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  1. Talked on Discord. Solution: making a ticket.
  2. Hello @irfatftw Do try this list: https://windowsreport.com/error-opening-file-for-writing/
  3. Congratulations to @Lettek !! He got a hold of the Holy 1 Zenny as a reward for being such a true warrior. Still let's congratulate @selina for achieving 2nd place as well! Lettek only had one respawner left when she died. @Mythra also did a great job by achieving the 3rd place! Good job to everyone else who participated too! Thank you for taking part in the event, and I hope you had fun!
  4. I'll add to this that if you want event content that includes new maps and dungeons, it's to be expected that the patch will be bigger. If you want smaller updates, then we can't bring proper content.
  5. Hello @RockyQuang We will not edit the item itself. Though, it's probably bugged since it shouldn't be an Erwin glutton but a pumpkin as always.
  6. Applications are now closed. Number of participants: 26-28 (two players unsure) Time of the event: starting at 20:00 (server time). Golden Citadel channel 5 Please let me know whether you will be able to join in or not! React/like this message if you will come. Do it before 19:30 or so tomorrow. If the number of people who react to this message is under 26/28, you can bring a friend to fill in instead (please DM me about it, so I can note it down). @sonny911 @Frshi @Fanashe @Ikazuchi @Falcolens @Sunssuru @Mikazeya @Sasu @Mythra @SellaLily @IAoombaI @kanana @selina @xNizar @Arkaz0r @BigCarryOnee @ArTuR2001 @Surpased @YingLing @NeroRedoX @Lettek @miniLink @marcodiaz @elainevn @DiabloSama @panicdotc @MJayK @korboa
  7. Hello @Meriodesu The server has hiccups right now. Please wait awhile.
  8. Hello @ZidSliver @sayafatur @Ecko This is not a bug. The server is currently closed to fix an issue. No ETA when it'll be back up. Please be patient.
  9. Hello @ZidSliver Please wait until the patch is up. It's currently unavailable since it's not ready.  The server is still under maintenance.
  10. Hello @Nuxihcx Please wait until the patch is up. It's currently unavailable since it's not ready.  Server is still under maintenance.
  11. Hello @Reymu Please wait until the patch is up. It's currently unavailable since it's not ready.
  12. Closing the thread. I'll open it up again after the event hits and that people actually played it. Then we'll gather the feedback and work from there. For now it's pointless to read complaints about something that didn't even start.
  13. GUARDIANS ❝ Here to protect the Universe! ❞ SET MADE BY [Sully] Info! this set contains the above Weapon Skins. How to obtain: - Try your luck and open a Dark Matter SoulBreaker price: 900 BC in the Item Mall. - Craft the package at our custom NPC Lucy in the SoulBreaker tab
  14. Hello @PTA0212 This is right! If it doesn't fix it though, Then go to UserData folder and open GameCommonOption.ini and look for AntiAliasing again. Put it to =0 like you did in general.ini and save it.
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