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❝  Finally, the doors to the void are open. Prepare, Soulworkers, because this challenge will not be easy! ❞



Class advancement
Altar of Void
Innocent day dream
New Level Packages
Item Mall News
Changes and Fixes

Known issues







The long awaited class advancements for Jin Seipatsu and Iris Yuma are finally available! You can already get your advancement quest at level 57 on Grass Cover Camp and get the game changing improvements. Get ready, Soulworker, because you will need that power!


Take a look!

Jin Seipatsu Advancement Iris Yuma Advancement







❝  In the deepest part of the void, in a place where no one has ever set foot into… ”That” has been sleeping ❞

❝  There lies YorhaKha, a huge mass of Desire sealed away in an ominous altar ❞


The Altar of Void is the latest endgame raid joining us. It can be accessed from its corresponding portal in Grass Cover Camp at level 60.

Only those who are better prepared can be victorious and get new and powerful equipment, but it isn't going to be easy! Since, in addition to the high level of enemy power, you're not able to use active AR cards in the void.

Good luck, you will need it!


Void set (Unique)



Disorder set (Legend)



◤ Raid Quest

To be able to access Altar of Void from its corresponding portal in Grass Cover Camp, you need to complete all the main story in this city (and reach level 60). When you do, a red quest will appear at Tenebris.

The quest is based on repeating episode 4 of Deadmeat Factory 3 times, and 3 times Golden Citadel. After that, you will need to buy an item at Yomi for the price of 10M of Zennies. Then you need to craft a purple sphere at Zenith. Once done, Altar of Void will be accessible.


◤ Custom drop

We have added a custom drop to YorhaKha, each time you defeat it you're going to obtain:


 bFV84Z6.png?1  x 1~3 [BurningSW] Void Quartz








Innocent Day Dream is a meme secondary raid that can be accesed from Golden Citadel at level 60. To open the portal, you need to complete all the main story quests in Grass Cover Camp and reach the maximum level.

When those conditions are met, a red quest will appear at Tenebris (next to the Altar of Void quest) that will give you direct access to the Raid.

 The raid is limited to 5 daily entries.

(We have planned to reverse engineer the Japanese exclusive Sky Clock Palace map in the future.) 








We present Lucy! A completely brand new customized NPC that can be found at Rocco Town. At the moment her functionality is limited, but will be expanded in the future once needed.


◤ Crafts

Lucy has been designed to provide a wide variety of valuable items in exchange of certain materials. This is the list of the craftable items at the moment:


H230LKH.png  [BurningSW] Void Servant (Fashion Qube)
qebl0nf.png  Energy Converter


◤ Shop

Lucy also has a store where you can buy useful items that will ease your journey. This is the list of items in the store:


vliCAjv.png  [BurningSW] Zenny Burner Box



Does it feel empty to you? Do you have any suggestion on items that could be added on Lucy's shop or crafts?

Make sure to drop it on our [Suggestions] forum!







❝ Can you hear the yearn for evil that resides on the deeps of the void? ❞

Set made by [Sully]






Zenny burner

A custom based RNG box that can be found at Lucy on Rocco Town for 5,000,000 ZN.

List of prizes:

lNNoAeV.png 4ZQFohD.png Yt6bX0W.png tDfkV8W.png


Icon_Cash_H_L_Noa_1.png Noah Hidden qebl0nf.png Energy Converter
Icon_Cash_H_L_Enoch_1.png Enoch Hidden Con_0_FlashPerfume.png x5 Flash Perfume
Icon_Cash_H_L_Sion_1.png Shion Hidden Con_0_IronPerfume.png x5 Iron Perfume
Icon_Cash_H_L_Catherine_1.png Catherine Hidden                    Con_0_LightingPerfume.png x5 Lightning Perfume
Icon_Cash_L_Noa_1.png Noah Con_0_VigorPerfume.png x5 Vigor Perfume
Icon_Cash_L_Enoch_1.png Enoch Con_0_BeastPerfume.png x5 Beast Perfume
Icon_Cash_L_Sion_1.png Shion Con_0_BloodPerfume.png x5 Blood Perfume
Icon_Cash_L_Catherine_1.png Catherine







Along with this new version, we decided to do a facelift to our level rewards. From now on, the packs will be received on the levels: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50.













We have listened to your prayers! Energy Converter packs and SIN Brooches are coming! As well as the [EV] Class advancement costumes (with a permanent weapon skin), the class changing series costume and invisible clothes.


SIN Brooches:    eYzp3Ri.png    ZB8PQmi.png    d7oZal6.png



qebl0nf.png Energy Converter 900 :bcoin:
3MIsV90.png [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 10 8,000 :bcoin:
3MIsV90.png [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 25 19,000 :bcoin:
3MIsV90.png [BurningSW] Energy Converter x 50

                               36,000 :bcoin:



wYY8r1m.png Invisible Head 1,200 :bcoin:
wYY8r1m.png Invisible Costume 4,000 :bcoin:
aSM5zrm.png Invisible Gloves 1,200 :bcoin:
ll94ita.png Invisible Shoes                                1,750 :bcoin:





Price: 5.900 :bcoin:





Price: 8.000 :bcoin:







◤ Changes and Fixes

●  The sound bug has been fixed, voices are finally available again

●  The brooch effect bug has been fixed

●  The bulk crafting is available again at Zenith

●  From now on, you can dismantle white, green, and blue equipment in bulk

●  Casual raids have been completely revamped

●  The Thing has been activated

●  Lily buff 

●  Support for the screen ratio 21:9

●  The max FP has been set to 450 FP instead of 350 FP.

●  The EXP and Zenny rate have been modified to x2 without FP and x3 with FP.

●  The necessary experience to increase the rank in each level has been revamped



◤ Known issues

●  Translations are missing colors/sizes.

●  We have the infamous black name bug that's been since ever on the KR/JP servers, please read the important note if you're affected by it.

●  As you can imagine we run short on testers, so there's several things still have to be fully and thoroughly tested by the community. We're going to be fully focused on fixing issues since the moment the update goes live.



Keep in mind that from this version you will need to use a time format that uses PM/AM to continue playing on our server.

We explain how to do it in this thread: 



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