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  1. Hello @Norton To get 5 lines on a piece of gear, you need to upgrade it to +10. It's the privilege it gives, in addition to more attack/defense.
  2. Hello ever so again @iscream Your account is your responsibility, and even more your computer. Why would you let a "friend" on your computer, if he can't be trusted and goes ahead and scam people? If you say that your friend is "toxic", then why do you let him get tangled with you in our logs? It's easy to say that your "friend" scammed on your computer, but how are we supposed to verify this information? You can't complain that our guidelines are "unfair" when you agreed to abide by the rules when you made your account. IP address sharing can be looked into, since there can be confusions if a VPN is used. However in your case the scams happened on the same PC that you use. There's no way for us to verify if a "friend" of yours scammed on your computer or if it's indeed you. Hence, the ban is absolute.
  3. Hello @Jackyxd Please make use of the search function of the forums next time. There's many similar threads. One that you can check: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/5317-error-when-starting-game/&do=findComment&comment=25896
  4. Hello Moving to General Support as this is not a bug. There's countless similar threads, please make use of the search function of the forums. So to know: Locking here as this issue is not a big one at all, so once you'll search up the term you'll find the solution to it.
  5. Congrats! To be more precise, we run a script to unlock the 5 lines every 30 minutes. So you need to wait between a few seconds to 30 minutes, and log back onto your character through character selection. Anyway, since it's been over that time, your slots must be fully unlocked by now. Hence I'll be closing this!
  6. That's sadly not how things work. That's way too much trouble to personalize this while simply disallowing the keyboard would be easier. It's not like we want people to only speak english even in private, but as I said it's simply for moderation purposes. Back in 1.0, it was really a living hell.
  7. Well yes, if your launcher gets deleted it means something put it to quarantine. So are you really sure Windows Defender is not behind it, if you don't have an AV? Do search your computer properly, and look up online on how to disable on Windows Defender and on the AV you have (if you have one). Do this thoroughly, since the launcher can't delete itself.
  8. So now if you try to launch the game again, nothing will happen and the launcher will disappear again?
  9. Hello @Quattro Have you tried to restart your computer already? Some players had that issue and simply needed to restart. Also, if the launcher deletes itself it means that a program put it in quarantine. Do you have Windows Defender? Make sure to whitelist from there too.
  10. Hello @Sarashiki Have you tried verifying your client? Because I don't get this error.
  11. Hello there I'd also add that the ones from last Valentine's soulbreakers were only for Haru and Lily, since the outfit was only available for them back then. When we'll release it again, the new other characters outfits (such as Iris') will be available! For now we're unsure if we'll put them in a Valentine SoulBreaker like last year, or maybe in cash shop, or whatever else. We'll see in due time.
  12. Hello @eyramirrin The answer is no. How are we supposed to properly moderate the game if we don't know how to read or write russian? It was possible back in 1.0 client version, but it's been disabled for the reason I've just stated.
  13. Hello @longle Please visit the other similar threads about this error by using our forums search function. Example: Or from our Discord if what's above is not enough to fix your issue: Links:
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