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Class Advancement?

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I'm having difficulty figuring out if I missed something related to unlocking Haru's Class Advancement.

I hit level 57 and then completed the Dreadful Echo district. At that point, I accepted the red quest and then completed the Last Carnival. Upon completion, I used the broken sphere and spoke to my shadow. All good. I then went and completed Junk Hive and Bandit Shadow and then spoke to my shadow again. No issues. I then completed Iron Castle.

At this point, I seem to be stuck. I did not receive the broken sphere in my inventory after Iron Castle, and even after purchasing one from the cash shop, my shadow did not have any available quest to speak to it in the zone. I've continued on with the red quest line all the way to Golden Citadel but have yet to see anything related to Class Advancement.

Did I miss a step somewhere?

I would appreciate any assistance. 

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Hello @SSFSO

So, did you speak to your shadow three times? After LC (then Shadow), JH (Shadow), and BH (3rd Shadow).
For the Class Advancement, there's only three raids to do, and you completed it. If I recall correctly, for Haru it's LC, JH and BH. There's no IC for Haru (unlike Lily for instance, who has LC, JH and IC).

I think you must have missed an NPC talk after your 2nd shadow, and didn't do BH with the Advancement quest on (hence no Broken Sphere after JH, and no 3rd Shadow). Would you mind sharing a screenshot of all the quests you have?

If you ended in Golden Citadel, it's just because you mistook with the GC unlock quest (which is also red).

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