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[Burning SoulWorker] 1st Anniversary celebration!

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Hello Soulworkers!

Today is a very special day for us, it has been a year since we gave the first step on this adventure. An adventure where we have seen many faces, some of them familiar from the server start, some of them joined us recently, but it doesn't matter. Because each one of you is an important piece of Burning SoulWorker.

It hasn't been a walk in the park for us: the infamous party bug, the annoying issue of cut-scenes with no voices, the mysterious Korean red letters, and a long list of problems we have surfaced during this year. We couldn't had made past it without you. Our main motivation to keep going.

Everyone on the staff would like to thank you for being with us, supporting the server on our lowest and our highest moments.
Thank you for bringing to life Burning Soulworker!




In order to celebrate this endearing date during this whole weekend we're going to have a double experience and double drop event, moreover we're hosting unique forum events with unprecedented prizes! Check them [here] . Stay tuned on Discord for in-game events!

And, login anytime during this weekend to receive an amazing anniversary present on Monday!



And last but not least, we would like to have a very important announcement. We couldn't be here today without someone we didn't think we would find out a year ago. Someone who has helped us since the very first days, who's been taking care of the server when we slacked off, someone beloved by our community. That's no one else than @Sully!

Today she's officially joining us as a part of the Burning SoulWorker staff, with the Community Manager role!


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Hello everyone!

A year has gone by very fast, and today I'm happy to take part in the Staff team!
There was difficult times, but I'm overall content with the progress we've all made. I've met great and funny people in this community and I'm geniunely happy to have a community like you by our side. I'm grateful to both the players and the whole Team! ♥  even if Burning made me redo this banner several times

I'll do my best so that you can still have fun in game, or feel welcomed on our Discord~

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