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  1. Hello again! A week ago I post this: ...so week pass and I want to know what about my prize? ( I apologize for every grammar mistake )
  2. Alright, thank for answering and have a nice day!
  3. Hello! I want to know, when i will get my prize from this event: It's my first time when I win something here so i want to know. Sorry for making problem and every grammar mistake.
  4. Hey that sound really good. You guys are really amazing. Love you all
  5. I think that this is a good time to talk about translation to grasscover camp. Do you guys think that when next patch come out the game will be more in english that korean that already is? Also at youtube is that channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SGinternet/ Do you guys think, that things what are on this channel will come out here? I think that this priest skins are really cool... So lets go with discussion (or just simple answering) ( I apologaize for every grammar mistake that I made )
  6. In-game character name: PoKeMaciej Image title: The fighting spirit is revealed only in the air Brief description or sentence: You can reveal your battle spirit only when you are free as a bird in the air.
  7. In-game character name: PoKeMaciej Image title: Clash between the two demigods Brief description or sentence: "Now our battle will be something. Why you may ask. HAHA! Let's say that I got some sort of advancement."
  8. Hello! I have simple problem. I can't post anything here: I'm really angry because in this post it says that I can publish my screenshot until 15/11/2018 and that day is tomorrow. I want to post my screenshot and I can't do it. What can I do in that situation? (I'm really sorry for my every grammar mistake that I made here)
  9. AAA! Everything besides weapon is permanent. Thank you for fast and clear answer...I better go work on my english more. Have a nice day!
  10. Hello! I had completed quest for Jin advancement and store his weapon from it to my bank. I had equipped it ( I have screens that can prove it ). Some time ago I realize that i dont have it ( there also I have screenshots). I start searching, but I cant find it. So I think that I for mistake destroy it when I was storing it to bank. My question is simple. Can I have code or something with this weapon or I need to create a new Jin AND have again 57 lv and do that quest again? (Screenshot with this weapon is from the time when I had only Jin, but now I have also Lily so I take screenshots from her too because I don't want to someone who is lying to have free items) (I apologize for every grammar mistake that I made in this post)
  11. In-game character name: PoKeMaciej Image title: This feels good Brief description or sentence: Somebody could just say that this picture is boring as hell, but for me it's just everything that I love in this game. It's my first time when i used this ability. I feel like a pro for a moment. "I did it, I got it" this words were in my head when i used it. For me it's perfect memory. I love it.
  12. In-game character name: PoKeMaciej Image title: That's why you call me "original"  Brief description or sentence: Sorry but this needs to stop, right now!
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