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  1. Vorpal

    Can't download game

    Please don't double-post on the same thread within 24hrs. If you have an update just edit your latest post or the original. For Version Check Error: Delete any file from the data folder, then hit verify. Close the launcher, and run it again as Administrator For Launch Error: Try to connect to a VPN set to France.
  2. Vorpal

    no disk issue

    If the issue has been solved then I will be locking the thread.
  3. Vorpal

    Bug on glutton map with jin

    This isn't a bug. It's because of the damage scaling of that skill. You aren't suppose to use it if you want efficiently attack the gluttons in Glutton World. They only drop their items with the more "1" dmg hits you deal to them. Please refer to this guide and the comments in them:
  4. Vorpal

    Suggestions for AOV Maniac Prep

    Well you should be using a full Primal Accessory set for starter. You need to work on doing Glutton World to gain BP to buy Energy Converters and roll your equipment with higher stats. (On weapon you want boss damage/penetration/crit damage/crit rate) You should also be working on upgrading your cards to +2 and getting better passive AR cards such as Brook/Brock for the crit rate and Strike Force while you're at it. If you invest your zenny into Zenny Burners you want Catherine and Shion. Using titles such as Approved Warhorse (50,000 BP) or Godlike Control Freak (1000 SS runs) for more damage. Having brooches come a LONG way. You want to invest into a full smelter/melter Mega set if you can't afford a Giga set. Ideal setups are usually SD/FOT/SIN Hat, BSK Top, SD/SIN/BSK gloves, SIN Bottom, SD/BSK Boots
  5. Vorpal

    Will the Bunny Set Come back out?

    Yes this outfit will come back for Easter.
  6. Vorpal

    Can't download game

    Have you tried any of these links yet? If yes and they didn't work for you then you'll have to try using a VPN connected to a france-based server http://cdn1.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe http://cdn2.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe http://cdn3.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe http://cdn4.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe http://cdn5.soulworker.to/BSW/BurningSW_Setup.exe
  7. Vorpal

    Unable to see some things

    Since the issue seems to be solved will be locking the thread!
  8. Vorpal

    Cant interact with mission object or doors

    Have you tried changing the shortcut for that specific action?
  9. Vorpal


    Moved to general support as this is not up for general discussion. You need to explain in more detail what occurred since client crashes are normal here. When you entered your log in information and crashed did an error message pop up? What do you mean by "can't log in anymore"? What type of message is popping up that is preventing you from logging in? Please don't confuse your forum account information with your game account information. You can create a game account at https://soulworker.to
  10. Vorpal


    Run Ark Ship Episode 4 in Manic difficulty with a group. (Easy and most efficient) Do Innocent Daydream 5 times a day. (Hard for a new player) Run Iron Castle as it gives a flat zenny amount of 700k+ (Can be so-so depending on your gear/party/ar cards) Look in the Marketplace and see what items you can farm for that are selling for a decent amount. (Depends on your current equipment and what you are trying to get) A big help to all of this is using titles that boosts your zenny amount. (Prosperous Millionaire but right now since Prosperous is bugged you want to use Grutinised Millionaire) Another help is using zenny boosting AR cards like Sean and Sanghoon. And then there's zenny boosting armour tags you can get from Skyclock Palace that at heroic value is 60% boost to zenny when equipped on all 4 armour pieces.
  11. Vorpal

    Where to view exclusive outfits in-game?

    Servants of the Void - Can craft it at NPC Lucy in any town for 200 Void Quartz that are only obtainable as a drop from Altar of Void boss Burning Guard - From the Burning SoulBreaker found in the Item Mall/Premium Shop then craftable at NPC Lucy in any town Burning Academy - From completing Daily Quests (found in your event tab on the top right next to the mini-map) in Rocco, Candus, Grace, and Ruin Fortress. You'll receive a ticket which you can use at NPC Lucy in any town to craft the items you want including the outfit. Moonlight - From the Lunar SoulBreaker found in the Item Mall/Premium Shop then craftable at NPC Lucy in any town
  12. Vorpal

    Where to view exclusive outfits in-game?

    Yes there is. Here you'll be able to see all the exclusive costumes made by Sully so far.
  13. Vorpal

    where is everyone

    Seeing people around in the cities depends on your timezone or channel you're in. Everyone who plays the game actively is at endgame areas rather than places like Ruin Fortress. I been in Ruin Fortress lately a lot due to leveling other characters and every channel I was in depending on the timezone was chock full of players running around. Most likely bad timing on your end but keep grinding and you'll see where everyone is at!
  14. Vorpal

    download doesn't work

    OP answer was solved so locking the thread.
  15. Vorpal

    Can someone tell me rates about accesory

    Thread is closed as requested.