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07/04/2018 - Easter Event, Sparkling Bunny Costume

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Patch index

● Easter Event
● Sparkling Bunny Costume
● Twitter Campaign rewards



◤ Easter Event

It's never too late to celebrate Easter, therefore, the Easter egg hunt and catch event begins. The activity will be active until April 25, make sure you catch a bunch of eggs to get awesome and unique rewards!


For more information, check the event thread here:



◤ Sparkling Bunny Costume

Only during the event period, our Item mall will have for sale the desired sparkling bunny costume. Show to the world your... *ahem* fluffy rabbit ears, of course!




Price: 9800 wvdnnVR.png

CzRFvnN.png  Gesture: Bunny

Command: /bunny





◤ Twitter Campaign rewards

The rewards of our first campaign on twitter have been sent, retrieve them at HEMS!


   ○ yo3QQDd.png  x20 Item Qube

   ○ WvNTcDR.png  x20 Akashic Qube

   ○ wElCyJn.png  x5 Hidden Akashic Qube

   ○ 8RgnZMk.png  x5 Anti-Destruction


In addition, as a special reward for overcoming the objective, all players will receive a 7-day Sparkling Bunny set once per account!

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