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  1. Summer is coming to a close and we are soon heading into the Autumn season. Take this opportunity to relive and engrave your cherished memories. This contest revolves around your artistic creativity and the theme of summer. Show off what your SoulWorker have been up to throughout this season! Rules of Submission: 1. Work must be recently created and you must provide a proof of concept that it's yours. 2. Plagiarism of art you didn't create will lead to an expulsion from the event. 3. You are only allow to submit up to 2 different art pieces within the same submission. 4. Your submission must be SoulWorker-related. 5. You are free to re-submit or edit your entry as many times as you want. Rewards: 1st Place - 100million zenny, x10 Transcendental Refiners, 1 Tera Brooch of choice and 1 random brooch. (brooches limited to 1 of each type: Attack/Defense/Utility. random brooch will be of the type you didn't select) 2nd Place - 100million zenny, x5 Transcendental Refiners, x5 SoulBreakers of choice 3rd Place - 50million zenny, x5 Transcendental Refiners, x3 SoulBreakers of choice Event Duration: Event will last from 9/5/2019 till 9/22/2019 12AM CST
  2. Have you tried completing Ark Ship episode 4 again?
  3. What solutions have you tried exactly? Saying doesn't let us know what you have attempted. Your MAC address issue should mean that you are putting in the incorrect login information. Your launcher issue could be resolved if you go to the folder where you installed the game, deleting the mentioned file, then verify again.
  4. You're welcome. Locking the thread as the problem has been resolved.
  5. Just relog if you don't see it there.
  6. THE GAMES ARE OVER! These are your champions and kill leader! Round 1: Statcher - @Statcher - Statcher#4444 Round 2: W1nter - @W1nter - W1nter#2896 Round 3: Mika - @Mikazeya - Mikazeya#0001 Kill Leader: With 6 kills in total out of 3 rounds @W1nter is your ultimate killer! Rewards for Hunger Games Champion: 150 million zenny x5 SoulBreakers of your choice x5 Transcendental Refiner Rewards for Kill Leader: 50 million zenny x5 Transcendental Refiner Winners must send me a PM here or DM me on Discord in order to receive their rewards in-game. I hope you all had fun! Till the next Hunger Games!
  7. WELCOME TO HUNGER GAMES Unfamiliar with the game? That's great! Here's all you need to know about it: cough cough Jokes aside, i'll be using a simulator to conduct the game mode with you all. What I request for you is your name used for the event and upload a picture to portray yourself as. Example: Name - Vorpal Picture of myself - (picture of a banana riding a skateboard) Sign-ups end on Wednesday 11PM CST 8/28/2019 Contest will begin on Thursday 12PM CST 8/29/2019 on the #other-games Discord channel found in our server! Prizes? The last person standing is declared the winner. (I hope) The winner of the games will receive something really nice in-game. Additionally the person out of 3 rounds to have the most kills will also receive a reward! Reminder that you must follow and respect our community guidelines established in-game and on the Discord server.
  8. This is a game-related bug, and not something we can fix on our end. You'll have to wait till the developers (Lion Games) resolves this issue. Also there's still chances where you die in Primal even behind the wall which is another bug or feature from their end. We aren't developers that can fix game issues like this so you'll have to bear with it till a magical fix comes along. Also moved from Suggestions to General Support as this wasn't something that can be put on as a game/server suggestion.
  9. If you're getting the Launch Error message try deleting the client.version file found in the game's folder and try verifying again. You should also whitelist the game's folder from your anti-virus and firewall settings.
  10. Thank you all for voting! Hunger Games will be the next event I will host for you all. Expect to see a thread for it real soon!
  11. Hello! I'm creating this thread to inquire about what would you guys like to see as an event for this following weekend and next week!
  12. Join our discord at discord.gg/burning in order to receive faster help or if that doesn't work join our discord through the game's homepage soulworker.to
  13. You should be able to press OK and the game will play normally. But if you have no audio that means that you need to update your audio drivers.
  14. Can you please give more detail of what your problem is? Is there anything that pops up from the game not being able to launch? Please do check our FAQ thread to see if there's anything that can help you with.
  15. Since the problem was solved will be locking this thread.
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