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  1. Sully

    Japanese Voices?

    We're too fast lol JP doesn't have Chii yet, as SNGQuinns mentioned
  2. Sully

    Abnormal mac address

    Hello @HabaBaba As stated here: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/3571-login-error/&do=findComment&comment=17275 If you deleted the ini already, then it means you're using a wrong ID. Again, please do not mistake forum ID ("HabaBaba" that you use to reply here is a forum ID) with game ID to log in game and play (which you can create on the website https://soulworker.to/ on the right "register now").
  3. Sully

    Switch to world failed

    Hello @Bust3rOne @phenix @Pyrosu The server is back up. If you're interested, join our Discord server (invitation link on the website https://soulworker.to/ ) since it's always updated in time through the #news channel.
  4. Sully

    Lag server?

    @frava222 @Nami It was unrelated to the original post, so please next time either make a new thread or don't reply to old topics. Also, the issue you two are talking about is now solved, server back up. I'll be locking this thread.
  5. Sully

    Account blocked

    Hello @Kumichan You already made an Account Support ticket, which was the proper place. Now simply wait for an answer instead of creating threads in wrong places.
  6. Sully

    Team's Q&A

    Q.1: How old are you? Or an approx' if you'd prefer. Q.2: Do you speak a second language? Q.3: If you had one day to live, what would you do? Q.4: What's the dish you cook best? EXCLUSIVE! How to cook air, tutorial! ★ Do not miss it and become the new Avatar! Q.5: What's the relationship between Burning and Chloe? Q.6: How tall are you? Or give an approx. Q.7: When is your birthday? Or an approx. Q.8: How many times have the players tried to set you up with someone? How do you feel about that kind of "joke"? Q.9: What's the BSW discord server emote that describes you the best, or that you use the most? Q.10: Could the entire team introduce themselves shortly? Q.11: What's the craziest middle/high school story/memory you took part in? Q.12: How many hours do you stay outside?
  7. Sully

    Team's Q&A

    ❝ Hey there everyone! and welcome to the BSW's Team very first Question & Answer! ❞ You guys asked what you were curious about on our Discord server, and now we're finally giving you the awaited answers! As there was all kinds of questions, we've separated them through categories! You can just easily search for what you're interested about. Please note: we did not answer every questions, so don't be sad about it! SUMMARY: About us answering various questions you had about us individuals! The Team everything about our lovely team~ ★ Likes what do we like? you? no! Serious this is very serious. As of now, the parts will be released separately. Please be patient until the continuation is made~
  8. Sully

    ethical question

    Hello @spitoftea Feeling guilty or not is up to you but we don't work with neither LionGames nor GameForge in any way, so the answer about profit is a no. It wouldn't be possible to have a server working the way we do and with our rates if we were working with LG. They wouldn't let this happen.
  9. Sully

    Download help?

    Hello @Suqardreamss Perhaps your AntiVirus deleted the launcher as a security measure. Try to whitelist BSW path and allow the program first. Then, you could download the launcher here: link Do not download it before you white list BSW and the programs (or that you disable your AV or Firewall) otherwise it'll keep deleting the launcher.
  10. Sully

    Rare outfits? How to obtain?

    Hello @manolitto As it's been said, there's a lot of costumes from past events or past limited sales. They'll come back eventually though! Also, for glasses and such I'll remind you that there's also the SoulSequence farm that gives you a blueprint to craft some fashion pieces at Zenith (you can see at Zenith what's available). In addition to that, since 1.3 added the "Corrupted Records" dungeon you can get a qube of a special fashion as a drop from there; mostly accessories.
  11. Sully

    Abnormal MAC address?

    Moving to General Support as this was not a bug, and locking!
  12. Sully

    Lost account login

    Hello @Pek Since you can't make a ticket, use the Direct Messages to get in touch with one of the two Community Managers (Chloe and I). I'll DM you directly this time, so we can see this together! Locking here.
  13. Sully

    Unable to see some things

    Hello @Zhyra Moving to General Support as this is not a bug. Please try to disable AntiAliasing and let me know. If it's not possible for you to do it directly in game, go in your game folder and open General.ini and search for the line saying "AntiAliasing=" and turn it off by adding 0. Like so: AntiAliasing=0. Save the file. Finally, go to UserData. Open GameCommonOption.ini and search for the line saying "AntiAliasing=" again, and turn it off with =0. Save it too. Launch the game after that.
  14. Sully

    Lag server?

    Hello @frava222 The game is running fine, so I'd say this is you. Have you tried to restart your computer and internet modem? Or, use a VPN set to France. ZenVPN is a good one and provides a free trial if you'd like to see how this goes for you.
  15. Sully

    where is everyone

    Heya! You should try to launch a megaphone, see if anyone would be interested in leveling with you in RF!