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  1. Hello everyone~ So, as the title suggest, I thought it would be cool to create a sort of "news" thread. The reason behind this is that it some people simply get to a certain information faster than others and so I felt like it could be a good idea to have a thread, where all sorts of news and updates could be shared and discussed! So to sum up some of the recent KR update changes: Chii finally gets her Advancement + some nerfs + some graphical improvements Iris will receive some Skill Balance and Artwork improvement, including her default model ilustration. Hidden Hideout entry limit increased to x10 during weekends (The entry ticket purchase however still limited to x5 a day) The characters currently in the party will appear on district loading screens HH gear will get a buff, so it won't be just AoV with different name Some alarm effects will be added to chat windows, so you can indicate better when someone is trying to whisper sweet things to you THE MOST IMPORTANT: Chii will get a Office Lady costume! (Oh my dirty mind, stop it). Some plans for Lily and Stella updates are in motion, Jin + Erwin are being discussed New Cursed Records (Haru & Erwin) are in preparation and should be out sometime during the summer in KR All the credits for the translations go to RyuA and you can find the video in which he goes over the patch notes here: Phew, so that's it for now. So what are your thoughts about this? Anything in particular that piqued your interest and you're looking forward to, once it hits Burning? (Except for the Office Lady Chii ofc). I just hope this thread could be somewhat useful more than bothersome lol
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