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Hello and welcome everyone to Burning SoulWorker!


Burning SoulWorker is starting with the version of the core game, which happens to be the version where the Brooch Detachment Function was implemented (http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/guide/33).


This version of the game includes Haru, Erwin, Lily, Jin and Stella.

Dungeons are up to Golden Citadel.


Changes from the core game

Pretty much every rate that we have found that can be changed, has been changed. A list of those changes:

  • XP Rate: 2.5x
  • Drop rate: 2x
  • Zenny rate: 3x
  • BP rate: 3x

Several random bugs that we have found while developing have been fixed.

English Community Patch is automatically applied (Many thanks to all those that have contributed to the partial translation of the game, https://github.com/Miyuyami/SoulWorkerHQTranslations) and will be regularly updated.


We will work regularly on the game and make changes as we see fit, nothing is immutable, so feel free to suggest changes in [Suggestions]!


And that is all for now! We can't wait to bring you more updates in the near future with more exciting stuff!





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