezing enemies in place and shocking them for large damage. Applies Stun.
  2. Tried joining the discord and asking support? Likely they might be able to aid you.
  3. I'm pretty sure SoulWorker HQ is for the JP version of the game, correct me if I am wrong though. Nevertheless... Hello fellow SoulWorker.
  4. Need more spawn events in my opinion. Been looking through old recorded footage and came across the first and second spawn events I've been to, the first being when I was still leveling and the second which was during my time on the Primal grind. Been recently itching for the next one, even if the servers are burning in the process.
  5. *Internal screaming while waiting for Chii Advancement on BSW*
  6. @peqpie I saw the all caps and thought I was about to see a ban also. Lmao. Idm more grindy events if I can do them in parties with my guild. Bring on the grind!
  7. My guild, Vestrial, is open to all who wish to join. You are free to DM me on Discord at Shana#4080 if you still wish to join.
  8. Let me know if you need a guild still. I run one focused around helping new players learn the game as a whole.
  9. Rookie Raids Dark Bone set > Golden Citadel (GC) Armor, Accessories, and Weapon > Primal Armor, Accessories, and Weapon > Alter of Void (AoV) Manic Mod Armor, Accessories, and Weapon > Hidden Hideout (HH) Armor, Accessories, and Weapon (when HH releases) Each has its own requirements to partake in the raids. If you are looking to craft the Golden Citadel stuff, you will need the Dark Bone Armor from Rookie Raids, as well as your characters respective weapon, which the blueprint for drops from the rookie raids as well. GC itself really only needs full Dark Bone, but at the same time it doesn't as you can easily find a group or a single person to run you though it quickly. Primal requires full GC set +4 and the GC weapon +6 (need accessories too). If memory serves, you need HP above 60k otherwise you will get one shot a lot, but the primal set gives a load of HP with stat rolls and the set bonus itself. Alter of Void requires full Primal set +6 and Primal Weapon +9. Accuracy needs to be above 1400-1500 in order to actually hit the boss. Hidden Hideout (again when it releases) requires Alter of Void Armor and Weapon +9 (armor might not be exact, but I know weapon will need +9) Accuracy will be needed above I think its 17k, and Boss Damage is important at this stage, which after you get AoV gear fully maxed, you should be looking to get more Boss Damage. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  10. Character Name: ShanaGartrex Description of why you picked that name: For years back when I played on WoW (World of Warcraft) I used to go by just Gartrex since it was the name of my paladin on my server at the time. I was watching anime at the time, and a while after I got the name on WoW, I started watching what would become my favorite anime in my opinion, Shakugan no Shana. I enjoyed the anime so much, and taken quite a liking to the main heroin in the show, Shana, that I started using the name Shana. But I couldn't have two different nicknames across the internet, so I soon after came up with combining the two names together, giving me the nickname I've been going by for a long time now, ShanaGartrex. People are free to just call me Shana for short, and some of my old wow friends still call me Gartrex. Now I use this name most anywhere on the internet, and if you look up my name on Google, you will find my Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and maybe my old Instagram if that is still around, just showing how unique my name is on the vast internet. Discord Tag: Shana#4080 Proof of existence:
  11. A quite curious question indeed, so why not share your vote for best here? http://www.strawpoll.me/17593401 Nothing serious... just for a bit of fun.
  12. IGN: ShanaGartrex Region: North America Main Character: Haru Lv 60 Discord: Shana#4080 Lets get this party started. :3
  13. Only voices in the game are from the start up lines for characters like the ones Noxial mentioned, the player characters when they use their supernova/attack, and some bosses have story dialog during the story quests in certain districts. Other than that, there isn't any voice acting in things like quest dialog when accepting or completing quests. I personally run the JP Voices as I prefer them personally, coming from watching countless hours of anime.
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