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Unbound items being bound for no reason

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As the title suggests there are currently a lot of items that will be bound for no reason. Items that don't have any binding rules on them are not by any means tradeable or sellable on the marketplace, though only sometimes. Those include but are not limited to: Blueprints, medicubes, materials and even bound on equip equipment. These bound items will start a stack on their own and pushing the bound stack onto an unbound stack seems to kind of resolve this, however this is not an option for blueprints or equipment and can get quite frustrating. 

I'll include an example~
In my inventory you see a stack of irregular stone that has no option to list it, next to the one that does have that option available.


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Posted (edited)

you can drag the bound items into the unbound one so its unbound and you can sell it,at least its works for me (only works on items that are stackable)

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I know, I did mentioned that. Though the thing is that this won't work for blueprints, or the accessories for example. While the fix for stackable items is very welcome it doesn't work for everything.

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