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  1. Hello @IamBorns The server is currently active and well, the issue is your connection to it. Since our server is located in France, it might make troubles if you live far away from it. I would suggest you to try a VPN. For example, ZenVPN is a good one. It's not free but it gives a free trial of one or two weeks, so you should try it to see if it helps your issue (of course, set it to France).
  2. Hey there! I think you should try to ask on our Discord, since it's more lively there. The invitation link is on our website https://soulworker.to/ on the right.
  3. @Sasu this is going way too off-topic. Please keep it to the main purpose of this thread.
  4. It is safe. Only this item is missing, since it doesn't exist on our version. Here is the exact reply I gave on Discord: "its model" only mean that item with the "missing model" error. It does not apply to other furnitures. Locking here!
  5. @RhektranYT Darker colors sadly don't work well, since they're difficult to read. The Team's colors will remain as is, even if sadly the moderators look like the group channel. As for the other suggestion, we will look into that and keep this thread updated. It's true that there's no need for several different colors for the paid megaphone. @Sasu let's not forget that the megaphones are supposed to be a premium-only content in the first place. Until the next MT, it's not such a long wait and it's not as if players have stayed with 5% drop rate for a long time either.
  6. Moderators and Admins are different and have different rights, hence why there's a blue and a dark red color for those ranks as we would like them to be differencitaed. I'm fine with orange, but then would you suggest to only have one generated color?
  7. Locking here since it's been answered!
  8. @RhektranYT I was editing my previous post since I did not see your answer. Also, I was not talking to you so whether I decide to answer another player from a subject he mentioned is up to me and not up to you. Let's make this clear. As for the previous comment you made: then, what colors would you suggest? We're not declining feedback on this matter.
  9. Hello @sonicmaster51 Please give more information if you'd like some help.
  10. I don't think removing the old megaphones are that much of an issue, since a lot of players had a stock full of those anyway and they're not hard to get. As for the drop rate, the suggestion to increase it to 15% has been freshly accepted. (read more here)
  11. There's no ETA, especially since that content didn't even get out on KR.
  12. Hello @skysmiley67890 To add to peqpie's answer, after a suggestion review, we will increase the drop rate from 5% to 15%. To get those drops, you'll simply need to run dungeons as always. https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/4424-megaphone-droprate/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-21689
  13. Sully

    Help me?

    Hello @mef It's as kingdomheart said, please follow the link to the fix for this issue.
  14. I agree for the costume! The character's concept though... I have no clue what's going on. A katana, then a demonic cat arm, and now a bow. Yeah sure, just put every idea you get into that character. It just seems like a rushed Game of Thrones. But at least the skill animations are cool and as JannaSnow said, the costume is sick!
  15. Hello @RhektranYT Following your logic, then no color could be used at all since the group colors can be edited by the player to its liking. Also, the normal chats are on bottom and megaphone on top. If you see a color similar to the default whispers in the top chatbox, it's obviously a megaphone. I don't see the issue with that. The "similar color" you claim are still quite different. I don't see a problem with it either, and as you said, there will be (moderator) or (administrator) in front. Why did we give the Team both a color and a name in front of their megaphone? Well, that could help for any similar colors or for color-blind people, in addition to the fact that "why not" is also a valid argument.
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