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    Everything works fine now after the last patch thank you so much! Topic closed @Sully
  2. Fezz

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    Thank you very much for your response, @reoljoker Graphic card: GTX1080Ti @RhektranYT Let me clarify things in detail - Compare these clips and judge by yourself Patch 1.2 https://streamable.com/3dmdd Patch 1.3 https://streamable.com/6de5u As you can see how smoothly my movement and stability the gameplay at the first clip 1.2 However, In the the second clip 1.3, I had to adjust the low settings to fix it a bit at least but unfortunately, you still see FPS issues. @Sully @Mitsugan At D6 is another story completely unplayable https://streamable.com/1anl3
  3. Fezz

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    @Asher13 I'm not sure if you understand my main problem is read my second post again I clearly said FPS drops +Stuttering issues
  4. Fezz

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    @Sully I appreciate your response, according to your message, that only me and a certain amount of players face these issues? Because everything started after 1.3 before it was way better.
  5. Fezz

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    @Mitsugan I appreciate your answer, including to my knowledge after seen many KR steamer and testing SW Global myself. None of them having these terrible FPS drops, Stuttering issues it's only exist here. Can you do something about it? or you want me to wait for a 1.4 that has no TM.
  6. I'm not sure if you realize how terrible your server performance went after Chii update. I said on the first day of the patch OK "issues are well known to the staffs" It's a matter of time until they take an action! Guess what the server still face these problems, all dungeons including AoV and Primal are super laggy there is no stability it's at worst. I just love reputably relonging to play the game. How can i enjoy it? Why does it take that much of time to fix? Can you just make it as used to be before that damn update? It ruined every inch and fun of the game. Note:The stability issues after Chii patch only nothing to do with my set up.
  7. Fezz + SoulOfCinder, Team Name: DarkSouls
  8. Borderless Windowed did make a small difference but the problem still there especially in D6 massive FPS drops.
  9. Thanks will try and i use Fullscreen + V-Sync off
  10. I'm having a huge FPS drops goes from 113 down to 1 couldn't get it to be stable around 100 most of the time drops down repeatedly, my PC works perfectly fine i ran other games 120FPS with no problem. Thanks in advance.
  11. How can i receive the B-coins if i invited my friends?
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