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  1. You're welcome~ Locking here then!
  2. Heya! FP is Fatigue Point. So it's the "Energy" on your first screen. SF is like mana, yes. It's just that Soul Force sounds more "RP" for SoulWorker.
  3. Sully

    Unable to load game

    I think there was some server issues at the time, should be working fine now! Glad it got sorted out. I'm locking here then, have fun in game!
  4. Sully

    Mac Address Error

    Hello @Eggi Are you typing in your game ID properly? No spelling mistakes but it also must be a game ID. Do not mistake with your forum one. What you're using right now to create threads and reply is your forum account, you can not log in game with it. To create a game account: https://soulworker.to/ on the right, "Register now".
  5. Sully

    No image :(

    Heya! In addition to peqpie's reply: If you can't edit the setting directly in game, look for the General.ini file in your game folder, and look for the line: AntiAliasing=1. Change it to AntiAliasing=0 to turn it off. Then go to UserData and look for GameCommonOption.ini, and do the same thing there too. Search for AntiAliasing line, and put it as =0. Save both files after editing, and try to launch the game again!
  6. Sully

    Server getting delay

    Hello there! To add on peqpie's reply, I'd recommend you to try ZenVPN's free trial (set to France). See if it helps you with the delay or not.
  7. Sully

    Lilly fox costume?

    Hello @Kuuyo We haven't released the set yet, but it will come one day!
  8. As the issue has been solved, I'll be locking here~
  9. Sully

    Any better?

    You're welcome! If you do, I hope you'll have some fun then. (oh yes and very important, you've noticed but now you can react to a post LOL I know you were waiting for it before)
  10. Sully

    New Haru Skill when?

    Hello No ETA. We try to catch up as fast as possible to KR, however it's a lot of work and needs time. Can't really say when, as we're not sure ourselves. Can only say we'll try our best
  11. Sully

    Any better?

    Hello, long time no see! When you were here, it was 1.0. Now it's 1.2, so yes there's been a lot of changes. Party bug is no longer around (since 1.1 actually, but I don't think you were still there at the time). I think that was the most glitched thing back then, now it's properly working. As for content update, when we updated to 1.2 a few months ago we caught up to KR completely. Now, we'd need to upgrade to 1.3 to catch up to them again. Advancement have been out since 1.1, so by now everyone have been advanced, yes (as long as they're at the needed level for it), up to Iris, so yes all characters. Community has greatly increased, but the forums are still not much active. People go to the Discord instead, and only come on the forums for General Support or Account Support issues. Quite sad I guess. The Team also got a lot of changes, but they're good changes I'd say. Everyone gets along well too, so that's nice! You were here when it was quite chaotic, afterall.
  12. Sully

    Never received Burning SW premium box.

    Hello Please make a ticket in Account Support section here: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/forum/35-account-support/ Make sure to fill in the form provided, so to know: Account name: Character name: (the one with the issue) Problem: Solution:
  13. Sully

    Commemorative Soulbreaker

    Hello @dankplank The tickets are "characterless", and you can store it in your bank. I'd advice to store the tickets, and pick it on the character you want the set for. Do not craft a Stella set on a Jin for example, because you won't be able to store it in the bank nor open it. Simply store the tickets and pick them up on the character you want to craft the set for.
  14. Sully

    I can`t loggin

    @Alcial That must be coming from your connection. Try to use a VPN set to France, there's free ones like SoftEther but free VPNs are never really good. Otherwise, ZenVPN gives a free trial (1 or 2 weeks for free), you could try that one while it's free to see if it's indeed a connection problem.
  15. Sully

    Login FAILED

    Server is back up. Locking!