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[Burning SoulWorker] Community Guidelines

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Burning SoulWorker




  • If your account has been caught breaking one of our rules, it does not matter whether you were the one on the account or if it was your friend, sibling, cat... you are responsible of what happens on your account and who you share it to.
  • If you are caught with an improper behavior so bad to the point that it gives other players a bad time playing the game, we are free to give you an in-game suspension even if the infraction happened on the forums or on Discord.
  • It's the Staff who considers whether or not you have broken any of the following rules. There is no point in trying to use the Guidelines at your own convenience.







1. Scamming
Scamming a player in any way shape or form is disallowed. If you infringe this rule, you and all your related accounts will be permanently banned: It includes accounts shared with that computer or IP address.

   WARNING: We will NOT restore any kind of losses.


2. Harassment

Any form of harassment such as insulting another player, threatening a player, annoying a player or spreading damaging rumors will get you a ban ranging from 7 to 30 days depending on the severity, and could get you a permanent ban if it's bad enough. But keep in mind that it will be the Staff who draws the line between an argument between players, and a real case of harassment.


3. Language

Burning SoulWorker's language is English, we expect you to talk it, be it in the in-game chat, megaphones or in the forums. Speaking other languages in private chats is totally fine, just don't talk excessively in the General chat in a language that's not English.
Only exception is language-exclusive guild recruitment on megaphone channel.

   How are we supposed to be enforcing the rules if we don't know what you are saying?


4. Spamming

The act of repeatedly doing an action being an annoyance to others is not allowed. Be it making pointless single-word posts on the forum or just outright spamming the chat with nonsense.


5. Trolling

Trolling or feigning ignorance of the rules will be punished the same way harassment is, and some examples of what can be considered trolling is derailing a thread's topic on purpose, having personal conversations on loudspeaker chat, and jokes that go too far.

   Note that jokes are fine, but we will be the ones to decide where the line between a joke and harassment lays.


6. NSFW (+18) Content

Any content classified as 18+ or NSFW (not safe for work) is included, examples are obscenity, nudity, gore, furry, etc. This rule applies to every single communication method, character name included, inside Burning SoulWorker's community. Infringement of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

   Have in mind that any picture that can be taken in-game, without the game files having been modified, is fine. However, it is still subject to the decision of the staff.


7. Ban Appeals and Discussions

Ban appeals are to be discussed only on the [Account Support] section of the website (please log on the website first, then go to the /support section). Any ticket made outside of the [Account Support] (for example, ticket made on the forums) will be considered invalid and will be locked.

   Keep in mind that even if we have a Discord server, it doesn't mean that it's fine to make appeals there. Furthermore, if you're going to appeal, we'll be reminding you to keep your behavior in check. We do not ban for no reason, which means you have responsibility for your ban. We can talk things out if you believe there was a mistake, however we're not willing to listen to someone who will be aggressive and insults the Staff out of the blue.


8. Staff

Before contacting any member of the staff, please make sure you read all the rules carefully and understand them. If you were banned and your ban can not be appealed we will not lift your ban (all permanent bans can not be appealed).

   Impersonation of any member of the staff will result in a permanent ban.

   If the rules are enforced against you by a Staff member and you have any questions about why, please make a ticket on the [Account Support] section of the website (please log on the website first, then go to the /support section).

   WARNING: Only give .dmp files to members of the Staff that ask you for them. If someone that is not part of the Staff asks you for .dmp files report them immediately.


9. Advertising

The advertisement of products unrelated to Burning SoulWorker in any way, shape, or form is strictly disallowed. Penalty of such acts will be left to decide by the staff and can range from a warning to a permanent ban.
   Keep in mind that advertising for your Twitch account or any other of your platform is not allowed either, even if it's about Burning SoulWorker.

   Discussing other SoulWorker servers (as long as they're official) isn't forbidden, but thereby discouraged. Any other activities outside of the ambit of discussion are forbidden. 

   NOTE: Discussion of other games is not considered advertising, as long as it takes place in the [Off-Topic] section.


10. Account

Account sharing, trading and selling BSW items for BSW items is discouraged but not against the rules. Once your credentials are willingly shared to a 3rd person outside of Burning's staff, you are fully responsible for any and all actions that could occur to that account.


11. Real-life currency trading 

You are not allowed by any means to sell or trade any items/B-Coin/zenny or other currency on BSW for any real-life currency (NOK, USD, EUR, etc), for anything in other SoulWorker servers, or other games, otherwise you will get a permanent ban on your account and all relates: it includes accounts shared with that computer or IP address.


12. PGC purchasing

Purchases of PGC Cards or codes from other players is discouraged but not disallowed, and you do it at your own risk, if that player is banned for fraud, you will most likely be banned as well. 


13. Hacking and Botting

Use of hacks or bots that give you an unfair advantage over other players is heavily punished, resulting in an immediate permanent ban of your account. Taking advantage of hacks is included here, so if you find a hacker, report them.

   WARNING: Any modification either in the client's binaries, in the data files, or in the anti-hack files will be consider as a potential hacking attempt and might lead to the termination of your accounts.


14. Glitch Abusing

Conducting an abuse of any glitch, flaw, or exploit within the game to give yourself or others an unfair advantage over other players is strictly condemned.

   Explaining how to glitch, uploading public videos showcasing a glitch, or contributing to glitching are included.

   At first you will receive a temporary ban of 30 days of length, if the action is repeated after that period of time you will be permanently banned. Note however that if the abuse was bad, you can be permanently banned right away. 


15. Misuse of Megaphones

The use of megaphones is for posting important messages such as buying/selling or guild search. It's okay to share funny thoughts and occasional comments that everyone can understand and/or relate to, but it's not allowed to have conversations there.

It's unpleasant to try to announce something and be constantly buried by the chit-chat. Keep in mind too, that the language in the megaphone chat is limited to English only exceptions that can be made are for guild recruitment.


16. In-Game Names Hoarding and Selling

The IGN hoarding for trade/selling purposes is against the rules. All accounts involved in this practice will be banned permanently.







1. Post Count Bloating

   Since no one likes a bloated forum, actions will be taken on those that attempt to turn our forum into one by farming or spamming posts. A few examples are necro-posting (posting on a thread that had no reply for a month), single-word posts, and posting several times in a row.

   There's a few exceptions to this rule: +1's in [Suggestions], short posts on [Introduction & Farewell], and necro-posting on [Marketplace] if the thread is yours.


2. Guilds and Burning Marketplace

   You may only have one active thread in the [Marketplace] sub-forum at a time, and each guild may only have one active thread in the [Guilds] sub-forum at once. 





Reporting Rule Breakers


If you want to report someone, do it on the [Account Support] section and do it with video/images as evidence, otherwise if we're not able to verify your statement we won't be able to take actions.

Use the following form:

Rule breaker's name:
Broken rule:

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