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[Forum Event] Paparazzi Frenzy - Free Theme

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❝ Hello SoulWorkers! Ever taken a picture so amazing that you felt that it would be a waste if you don't upload it to some contest? Yes? Good, because this is the contest where you're supposed to upload them! ❞





THEME - Free Theme


Sometimes it's good to have a bit of freedom when it comes to treasuring your memories. Halloween is over, and that means the Soulworkers will have a lot of time to devote to themselves. The theme is free this time! Share the images that you like the most, regardless of the theme. The most incredible will have a prize!







  • 5000 wvdnnVR.png
  • Photographer in-game title







  • Only one entry for person allowed.
  • We reward originality, and copying from others will not be tolerated.
  • Editing the images (filters, manipulating on editors) is not allowed.
  • Cropping images is allowed.
  • Only submissions and reservations are accepted in this thread.




Contest will be open for submissions until 14/11/2018



■ Submission Template

In-game character name
Image title
Brief description or sentence


■ Tips & Hints

□ Press 'Scroll Lock' to disable your UI temporarily (until you press again).
□ Type "/freecamera 1" in the chat to enable free cam mode. Move with W,A,S,D,Q,E, and right click. Type "/freecamera 0" to disable.
□ Press 'X' to draw out your weapon.
□ You can use skills in dungeons or District 6.



Discussion Thread


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In-game character name: Asvramarv
Image title: "Uga Buga"


Brief description or sentence: "uga buga da wae"

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IGN: Alysa
Title: Grand Theft Wings - Rocco Town ?

If you can't wait for wings, simply play "Grand Theft Wings - Rocco Town" ☺️


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ign: meikono


play and eat well 



Edited by kinomeo

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IGN: imamaniac

Titltle: Slaughter


I can never get enough of lilly's smile 

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In-game character name: Eisou
Image title: Brave Haru!

Brief description or sentence: The stage was just made for you, why not take a selfie?

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In-game character name: Eikiaime
Image title: 'Time Gone, Reflection.'

Brief description or sentence: "Under the last blue sky, take in the madness of the world, mellow and rest."

Edited by Sharpaim
Changing entry.

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In-game character name: Sabertooth
Image title: My Little Bestfriend
2018-11-02_16-33-32.thumb.png.36125d054882df8de8498ea19dc088cc.pngGot Nothing to do So i play with him ..

Edited by SaberTooth

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On 11/2/2018 at 8:11 PM, rurineko said:

In-game character name: KawaiiNeko
Image Title: End of Summer


Brief description or sentence: Ofc Halloween Event will end Soon™ this is that i want to do and still Summer on our Country

Edited by rurineko

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In-game character name: Masque
Image title: Dead loli


Brief description or sentence: lcs died peacefully and now transformed to Masque

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In-Game Character Name: IchigoUwU

Image Title: You p-pervert!


Brief explanation on how dogs in this game are cute, yet perverted animals. (Issa joke of course)

Edited by FrostehUwU

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In-Game Character Name: Imitatia

Image Title: The Iconic Duo



"From the beginning until the end; we venture like never before." 

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IGN: Yuroka


Brief Description: #Holiday is coming soon lets wear our Yukata :chloebag:


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IG Username: Hyugas

Image title: A nice train ride.

Brief description: Trains are a good way to travel via.

Edited by Frshi

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IGN: Riion

Image Title: Just Dance



Brief Description: Even if everything falls apart, we could dance until the world ends

Edited by Rikamo
accidentally uploaded an extra image

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In-game character name: PotatonaZ

Image Title: Supporting The World


Brief description or sentence: All eyes are on you as you (quite literally) carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Edited by PotatonaZ
Accidentally posted an extra image.

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IGN: Shiirin
Title: The True Endgame Content
~A discussion on whether Lily, Haru or Stella is best girl and chibis?~

Edited by Shiirin

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In-game character name: Nyaruse

Image Title: "Return of Golden Hero"


Brief description or sentence: "When the sky fall and the gold winds blow , the lone souls die but the pack survives"

Edited by Nyaru

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