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[Burning SoulWorker] Server Introduction

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Welcome to Burning SoulWorker!
The very first SoulWorker private server



REGISTER - https://soulworker.to/
DOWNLOAD - https://soulworker.to/download/
FORUM - https://soulworker.to/forum/



Welcome back from the void! There is no time for chit chat, let's get started!

Here in Burning SoulWorker we aim to fight back against the forces coming from the vile tornados that eat up our friends and family, and you are going to help us do it.


Wait, what is Burning SoulWorker?

Burning SoulWorker is the first SoulWorker private server and the first SoulWorker release on the west. Our content is more advanced than the Gameforge servers; we're practically at the same point as the original server (KR).


Even though you recruits just came back, your opinion is extremely valued by us, therefore we want to hear your voice so that our decisions are liked by everyone and everyone's playtime is enjoyable. Burning's professional staff are going to be striving forth to make sure that you all feel like at home!

We are going to make sure you stay here by regularly maintaining, improving, modifying, and bringing official and custom content to all of you!






Currently Burning SoulWorker is hosted in western Europe, on dedicated high-performance servers. However, anyone can join!

We may expand our borders with time.


But, why here?

● Level cap: 60
● XP Rate: 3x
● Drop rate: 2x
● Zenny rate: 3x
● BP rate: 3x
● Clearance rate: 5x
Unlimited FP system.
The Thing available
● Cheaper in-game shop item prices
● All available characters: Haru, Lily, Stella, Erwin, Jin and Iris
● Available awakenings for Haru, Lily, Stella, Erwin, Jin and Iris
● Up to Altar of Void
● Up to +10 equipment upgrade


❝ And more stuff that is waiting to be discovered by you!





Custom rates

Burning SoulWorker has increased XP rates (3x), drop rate (2x), in-game currencies (3x), clearance rate (5x) and SoulVapor (2x).


Custom closet

Here in Burning soulworker, you can find original and exclusive costumes that will only be available on our server. Do you want to take a look? Visit the following link!



Pack for new recruits

Here in Burning SoulWorker we don't want our recruits to burn out quickly on the battlefield, so we're handing out 6 packs that will make your stay here feel amazing.









Custom Shop


The cash shop in Burning SoulWorker has been completely reworked and items are way cheaper here. The shop will be rotated periodically putting certain sets or items on sale.


Custom FP System


You get FP as you usually would, and while your FP is higher than 0, you recieve the server bonus to XP, in-game currencies, and drop rate. If your FP reaches 0, the bonus will not be applied but you will still be able to play.

We believe that the FP system is necessary even if it needed a slight rework for it to stop being a barrier.





We usually have technical maintenances on Wednesday, where our aim is to provide updates and changes every week. You can check them out on [Updates] and [Maintenances] sub-forums.

Every now and then we're doing big updates to keep up the content with the official servers. You can learn more about those updates on the following links:

 ● Version 1.2 [ALTAR OF ASHES]
 ● Version 1.1 [SPARKLE]
 ● Version 1.0 [IGNITION]



And that is everything! Now it's time for your adventure to begin! See you in the battlefield recruit!

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