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  1. You have the black name bug. By following the instructions stated in that thread it'll fix your blue map issue as well.
  2. Please use the General FAQ or search function before creating a thread. The answer to your issue could be found here:
  3. A full +8 HH set won't be much of a comparison to a full +9 AOV set because you're missing out on the +9 enhancement bonus on that +9 HH gear which has been changed for 1 or 2 pieces. Overall the AoV weapon looks better due to the reduced SF consumption and skill damage bonus but because of it's level you'll be hit with a 30% damage reduction due to the level difference.
  4. Please do not create multiple topics in the WRONG section of the forums for the SAME issue. This is how you get us to delete your topics under the assumption that you're spamming. You're breaking our forum rules this way and it can lead to a suspension from activities on the forums. Your issue could've been found through the forums using the SEARCH function. Next time please do instead of spamming multiple topics in a row stating your problem. I'm locking this thread as the answer has already been provided through Sasu's message.
  5. Moved to General Support as this issue wasn't a bug. Locked as the OP's answer was solved. Please use the Search function of the forums to find topics on similar issues you may have in the future.
  6. Moved to General Support as this wasn't a bug. Locked as the OP's problem was solved.
  7. You can use both Tenebris and Catherine. What you can't use is Arua and Catherine.
  8. Please avoid using all-caps for your messages and double posting on the same topic within 24hrs. I have merged your two posts together. The issue you seem to have can be solved by using a VPN connected to a France-server. Free options for VPN's include ZenVPN, Windscribe, Softether.
  9. Locked to the concerns being solved.
  10. Unfortunately yes. We're still trying to fix this issue and that's the only known workaround.
  11. It's an issue we had since 1.3 with brand new accounts. You would have to create a new account.
  12. It's been a long time coming but the results are finally out! Rewards: Unique Tier - x2 Transcendental Refiner, 1 Empyrean SoulBreaker II Legendary Tier - x3 Transcendental Refiner, 2 Empyrean SoulBreaker II Heroic Tier - x5 Transcendental Refiner, 1 Outfit of their choice (available in the Premium Shop only), 2 random Hidden SoulStone In order to receive your reward you must send me a PM on here (don't PM me on Discord) with your character's IGN. I took heavy consideration into who's submissions were top notch and fit the criteria of what a SoulWorker could be. In order to be as fair as possible in my judgement I consulted with several people and tried to make each selection as appropriate as possible. While anyone could've "won" for the amount of effort put into their work, some have not been included because their ideas weren't on par with what designing an original SoulWorker could be like. Either theses ideas were unrealistic in terms of the game's universe or completely infringing on designs found on characters outside of the game. Congratulation Winners! Unique Tier: @Sylpid @Sycode @miniLink @dreakith @Ivyr Legendary Tier: @RES0NANCE @Kuruku @ShanaGartrex @Ydobon @sunssuruu @Sasu Heroic Tier: @PyromanC @silberein
  13. Locked as the issue was solved.
  14. "The server is full, pick another server" message is mistranslated. It suppose to say you put in the wrong login information. A reminder that your forum account and game account are different.
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