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  1. Well the server is in France a VPN set to it could solve that issue , but obviusly there will be some delay , cuz of the great distance you are connecting to the server
  2. You probably received it, it comes into your inventory and you have to use it. Check ur tabs and then use it.
  3. Its not a bug, its supposed to be like that. The advancement outfit in the premium shop is a variation of the one you get for completing the advancement quest. I suppose you havent done that yet otherwise you would have known that you get it for free by doing the quest together with the jacket.
  4. Your missing required files to launch the game, check out the Download page and install the listed required files (especially Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable). https://soulworker.to/download/
  5. You basically need to apply an bleed to your enemy with an skill that has the bleed extension (left extension of scratch for example) , and then press your rmb to consume the stack and heal. Heres my video showcasing it:
  6. its the name you used to create your account. Note that forum and game accounts are different from each other and you login with the game account created on the main website soulworker.to "register now"
  7. Delete your general.ini file and try starting the game again, that usually fixes it.
  8. They were most likely limited time only and disappered after they exceeded the time limit.
  9. @Murasame92yeah thats normal, because chii has a completly different backstory than the other chars. She also has an different tutorial in candus.
  10. Its a blue quest from IO in Grass Cover Camp.
  11. Noxial


    Well right now the server is down, but you can join the discord for help and guides or look through the forums!
  12. Try to make a new account. Thats a common bug that happens to newly created accounts.
  13. Hello @super_adrian332, This should fix the black names and some graphical issues (weird screen while talking to an npc). So it might also fix those issues give it a try!
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