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  1. Vorpal

    Returning Player (+my friend)

    Just play the game. Look through previous maints and update threads. You have the black name bug then which has a solution for it here: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/topic/2073-black-names-bug-how-to-fix/
  2. Vorpal

    Event Ticket

    You have to post this here: https://soulworker.to/forum/index.php?/forum/35-account-support/ Locking and removing certain information.
  3. THREAD WILL BE TEMPORARILY CLOSED. PLEASE ALLOW YOUR DISCORD TO BE ADDED FROM PEOPLE NOT IN YOUR SERVERS OR FRIENDS OF FRIENDS. Also: Please use this thread to supply ideas or your thoughts of a PvP format for this version of the game and etc if you weren't accepted or registered to join the group. Thanks!
  4. Vorpal

    Trading tickets

    In order to sell one of your tickets you have to 1st craft the item at Lucy in Rocco Town under the corresponding character that the buyer wants it for. You then have to open the package by using the same character as the one requested otherwise you can't open the package and trade the outfit pieces inside of it to sell.
  5. Vorpal

    Server Down [Red Text] [1/12/2019]

    The servers are back up and functioning correctly again. Sorry for the inconvenience! Locking this thread.
  6. Vorpal

    Server Down [Red Text] [1/12/2019]

    Please do not notify mods looking for an ETA. You most likely won't get one as we don't give out ETA's with them being an exact timing. You, like everyone else, will be notified when the servers are functioning correctly again. Please be patient.
  7. Vorpal

    Dont know how to log in please help!

    Registering for an account shouldn't be affected by the servers being unavailable (login servers are down but players are still in-game). If it is you must sadly wait till the servers are restarted.
  8. Vorpal

    Dont know how to log in please help!

    1st of all: The servers are unavailable at the moment due to the Red Text Bug. You can talk about it here: 2nd of all: You must create a game account through https://soulworker.to and not use your forum account info. You aren't ever going to get in to the game using your forum account info. Error Code 0 means you are putting in the wrong password or login information.
  9. Vorpal

    No server currently available?

    Locking this thread as there is another similar one opened up already
  10. Vorpal

    Server Down [Red Text] [1/12/2019]

    I changed your title so for anyone else that has the same issue please use this thread instead of creating new ones.
  11. Vorpal


    @Bartal Deleted your previous post. Please do not double post like that within 24hrs.
  12. Vorpal

    The server was disconnected.

    Moved to General Support as this isn't a bug. I unfortunately can't answer this issue well enough but I suggest you to try closing any background apps that is using up bandwith or get a VPN that has France servers
  13. Vorpal


    Moved to General Support as this isn't a bug. The bug section is for game-breaking issues. If you're disconnecting often I suggest trying to follow what Kuuyo posted or invest into getting a VPN with France-based servers.
  14. Honor, Glory, Valor Since the beginning a thirst for combat has always existed in certain individuals. The overlords imposed a restriction and fights among one another have diminished due to the portal closing. A whisper has been passed along to those who knows it all. The recruitment rounds are now starting up temporarily. Welcome Soulworkers to the fights that will go beyond your desires. This is a custom PvP-event that will test the playerbase interests in what they'll like to see in the 「Arena」. Because this is a test, there's a limited amount of spots to join this secret group. For now the group will be limited to a max of 9 individuals. If you aren't selected but are still interested you can leave comments on this thread or PM me your ideas. IDEAS/THOUGHTS CAN BE POSTED AFTER THE SIGN-UP REGISTRATION PERIOD IS OVER. Qualifications Required Must be respectful to anyone's opinion even if you disagree Have a common understanding of the goals we're trying to reach Disagree with proper reasoning Proper behaviour is expected If you break any of the rules you will be kicked out the group and possibly replaced Must make commitments to assigned meeting times. If you could not it's understandable. Everyone has a voice. An equal amount or minimum amount of work is expected. Sign-Up Period 1/11/2019 ~ 1/13/2019 Sign-Up Example: IGN: Vorpal Region: North America Main Character: Erwin Lvl 60 Discord: Vorpal#0010 Your time for joining the group will be compensated
  15. Vorpal

    Cant load the game

    As the issue is solved will be locking the thread!