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[Forum Event] Paparazzi Frenzy - Summer With Friends!

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❝ Hello SoulWorkers! Ever taken a picture so amazing that you felt that it would be a waste if you don't upload it to some contest? Yes? Good, because this is the contest where you're supposed to upload them! ❞





THEME - Summer with friends!


No matter what your destination is during your trip, there is something that can not be missed in this rest season. I'm talking about friends, of course! What would be summer without good traveling companions with whom to share your memories?







  • 5000 :bcoin:
  • Photographer in-game title

▣  This time, all the characters in the screenshot will receive the reward if the entry is chosen as the winner. Don't forget to add their names too, but keep in mind: the Burning coin reward will be shared among all the characters that participate!







  • Only one entry for person allowed.
  • We reward originality, and copying from others will not be tolerated.
  • Editing the images (filters, manipulating on editors) is not allowed.
  • Cropping images is allowed.
  • Only submissions and reservations are accepted in this thread.




Contest will be open for submissions until 25/07/2018 0:00 (CEST)



■ Submission Template

In-game character names
Image title
Brief description or sentence


■ Tips & Hints

□ Press 'Scroll Lock' to disable your UI temporarily (until you press again).
□ Type "/freecamera 1" in the chat to enable free cam mode. Move with W,A,S,D,Q,E, and right click. Type "/freecamera 0" to disable.
□ Press 'X' to draw out your weapon.
□ You can use skills in dungeons or District 6.



Discussion Thread


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Characters: Ichihara and  Xigen 
Tittle : Friendship is hard 
Description: Sometimes we fight, but i am sure we will make up in the near future  for now lets chill out :C (love you xigen dont leave) 


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In-game character names: laquaceS, Cixous
Image title: Piggyback Ride

Brief description or sentence: Summer is so hot oneechan :< Give me a piggyback ride T^T 

Edited by laquaceS

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Tittle:Summer Race

Description:Summer race with friends, 3,2,1 GO!


Edited by Itsumi
Somemone please remove this one cuz i accidently posted another one

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IGN: Aetherial & Ichihara

Title: "Summer and Loving friends."

Description:  Summer it's already pretty hot to have some friends on top of you.
                       -"Pfff... Ichi, get off me for a sec"


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IGN : BellaRuin & Archernarch 
Title :  Suuuunnnnnnn
Description : Tsundere girl mad because of so hooot in summer then the boy coming and catch the sun so weather not so hot anymore ♥ 


unknown (6).png

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IGN  : Sheralise
Title : Chilling summer
Description : Well i dont really have any friend to participate with >_< so i bring along a companion! i hope this is a valid entry
If the participant count as two, i dont mind if i got half of the reward

Entry 1.jpg

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IGN  :   LoneRanger, Arccc, MikkaSama, Miiiko
Title   :  Double Date
Description : Double the heat this summer with this double match-ups 

SWScreenShot_20180718[14-16-50] (2).jpg

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Characters : Asa85 - MashiroS

Title : Finally a summer dream becomes reality.

Description : Finally summer is here and my queen is in a bikini, *kyaaaa* she is too cute  >////<



Edited by Asa85

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IGN(s): Airisa and Sirenx
Title: Fountain of Fun
Description: Nothing says "fun in the sun" more than playing in the city's fountain to cool off on a hot summer's day!


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