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[Forum Event] Make me laugh!

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❝ Hello SoulWorkers! Today is a day to celebrate, and above all, to have fun. That is why we have thought about this activity, so we can all laugh with funny images and hilarious memes. Send your most entertaining participation, it can be an edit, a meme or even a vignette, the one that makes us laugh the most will have a prize!






  • 5000 wvdnnVR.png   +   dmK5UcK.png  x1 Hanging Glutton











  • Only one entry for person allowed.
  • We reward originality, and copying from others will not be tolerated.
  • Editing the images (filters, manipulating on editors) is not allowed.
  • Cropping images is allowed.
  • Only submissions and reservations are accepted in this thread.
  • Potential offensive participations will be invalidated.




Contest will be open for submissions until 03/11/2018



■ Submission Template

In-game character name
Image title


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In-game character name : Ichihara
Title : Valhalla Meme 
Description: I wish  Aetherial comes back, his memes were so good, its a spanish meme about, Tattsuki being  beaten up by me calling Eisou xD 


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IGN: Arkaz0r

title: Hello darkness my old friend

soulworker meme iluminado.png

Edited by Arkaz0r

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IGN: Sheria
Title: Chicken dance.
Description: Funny chicken dance from our dear Vorpal ^^


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IGN: Erika96

Title: Smug 4 lyf owo)y


//gotta love `em smugs ❤️ owo)/



Edited by Erika96

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IGN: Alysa
Title: Next level convo
When the conversation is on the next level ?

PS. The nickname was censored for understandable reasons.



Edited by Crowley

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IGN: xSephi

Title: did it to myself




Edited by zSephi

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The winner of this event is: @zSephi

Congratulations!  :chloebag:



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