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Few Questions

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I still have problem with exp rank.I have my exp on - % .So heres my first qestion:

Is this will be fixed? I know that im not the only one.This error exist on old accounts players.

Secound qestion:

Did all classes have advancment or only erwin class like mine? If only Erwins so did other classes will later have advancment?

Third qestion:

Do you as a private server of this game SW thinks (maybe in the future) about voices for all chracters,npc's and at the cutescenes?

Four qestion:

About those legendary eq's from Booker at District 6-after we buy any eq item for BP's how we are players supposted to craft it?

Fifth qestion:

Did Heroic eq will exist in the future?



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Hello @KrationPL

All this questions has been answered already and most of them from your threads, so please use the search function next time.

  1. We are working on it
  2. Class advancement
  3. We are working on it
  4. Those blueprints can't be crafted.
  5. Heroic will add in future patches

Hopefully this will answer all your questions

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ty for  very fast answer ^_^ to not waste more your time you can close this topic ty again :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.